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Sep 17 03:02

Facebook Censors Pro-Trump Ad On Biden Raising Taxes After Fact-Check Admits Claim May Be True, Rules ‘Mostly False’ Anyhow

The danger of this political speech-silencing policy by the social media giant — which nearly 70% of Americans use and where more than 40% read their news — is on full display in the case of the censoring of the pro-Trump 30-second political ad “Too Risky.”

Sep 17 03:01

Studies show surge in stillbirths amid lockdowns. Researchers fear pregnant women are avoiding prenatal care.

An array of studies show that stillbirths have surged globally following lockdowns imposed in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, and researchers speculate the link could be from pregnant women avoiding hospitals and clinics out of fear of catching the virus while seeking prenatal care.

September 16, 2020

Sep 16 22:07

GDP results confirm NZ officially in first recession for 11 years

New Zealand is officially in its first recession for 11 years, a casualty of the Covid fallout hammering economies around the world.

This country's gross domestic product (GDP) shrank by a record 12.2 per cent in the June quarter as the Covid-19 lockdown and border closures stalled economic output.

It was the second successive quarter of negative growth - the technical measure of a recession.

*This is what Finance Minister Grant roberston said the day before, "These are signs that the New Zealand economy is robust," Robertson said this afternoon." So the Minister lied.*

Sep 16 19:27

REPORT: BLM Co-Founder Partnering Up With Pro-Communist Chinese Group

One of the co-founders of the official Black Lives Matter group, Alicia Garza, is reportedly partnering up with a Chinese organization that has deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party — and that group now appears to be funding one of Garza’s ventures, according to an investigation by the Daily Signal.

Sep 16 19:26

Washington Post Gets Conservative Teens Banned From Social Media, Flagged As ‘Troll Farm.’ Teens Hit Back

In a report published on Tuesday, The Washington Post smeared conservative activists, likening them to “Russian bots” and a Macedonian “troll farm” for posting pro-Trump and conservative content online from their own accounts, in coordination with Turning Point USA marketing partner Rally Forge.

Sep 16 19:25

Looting, vandalism from 2020 riots estimated to break insurance claim records

The looting and destruction of property linked to riots following the death of George Floyd are estimated to be the "most expensive in insurance history," according to an exclusive report from Axios.

Sep 16 19:25

ABC News' Jon Karl says covering indoor Trump rally is like 'taking your family with you to Fallujah'

ABC News White House correspondent Jon Karl says the risks associated with covering an indoor rally for President Donald Trump during the COVID-19 pandemic is like "taking your family with you to Fallujah."

Sep 16 19:18

Two Lawyer Black Lives Matter Protesters Face Up To Life In Prison For Allegedly Torching Police Vehicle

Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman, two lawyers and Black Lives Matter protesters who hit the streets of Brooklyn following the death of George Floyd, face up to life in prison for allegedly setting a police vehicle ablaze via Molotov cocktail.

Sep 16 19:13

Outrage erupts over Facebook post by Arkansas state GOP candidate implying that he would hunt down Antifa and BLM protesters

Outrage erupted over a Facebook post by a Republican candidate for the Arkansas state House of Representatives that implied he was going to hunt down Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters.

Sep 16 15:30

Deputies find woman who may connected to suspicious fires near Flagstaff, homeowners speaks about

Sep 16 15:17

D.C. Public Schools Spend $30K Per Student; Only 23% of 8th Graders Proficient in Reading

Does it give you confidence this nation's government-run schools are teaching young Americans to be thoughtful and well-informed citizens?

Sep 16 15:08

YELP data shows 60% of business closures due to pandemic are permanent…

As of Aug, 31, 163,735 businesses have indicated on Yelp that they have closed. That’s down from the 180,000 that closed at the very beginning of the pandemic. However, it actually shows a 23% increase in the number of closures since mid-July.

Sep 16 14:59

Fox News Hosts Get Real Awkward When Newt Gingrich Tries to Do a Soros Dog-Whistle

Things got extremely awkward on Fox News panel show Outnumbered on Wednesday after former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich tied billionaire financier George Soros—often the focus of anti-Semitic tropes—to violence in cities, prompting the show’s co-hosts to directly confront him on why he was invoking the liberal philanthropist.

Towards the end of a discussion on the property damage that’s been caused by violent protests over police brutality, Gingrich—who is now a Fox News contributor—insisted that the real issue was with local elected leaders.

Sep 16 14:53

What Happened to Matt Drudge?

Sep 16 14:36

Nearly Two Decades After 9/11, the Parallels Between the Post-Terrorist Attack ‘New Normal’ & That of Covid-19 Can’t Be Ignored

Both the 9/11 attacks and the Covid-19 pandemic have dramatically shaped Western society. But the changes they wrought were devastating and unnecessary, pushed through by control-hungry governments who saw opportunity in crisis.

Sep 16 13:45

Michelle Obama’s influence over Netflix led to release of pro-pedo movie ‘Cuties’

Netflix is under fire for distributing the pro-pedo flick “Cuties” over its streaming video service. The movie “Cuties” is about an 11-year-old girl who discovers her sexuality while twerking.

