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September 16, 2020

Sep 16 05:46

Donald Trump says he wanted to 'take out' Syrian dictator Assad but was talked out of it by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he had Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad lined up for assassination but was talked out of it by his former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

Sep 16 05:43

American 'spy' is arrested in Venezuela 'carrying machine guns, grenade launchers and cash' as part of a plot to 'sabotage oil refineries', Maduro's regime claims

Venezuela's chief prosecutor on Monday said a US citizen recently arrested in the country as a suspected spy has been charged in an alleged terrorist plot to sabotage oil refineries and electrical service in order to stir unrest.

Sep 16 04:59

Black Lives Matter Mob Surround Man's Home, Police Reportedly Arrest Man For 'Brandishing' Gun

Black Lives Matter agitators organized a protest outside a Trump-supporting man's residential home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Tuesday night and rather than arrest the mob for harassment and causing a public disturbance police reportedly arrested the man for "brandishing" a gun from inside his home at the mob.

Sep 15 21:10

WALSH: The ‘Party Of Science’ Is Waging A War On Science

The Scientific American came out this week with its first presidential endorsement in 175 years, urging its readers to vote for Joe Biden. Donald Trump, claims the publication, “rejects evidence and science,” whereas Biden allegedly “has a record of following the data and being guided by science.”

Sep 15 21:09

Pennsylvania Sheriff Changes To Republican After Violent Riots: ‘Democratic Party Has Left Me’

Westmoreland County Sheriff James Albert announced this week that he has changed his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican following months of violent riots and attacks on law enforcement by leftists.

Sep 15 21:08

Federal Officer Gunned Down Outside Courthouse In Phoenix, Suspect Taken Into Custody

The FBI arrested an individual late on Tuesday in connection with a drive-by shooting earlier in the day that resulted in a federal law enforcement officer being injured outside a Phoenix courthouse.

Sep 15 21:06

Petition Launched To Recall Socialist Seattle Councilmember. City Council Votes To Pay For Her Legal Defense.

On August 18, a petition was launched to recall Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant, an open socialist, from her position. On Tuesday, the Seattle City Council voted to pay for Sawant’s legal defense, 7-1, with Councilmember Debora Juarez the only member to vote against the idea.

Sep 15 20:56

CNBC host Jim Cramer apologizes for calling Pelosi 'Crazy Nancy' to her face during interview after outrage — online mob wants him fired anyway

CNBC host Jim Cramer apologized after online outrage over his use of the president's insult, "Crazy Nancy," during an interview with the Democratic leader on Tuesday.

Sep 15 20:53

NFL icon Mike Ditka says players who kneel should respect the country or 'get the hell out!'

Legendary former NFL coach Mike Ditka criticized the current pro football players who kneeled to protest during the national anthem and said that he couldn't understand why anyone would protest.

Ditka, a former Chicago Bears player-coach and Hall of Famer, made the comments during an interview with Newsmax TV.

Sep 15 20:44

Kobe Bryant's widow takes swipes at LA County sheriff on social media after his challenge to LeBron James

Vanessa Bryant, the widow of late NBA star Kobe Bryant, used social media to hit back against LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva on Tuesday, after the sheriff called on Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James to "match" and "double" the reward being offered for information on the suspect who ambushed two deputies in Compton over the weekend.

Sep 15 17:19

Victoria fights for power to detain 'high-risk' spreaders

The Victorian Government will debate sweeping powers that would allow police to detain anyone they believe was "high risk" of spreading coronavirus.

The Victorian Government is hoping to push through a new bill that would allow them to detain "high-risk" coronavirus spreaders.

Anyone deemed high risk by health authorities could be forcibly detained under the extension of powers, including conspiracy theorists or anti-lockdown protesters who refuse to isolate.

*Still think it's about the virus?*

Sep 15 14:40

Debt is the Real Pandemic — Ron Paul

Unless Congress begins reducing spending, the coming economic crisis will be even worse. The logical place to start cutting spending is ending all unnecessary overseas commitments, corporate welfare, and shuttling down all unconstitutional federal agencies — starting with the Department of Education.

