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Feb 27 19:16

Michigan Republicans Call For Investigation Into Gov. Whitmer Over Coronavirus Nursing Home Deaths

Michigan Republican state legislators are calling for an investigation into Gov. Gretchen Whitmer over coronavirus deaths at nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.

Feb 27 12:34

Lockdowns are NOT ‘quietly improving cities,’ World Economic Forum concedes, deleting its much-ridiculed tweet

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has taken down its tweet that claimed lockdowns have been “quietly improving cities,” and admitted that is not the case. But the backdown didn’t spare the globalist titan from a new wave of mockery.

The WEF’s controversial message turned out to be quite short-lived, surviving less than a day on its feed under a barrage of outraged comments. The tweet was accompanied by a video, showing deserted streets and silent factories, that noted a record drop in carbon emissions. It also linked to an article claiming that silent cities contributed to better detection of minor earthquakes.

Feb 27 12:32

China Emits More Carbon In 2 Weeks Than Australia Does In One Year: Think Tank

“It is reckless and futile for the political class to impose... further severe cuts to emissions which costs jobs and livelihoods, while China - the world’s largest emitter - continues to rapidly increase its emissions without consequence,”

Feb 27 12:25

Moment 235ft superyacht worth £65m owned by Capri Sun billionaire crashes into dock in St Maarten after computer malfunction

The 235ft-long superyacht GO smashed into a dock in St Maarten Wednesday
Footage showed the moment it ploughed into a wooden pier at 10.15am

Feb 27 12:24

Rescued five-year-old orangutan Kukur learns to climb again after developing fear of heights while kept locked up as family pet

\Kukur the five-year-old orangutan was rescued from a hut in west Borneo
He was kept as a pet and tied up by his owner with a rope around his neck

Feb 27 12:12

Indian man killed by his own rooster during cockfight

A rooster that had been fitted with a knife for an illegal cockfight has killed its owner in southern India.

The bird's owner was impaled in the groin by the knife as the animal tried to escape. The man died on the way to hospital from a loss of blood.

Police are now searching for 15 more people involved in the event, which took place in the village of Lothunur in Telangana state earlier this week.

The animal was held at a police station before being transferred to a farm.

Feb 27 12:02

The ghosts of our Falklands foes who found peace... at last: How a British officer set out to identify and bury with dignity every Argentine who fell in the 1982 war (and won a nomination for a Nobel peace prize)

The radio message was conveyed in the brusque, demotic language of the British squaddie. ‘We’ve found a stiff on Mount Longdon, Sir. In the middle of a minefield. What do we do?’

It was the body of an Argentine conscript, probably killed during the final, chaotic retreat into Port Stanley as British forces closed in, supported by intense artillery fire.

Feb 27 12:02

From a 360-degree panorama of the dusty landscape to a cheeky rover selfie: NASA's most stunning shots of Mars from Perseverance's first week on the Red Planet

More than 5,000 images have been sent back to Earth by the NASA Perseverance rover from the Red Planet
The images include thousands of the entry, descent and landing stage of the mission including the parachute

Feb 27 12:01

Saving an eighties rally icon: Championship winning MG Metro 6R4 found rusting in a SCRAPYARD a decade ago is restored to its title-claiming best in epic TV rebuild

Rebuild of a super-rare 1985 MG Metro 6R4 is the first project to feature in new series of Car SOS next month
The car is one of 20 ever produced and of which only a few survive - and is also the most significant example

Feb 27 11:58

Covid-19: F.D.A. Panel Gives Green Light to Johnson & Johnson’s Vaccine

U.S. health officials warn governors against easing restrictions as a drop in coronavirus cases “may be stalling.” And Canada authorizes the AstraZeneca vaccine.

This briefing has ended. Follow our live coverage of the coronavirus pandemic and vaccine news.

Feb 27 11:49

Archaeologists find unique ceremonial vehicle near Pompeii

Well-preserved iron, bronze and tin carriage discovery is ‘without precedent in Italy’

Feb 27 11:48

Indian man killed by his own rooster during cockfight

The bird's owner was impaled in the groin by the knife as the animal tried to escape. The man died on the way to hospital from a loss of blood.

Feb 27 11:48

PRAGER: The Denial Of Evil: The Case Of Communism

One of the most highly regarded books of the 20th century was Ernest Becker’s “The Denial of Death.” Winner of the 1974 Pulitzer Prize, the book is regarded as a classic for its analysis of how human beings deny their mortality.

Feb 27 11:47

CDC Quietly Changed Basis Of Essential Public Health Services From ‘Research’ To ‘Equity’

In a move that appears to have gone unnoticed, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its framework for how hospitals and other entities should carry “out the mission of public health.”

Feb 27 11:45

Terrifying kukri snakes slice open TOADS before inserting their heads into their bodies and eating their organs while the prey is still ALIVE

New research describes disturbing behaviour in three species of kukri snakes
Assaults can last for a few hours depending on which organs are pulled out first

Feb 27 11:44

NHS GP practice operator with 500,000 patients passes into hands of US health insurer

Merger with Centene Corp covers 500,000 patients fuelling calls for inquiry into ‘NHS privatisation by stealth’

Feb 27 11:43

North Dakota officials block wind power in effort to save coal

A windfarm near Velva, N.D. Two counties in the state have enacted drastic restrictions on new wind projects in an attempt to save coal mining jobs, despite protests from landowners who'd like to rent their land to wind energy companies.
Karen Bleier | AFP via Getty Images

Feb 27 11:35

Gunman shoots and kills a cop who was working security for a high school basketball playoff game in New Orleans

A law enforcement officer has been fatally shot at a high school in New Orleans on Friday night during a basketball game in the gym.

Feb 27 11:32

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Feb 27 11:31

Biden and Jen Psaki are branded hypocrites after their old tweets slamming Trump's Middle East air strikes resurface following US bombing raid on Syria that 'killed 22'

Joe Biden and his press chief have been accused of hypocrisy after old tweets slamming the Trump administration's Middle East air strikes resurfaced following last night's bombing raid on Syria.

Feb 27 11:29

Biden warns Iran to 'be careful' and says they 'can't act with impunity' after US airstrike that 'killed 22' Tehran-backed militia fighters in Syria

President Joe Biden said on Friday that his decision to authorize United States airstrikes in Syria is a warning to Iran to not support militia groups that threaten U.S. interests or personnel.

Feb 27 11:25

'John broke us, Larry Nassar was there to put us back together': Victim reveals how USA gymnastics coach and team doctor worked together to abuse young girls and says Geddert's suicide is his 'final act of defiance and narcissism'

One of John Geddert's alleged victims has revealed how the former USA gymnastics coach broke young girls down 'mentally and physically' and Larry Nassar 'was there to put us back together' during years of abuse.