“Cuties” has been described by its apologists as a triumph of diversity and womanhood. It should come as no surprise that this content is getting distributed as former first lady Michelle Obama is an influential producer with Netflix.

Big League Politics reported three years ago on how the Obamas were using Netflix to distribute their political propaganda and promote their social agenda after leaving the White House:

Sep 16 13:42

Retired CIA officer sends dire warning to America: The Left’s Marxist revolution isn’t concerned about who wins the November election

While most Americans continue to struggle against shutdown Democrats who continue to keep portions of their state’s economies shut down months after telling their citizens they just needed a few weeks to ‘bend the curve’ of the COVID pandemic, they are oblivious to what’s coming in just a few short weeks.

Many of these same Americans have seen the rioting, the looting, the attacks against our police, the continued assaults against Trump supporters, and the endless violence that has torn the soul out of many of our cities.

They don’t like what they’re seeing. But they don’t really understand what they’re seeing: The beginning of a revolution that will proceed regardless of who wins the November election.

Translated, that means if you’re someone who thinks we’ve got to put Democrats and Joe Biden in office in order to ‘get the rioting to stop,’ think again.

Sep 16 13:24

Bayer Settles Thousands of Roundup Cases With Trial Attorneys

Bayer AG has settled thousands of U.S. Roundup weed killer lawsuits as part of an $11 billion settlement, reaching deals with the only lawyers who took cases to trial over allegations the herbicide caused cancer.

In letters filed with U.S. District Court in San Francisco late on Monday, three lawyers said they had reached binding settlements.

The agreements covered 15,000 lawsuits, according to attorneys familiar with the talks, bringing the resolved cases to about 45,000. Bayer has estimated it faces 125,000 filed and unfiled claims over Roundup.

Sep 16 12:55

If It IS Determined That The Democrats Will Lose the Election, These 20 Actions Will be Unleashed On America

These kinds of articles are very difficult to write because there are so many moving parts. I have gathered facts that I have been told by so-called “insider sources” about what is coming. Some of the expected Deep State insurrection has been rehearsed by local, state and federal law enforcement. Much of what follows comes from these types of sources.

I want to emphasize that there are rehearsals that are currently being practiced by the traitors and their in-country foreign assets. However, most of what is anticipated in this properly labeled, Bolshevik Revolution, is assumed by the modus operandi of the embedded foreign assets in our country and what has constituted past practice.

If It Is Anticipated That Trump Will Win On November 3, 2020, These Are the Anticipated Deep State Actions

Sep 16 12:50

Rare mosquito-borne virus suspected in Michigan: 10 counties urged to cancel outdoor events

An adult from Barry County is suspected of having the rare and dangerous mosquito-borne virus Eastern equine encephalitis, health officials announced Tuesday.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services now urges people in 10 Michigan counties — Barry, Clare, Ionia, Isabella, Jackson, Kent, Mecosta, Montcalm, Newaygo and Oakland — to cancel or postpone outdoor events that take place at or after dusk to prevent more people from contracting the virus, which is spread through the bite of infected mosquitoes.

Sep 16 12:27

Listen: Michael Cohen's Daughter Says Trump 'Sexualized Her', Audio Says It Was Really 'Daddy'

Upon seeing a photo of Samantha, the man exclaimed:”What the f**k is that? Holy s**t. My god. Holy s**t, she's gorgeous. What is she B-cup, C-cup? She's a good looking girl, man. Gorgeous. Look at this body man.”

After the friend commented over the photos of his young daughter, Cohen eagerly pulls up photos of a shoot Samantha had recently done with Victoria's Secret photographer Russell James.

Sep 16 12:24

Report: BLM co-founder lobbying wing funded by pro-Communist China group

The co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Alicia Garza, partnered with a pro-Chinese Communist Party group to fund its lobbying operations in the United States.

Black Futures Lab, started by Garza, which currently "seeks to engage advocacy organizations and legislators to advance local-, state- and federal-level policies," solicits donations on its website that are sent to a group called the Chinese Progressive Association, according to the Daily Signal.

“Black Futures Lab is a fiscally sponsored project of the Chinese Progressive Association,” the website reads.

Sep 16 12:23

Poof! The Portland Riots Just Stopped. Why?

Have Portland’s Professional Protesters™ been smoked out? Since May 29th, Portland has been the back drop of more than 100 nights of antifa, anarchist and Black Lives Matter, Inc™ terroristic riots. They set fires, looted, and intimidated people by threatening to burn them alive in their homes.

But after the millions of dollars of destruction, criminality and thuggery it stopped last week. Poof!


I certainly don’t want to tempt these thugs, but it can’t go without saying that Portland’s 100 plus days of riots appeared to end after Wednesday, September 9th.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Orders from the top?

Sep 16 12:19

Netflix Subscription Cancellations Soar After ‘Cuties’ Controversy

Forget Netflix and chill, more like Netflix and cancel.
The mega-streaming company has seen a slew of subscription cancellations after the release of “Cuties,” amid charges that the film is tantamount to child pornography.