Sep 15 14:27

Gun Controllers Try to Hide Joe Biden’s Anti-gun Extremism

NRA members and other gun rights advocates are likely already aware of Biden and Harris’s radical plans for the Second Amendment and no amount of deception from gun control advocates or the press will divert them from the truth. However, Second Amendment advocates should work to inform more casual political observers of the singular danger the 2020 Democratic presidential ticket poses to their rights. Knowledgeable gun owners have a responsibility to ensure their family, friends, and other liberty-minded individuals do not succumb to Rosenthal and others’ flagrant misinformation.

Sep 15 13:57

High School Football Players Suspended For Flying Flags To Honor 9/11 Cops & Firefighters

Two high school football players were suspended indefinitely after they carried flags onto the field honoring police officers and firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11.

Sep 15 13:50

Wildfire Smoke From West Coast Reaches Eastern Seaboard, Creating Hazy Skies

If you noticed something hazy in the sky Tuesday morning, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.

Smoke from the wildfires raging up and down the West Coast has now made it all the way across the country to the East Coast thanks to the jet stream.

Sep 15 13:46

Pentagon Looks To Replace Human Hackers With AI

Secretive Pentagon research program looks to replace human hackers with AI

Sep 15 13:30

CLAIM: Pharma giant Gilead sent death threats to French doctor for telling the world that hydroxychloroquine cures COVID-19

French scientist Dr. Didier Raoult, who successfully cured at least 80 Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) patients with hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), has come forward with claims that Gilead Sciences, Inc., a “deep state”-run biopharmaceutical company with ties to Donald Rumsfeld, recently sent him death threats for telling the world about this simple, inexpensive cure for the plandemic.

Testifying before parliament, Dr. Raoult explained that he has received numerous death threats over his findings, which showed a 91 percent success rate among more than 1,000 Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) patients who were cured after taking a regimen of HCQ combined with the antibiotic drug azithromycin.

Sep 15 13:29

Sources: Court security officer shot outside federal courthouse in downtown Phoenix

Sources tell CBS 5 Investigates that a court security officer was wounded in a drive-by shooting outside the Sandra Day O'Connor U.S. Courthouse in downtown Phoenix Tuesday.

The Phoenix Police Department released a photo of the suspect vehicle that was spotted leaving the area.

Sgt. Ann Justus said the victim has been taken to the hospital and that his or her injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

Sep 15 13:24

New evidence makes Hunter Biden’s ‘business’ deals reek worse than ever

Foreign entities looking to influence American politics sometimes devise lucrative commercial deals involving a politician’s family. While the deals can, and do, ensnare politicians of all stripes, those involving the Biden family are particularly troubling: The transactions implicate US national security.

While Joe Biden served as vice president, his son Hunter received offers from foreign governments and oligarchs in areas where he had little or no expertise. That his foreign partners included a rival state, Communist China, makes these arrangements particularly brazen, even by Washington’s swampy standards.

Sep 15 13:12

Kamala Slips Up – Accidentally Reveals Her Plans In A ‘Harris Administration’

Joe Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, accidentally discussed economic proposals she plans to put forward in a “Harris administration.”

The comment certainly raised eyebrows for those who view Biden as little more than a puppet for Harris and her radical cohorts.

The vice presidential nominee made the verbal gaffe during a virtual roundtable with small business owners in Arizona, according to Fox News.

Sep 15 12:28

Video Footage For The Ultimate Trump Ad

BLM rioters In Charlotte shout ‘F*** Your, Jesus!’ Can you imagine the searing, visceral backslash of millions of outraged voters in seeing these BLM street thugs attack their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in this savage and contemptible fashion? Will the Trump campaign dare put this TRUTH linking BLM and their Democrat supporters before the American public?

Sep 15 12:27

COVID: Major case filed against Ohio governor and the state of Ohio for restricting freedom without legitimate justification

Ohio attorney, Thomas Renz, on behalf of plaintiffs, has filed a case against the state of Ohio and Governor Mike DeWine. Renz is asking for a jury trial.

This case, in the current climate, should provoke intense interest from the public, and from every lawyer within hailing distance.

Here is the impressive opening salvo in the court filing:

Sep 15 12:26

BLM extremists block ER entrance, chant ‘death to police,’ ABC covers it up

Overnight, two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies were hospitalized and fighting for their lives after a man walked up to their cruiser and opened fire in an ambush-style attack. After the deputies were rushed to the hospital, a crowd of Black Lives Matter extremists swarmed the Emergency Room entrance, blocking admittance while they chanted “death to police” and “we hope they die.” Come Sunday morning, ABC’s Good Morning America noted the shooting but omitted the extremists.

(Article by Nicholas Fondacaro republished from NewsBusters.org)

In her report, ABC Los Angeles correspondent Zohreen Shah reported that the deputies “were alert enough right after the shooting to radio in their own help. Their department tweeting, ‘They are both are still fighting for their lives’ and ‘are in critical condition.’”

Sep 15 12:26

Marxist Democrats setting stage for overt coup attempt after Biden gets trounced in November by Trump

The thing about the Democratic Left is, they will tell you exactly what they are planning to do, only they will never admit it directly.

Rather, they will concoct some seemingly wild conspiracy theory and then claim that Republicans are the ones who are really up to no good.

Case in point: Democrats for months have been claiming that President Donald Trump and his ‘surrogates’ are planning to steal the 2020 election by claiming massive voter fraud via mail-in ballots.

They have also claimed that Trump is a tyrant dictator in the making, and that after he ‘loses badly’ in November, he will claim “vote fraud” due to “mail-in balloting” and refuse to leave the White House, thus making it necessary for Democrats and their Left-wing allies to forcibly remove him.

It gets better.

Sep 15 12:25

Ninth Circuit Upholds Ban on American Flag Shirts in a California High School

Today, the Ninth Circuit affirmed a decision by a lower federal court in San Francisco that upheld a school district’s ban on the wearing of American flag shirts on a California high school campus in 2010 during Cinco de Mayo (May 5th)—a Mexican holiday.

AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel Robert Muise, who argued the case before the Ninth Circuit, commented:

“It is truly a sad day when government officials are permitted to ban the American flag on a public high school campus for any reason. Here, school officials feared that our clients would offend ‘Mexican’ students if they wore their flag shirts to school on Cinco de Mayo, so they ordered the students to either remove their shirts or leave school in direct violation of their First Amendment rights.”

Sep 15 12:24

Technology is Only Skin Deep: Subdermal Microchip Implants

In the not-too-distant past, computers were massive machines that could fill an entire room. Today, they fit in the palm of our hands.

For some, the next step in this ever-shrinking and evolving system is a microchip – no bigger than a grain of rice – implanted directly into the body. While this may sound like the beginning of a dystopian sci-fi novel, it’s actually a growing trend amongst a few technologically-savvy individuals.

The use of embedded body microchips is categorized under the spectrum of biohacking, which is basically an umbrella term that covers a wide range of DIY practices, most of which involve the application of a systems-thinking mindset to the human body.

Imagine being able to do everything you do with your smartphone now, but even faster. Imagine being able to enter your home, workplace, or car with just the slightest hand gesture. Imagine sending someone your information just by pointing your finger at their phone.

Sep 15 12:24

Hitachi Develops World’s Smallest RFID Chip

The Japanese giant Hitachi has developed the world’s smallest and thinnest Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip. Measuring only 0.15 x 0.15 millimeters in size and 7.5 micrometers thick, the wireless chip is a smaller version of the previous record holder – Hitachi’s 0.4 x 0.4 mm “Micro-Chip”. The company used semiconductor miniaturization and electron beam technology to write data on the chip substrates to achieve this decrease in size. The new chips have a wide range of potential applications from military to transportation, logistics and even consumer electronics. Hitachi’s new line of rfid chips are also built with VPN enabled technology.

Sep 15 12:23

It’s not just Trump. The US has always broken its treaties, pacts and promises

One of the dangerous consequences of violating the Iran deal is a loss of credibility for the US, say critics of Donald Trump’s decision including former president Barack Obama. Iran and all other parties have respected the deal’s terms, they point out, making the US look like an unreliable international partner.

Well, the US is an unreliable international partner—and it has long been one, even before the current administration pulled out from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Paris agreement on climate change, and threatened to end NAFTA. History is dotted with treaties that the US has signed but not ratified, signed and then unsigned, and even refused to sign after pushing everyone else to sign.

Sep 15 12:23


The Saudi-led coalition has been bombing Yemen with a renewed energy following the recent missile and drone strikes on the Kingdom’s capital by the Ansar Allah movement (also known as the Houthis).

According to pro-Houthi sources, Saudi warplanes conducted over 60 airstrikes on different targets across the country during the past few days. They insist that the most of the targets that were hit were objects of civilian infrastructure. At the same time, Riyadh claims that it has been precisely bombing Houthi military positions.

Sep 15 12:22

If You Provoke the Entire World, Something May Happen

The United States believes that it is so invincible, exceptional and so frightening that no one would ever dare to protest, let alone defend its people against constant humiliation, economic embargos and military threats.

It used to be like this for quite some time. In the past, the West used to bully the world before and after each well-planned assault. Also, well-crafted propaganda used to be applied.

It was declared that things are done ‘legally’ and rationally. There were certain stages to colonialist and imperialist attacks: “define your goals”, “identify your victim”, “plan”, “brainwash your own citizens and people all over the world”, and then, only then, “bomb some unfortunate country back to the stone ages”.

Sep 15 12:21

University Of Chicago’s English Department Says It Will Only Accept Applicants Who Will Work In Black Studies

The English Department at the University of Chicago will only accept applicants who are interested in working in Black Studies, the University’s website says.

“The English department at the University of Chicago believes that Black Lives Matter, and that the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and Rayshard Brooks matter, as do thousands of others named and unnamed who have been subject to police violence,” the statement begins.

Sep 15 11:52

VIDEO: Suspect Cries Victim For Over 7 Minutes Straight Before Pulling Gun And Shooting Two Cops

Video released Monday on a judge's orders shows a non-compliant suspect playing victim with two Tulsa police officers for over seven minutes before pulling a gun on them and shooting them, killing one and wounding the other.

Sep 15 11:45

Black Lives Matter militants charged after viral video shows them harassing elderly diners: 'F*** the white people'

Three Black Lives Matter militants were charged after a viral video showed them harassing elderly diners outside a Pittsburgh restaurant over Labor Day weekend.

Sep 15 11:44

President Trump says he is only 'sort of' preparing for the debate with 'mentally lost' Joe Biden

Ahead of the first official presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio, on Sept. 29, President Donald Trump suggested Tuesday he is not intensely preparing for the debate, saying he is "sort of" preparing to face Democratic nominee Joe Biden, whom Trump called "mentally lost."

Sep 15 11:29

Who you gonna call? (Picture)

Sep 15 11:23

Dallas Mayor Rips City Council For Passing ‘Defund The Police’-Inspired Budget Cuts

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson slammed the Dallas City Council for voting to cut $7 million from the city police department’s budget amid spiking crime rates in the city.

Sep 15 11:03

Joe Biden held an Instagram chat with Jerry Harris weeks before the Cheer star was placed under FBI investigation 'for soliciting sex and explicit pictures from twin brothers'

Cheer's Jerry Harris took part in an Instagram chat with Joe Biden in June
Harris is currently under FBI investigation for allegedly soliciting sex and explicit photographs from 2 minors
In the Instagram session with Biden, Harris and the former VP discuss important issues facing young adults and the black community

Sep 15 10:48

Health officials worldwide are receiving death threats because of their work to educate the public and stop the spread of COVID-19

A nurse at a Georgia Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility is accusing the detention center of allowing an unusual number of hysterectomies to be performed on immigrants detained there, often without their consent.

Sep 15 10:48

Bill Gates says he isn't sure he can trust the FDA on a coronavirus vaccine

For months, liberals who have fought against all attempts to reopen the economy have insisted that it would be irresponsible to allow any public activity (other than riots) until a vaccine is developed and distributed.

Sep 15 10:47

Horowitz: While Fauci tells US to ‘hunker down,’ Sweden’s no-lockdown coronavirus results speak for themselves

The more we observe and learn about SARS-CoV-2, the more it becomes clear that this virus is not really that novel. It's only the governmental and societal response to it that is novel

Sep 15 10:45

Protester who slammed shot LA deputies as 'murderers' and called the ambush the 'start of retribution' is part of group who consulted Mayor Eric Garcetti on 'cultural competency' workshops

Activist Kevin Wharton Price of the Africa Town Coalition celebrated the Saturday shooting of two Compton deputies as the 'start of retribution'
He uploaded several videos slamming the deputies as 'two of America's most notorious gang members' and 'murderers'
He and other group members consulted with LA Mayor Eric Garcetti on 'cultural competency' workshops earlier this year
He shared video visited St. Francis Medical Center over the weekend where he said: 'We’re going to just check on these murderers right here and see what’s up'
Price and the others weren't allowed to enter as cops blocked the hospital off

Sep 15 10:44

More Than 1,600 New Jersey Primary Ballots Found In ‘Misplaced’ Bin 2 Months Later

County officials in New Jersey tallied more than 1,600 uncounted ballots from the state’s July primary after finding them in a bin last Thursday.

Sep 15 10:43

Student, 28, jailed for hitchhiking across a closed state border opens up on her 'nightmare' ordeal behind bars after copping Australia's harshest punishment for breaking COVID-19 rules

Asher Faye Vander Sanden spent three weeks in jail for a covid border breach
She snuck into Western Australia on a truck because her flight was cancelled
The 28-year-old said her time in jail was 'a nightmare' and she felt 'powerless'

Sep 15 10:42

Biden: Voting For ‘Climate Arsonist’ Trump Could Cause Suburbs To Be ‘Blown Away In Superstorms’

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden claimed Monday that the country’s natural disasters will worsen if President Donald Trump is re-elected.

Sep 15 10:27

Bureaucrats 'deny the evidence, Hydroxychloroquine reduces death by 73 per cent': Craig Kelly

Liberal MP Craig Kelly says studies have shown a 73 per cent reduction rate in mortality where Hydroxychloroquine was dispensed to COVID infected patients, yet Australian health bureaucrats continue to deny the evidence.

Mr Kelly said on Thursday an Italian peer-reviewed study showed a 73 per cent reduction of mortality where Hydroxychloroquine was administered.

A further study from Saudi Arabia produced the same figure – Hydroxychloroquine caused a 73 per cent reduction in death from COVID.

He told Sky News host Alan Jones early in the coronavirus pandemic period, doctors were free to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine to patients for off label use.

“It’s a drug that is lawful for doctors to use,” Mr Kelly said.

“We’ve got health bureaucrats in this country who think they know better than thousands upon thousands of doctors all around the world, and have banned this.”

Sep 15 10:22

The jury is in on Hydroxychloroquine – ‘it saves lives’: Rowan Dean

Sep 15 10:20

Michigan 6% sales tax to hit more online purchases starting Oct. 1

Michigan residents can soon expect 6 percent sales tax to be charged on more of their online purchases, and the administration of Gov. Rick Snyder is recommending the more than $200 million in extra revenue be spent on fixing roads.

Michigan Treasurer Nick Khouri announced Monday that starting Oct. 1, the state will require many mail order and online retailers located outside of Michigan to pay the 6 percent tax on their sales to Michigan customers.

Sep 15 10:20

Pelosi Hasn’t Spoken To Trump In Almost A Year: ‘I Don’t Find It A Good Use Of Time’

Back in the 1990s, House Speaker New Gingrich clashed endlessly with President Bill Clinton. The Georgia Republican battled the Democratic president with whom he rarely saw eye to eye.

Sep 15 10:20

Black Lives Matter protesters chant 'F*** your Jesus'

A black street preacher in Charlotte, North Carolina, declaring "Jesus saves" was attacked by a mob shouting "F*** Jesus."

The confrontation took placing during Republican National Convention events in the city in August but was ignored by media and spotlighted Monday by the Gateway Pundit.

Sep 15 10:19

‘Cuties’ Director Hits Back Against Critics: ‘It’s Bold, It’s Feminist’

In response to the enormous backlash surging on social media and beyond, director Maïmouna Doucouré defended her film “Cuties” as a “feminist” work that aims to sound the alarm about the current sexualization of children.

Sep 15 10:19

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Considering Bill That Would Make Not Wearing A Mask A Misdemeanor

State lawmakers are considering a bill that would make it a misdemeanor to go maskless in public.

Supporters of Senate Bill 1287 says Pennsylvanians who don’t wear masks are recklessly endangering other people and not following the rules set forth in the state’s emergency order.

Those opposed to the bill say requiring masks infringes on a person’s rights and doesn’t account for people who cannot wear masks or face coverings for medical reasons.

Sep 15 10:18

Dozens of Retired Generals, Admirals Sign Letter Backing Trump for Reelection

Some 235 retired senior military officers have signed a letter backing the reelection of President Donald Trump and warning that electing former Vice President Joe Biden would lead to growing influence in government by "socialists and Marxists."

A letter released Monday by the Trump-Pence campaign was signed by eight four-star generals or admirals, 42 three-star generals or admirals and at least one Medal of Honor recipient: retired Marine Maj. Gen. Jim Livingston.

Sep 15 10:18

VA Data Breach Leaves Personal Info of 46,000 Veterans Exposed

Hackers have tapped into personal information of more than 46,000 veterans kept by the Department of Veterans Affairs, gaining access to data such as Social Security numbers, VA officials said Monday.

Unauthorized persons accessed a VA Financial Services Center online application in an attempt to steal payments from VA to private physicians who treat veterans in the community, according to the department.

Sep 15 10:18

Bill Gates Funds Invisible Quantum Tattoo Hidden In Coronavirus Vaccine For Storing Vaccination History

A project funded by Bill Gates aims to deliver an invisible quantum tattoo hidden in the coronavirus vaccine for storing your vaccination history. The researchers showed that their new dye, which consists of nanocrystals called quantum dots, can remain for at least five years under the skin, where it emits near-infrared light that can be detected by a specially equipped smartphone.

Sep 15 10:08

The CDC Admission: Mask Effectiveness up in Flames

The size of the virus based on electron micrographs show that the virus varies from 60 to 140 nanometers in diameter (.06 to .14 microns). N95 filters provide filtration down to .3 microns. On this basis alone, they should not be relied on for protection from small virus particles such as those of SARS-CoV-2.

Still, the mainstream media and the the organs of the state insist that even mere cloth masks work for protection from the COVID virus, suggesting that the much better N95 must be nearly foolproof. USA Today published a “Fact Check” that insists that N95 filters work effectively for COVID 19 regardless of the fact that virus particles are small enough to pass through.

Sep 15 10:06

Australia Goes Full Fascist: State Issues First Ankle Tracker for Quarantine Violator

This week, Australia took its burgeoning fascist police state to a new level, with officials in Western Australia now issuing electronic ankle bracelets and forced isolation in specially designated hotels to anyone it believes has violated the new raft of controversial new ‘COVID laws.’

Sep 15 10:04

Gov. Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Reducing Penalties for Sodomy with Minors

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) signed a controversial bill into law Friday that will give judges greater discretion to decide whether adults who commit sodomy with minors should be placed on California’s sex offender registry.

Sep 15 10:02

Fauci Belongs in Prison

Good morning. Well here we go, not that we didn’t already know, but here we have Fauci making an official proclamation of what’s to come over the next few months.

In another article from CNN about Fauci’s proclamation, continued widespread use of face masks is promoted as are keeping college students away from home under the pretense of not spreading the virus. A nice little trick to divide and conquer the family, so they can continue to indoctrinate the youth. As for the children in grade to high school, they ask the parents to sign a waiver and agreement that the parents won’t be in the same room as the children if they’re receiving the virtual lessons. I wonder why that is? Maybe they don’t want to see what really is being taught in school? Can’t imagine leaving my children online by themselves with some adults.

Sep 15 09:46

North Carolina man charged after video shows vehicle running over Black Lives Matter supporter

Johnson City police on Monday arrested the driver whose vehicle was seen striking a Black Lives Matter supporter during a weekend march in Johnson City, according to a report.