Sep 16 12:18

WATCH: Coach Mike Ditka Triples Down Against National Anthem Protests: ‘Go To Another Country’ If You Don’t Like It

Hall of Fame NFL coach Mike Ditka tripled down on his stance against protests during the National Anthem, once again telling players to “go to another country” if don’t like the United States.

Sep 16 12:16

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rejects Green Party Ballot Bid, Greenlights Immediate Start To Mail-In Voting

The Wisconsin Supreme Court, in a 4-3 decision Monday, decided to keep the Green Party off of the state’s presidential ballot, greenlighting an immediate start to that state’s mail-in voting and likely giving a boost to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Sep 16 12:11

FREE FOR EVERYONE: Trump Administration Unveils Plan To Make COVID-19 Vaccine Available To All Americans At No Cost

Under new plans released Wednesday by the Department of Defense and federal health agencies, all Americans will be able to get a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, for free once one is developed and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Sep 16 12:02

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell shames Kamala Harris for failing to visit ambushed LA deputies

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell blasted Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris for not visiting the two Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies who were shot in an ambush-style attack over the weekend.

Sep 16 11:59

Hurricane Sally causes 'catastrophic,' 'life-threatening' flooding, leaves nearly half a million US households without power: 'Just a nightmare'

Hurricane Sally made landfall in the Gulf Coast in the wee hours Wednesday morning, bringing with it "catastrophic" and "life-threatening" floods and knocking out power to nearly half a million U.S. homes.

Sep 16 11:57

BLM Riot Turns Into MAGA Dance Party

Sep 16 11:45

Pillage people! Not all 'Vikings' were Scandinavian - some were Picts who just jumped on the bandwagon, DNA study of skeletons reveals

Some 'Vikings' were not Scandinavian but Picts who had adopted Viking culture after the seafaring warriors invaded British shores, a new study shows.
A study of more than 400 skeletons at Viking burial sites across Europe found two men living in Orkney were buried as Vikings despite not having Scandinavian ancestry.

Sep 16 11:40

Trump joins trolls poking fun at Biden for pulling out his phone and playing 'Despacito' before giving speech at the Hispanic Heritage Month in Florida

Joe Biden was mocked by viewers last night after pulling out his phone and playing the megahit 'Despacito' at a Hispanic campaign event in Florida.

Sep 16 11:40

PICTURED: GOP event at bar that South Dakota AG attended before he reported hitting a deer on his drive home when he actually killed a man - as victim's family call his story 'fishy'

New pictures have emerged of the GOP dinner at a bar that South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg attended before he reported hitting a deer on his 110-mile drive home when he actually struck and killed a man.

Sep 16 11:40

The FTC is 'preparing possible antitrust lawsuit against Facebook' after a year of investigating whether the social media giant is stifling competition through acquisition

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is preparing a possible antitrust lawsuit against Facebook after a year of investigating whether the social media giant is stifling competition through acquisitions, according to a source.

Sep 16 11:36

AG Bill Barr slams Democrats for 'encouraging mob violence in US cities', says mail-in voting is 'corrupt' and laughs off the idea Trump would ever 'seize power and all that s***'

Attorney General Bill Barr accused Democrats of encouraging mob violence in US cities as he railed against mail-in voting and mocked the idea that Trump will 'seize power and all that s**t' if he loses in November.

Sep 16 11:34

Who's the boss, Joe? Now Biden refers to the ticket as the 'Harris/Biden administration' - days after Kamala Harris made the same slip

Democratic nominee Joe Biden called his campaign 'Harris-Biden' while in Florida Tuesday after his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, made the same slip.

Sep 16 11:30

American Express Launches 'Coalition to Back Black Businesses,' Applications for First Round of $5,000 Grants Now Open

The coronavirus pandemic has placed an extraordinary toll on the Black community. The virus has become the third-leading cause of death for Black people and the economic fallout has had a disproportionate effect on Black people, as well. A program launched by American Express intends to alleviate some of the economic stress.

Sep 16 11:29

Racist Letter With Coronavirus Misinformation Found Taped to Homes in Long Island

In recent months it’s felt like racists have been on a letter-writing campaign. If it’s not sending anonymous letters to families with Black Lives Matter signs in front of their homes, it’s spreading coronavirus misinformation.

Sep 16 11:22

Texas Police Officer Charged in the Fatal Shooting of Black Woman Suffering From Schizophrenia

A police officer has been indicted more than a year after fatally shooting a Black woman who suffered from schizophrenia in Baytown, Texas.

Sep 16 11:19

'Can't meet my family but a thousand of us can rock up to a football match!': The return of fans is slammed online as government gives green light to 10 clubs to open doors to ONE THOUSAND supporters this week - despite Rule of Six

Furious Britons have slammed the government for allowing crowds of 1,000 fans into ten football stadiums this weekend - despite the Rule of Six banning friends and families from meeting up.
Critics have questioned why the pilots are going ahead this week, among a backdrop of testing chaos and anger at restrictions on gatherings.

Sep 16 11:15

Students IGNORE Rule of Six in nightclub queue despite university saying it will expel youngsters who break social distancing guideline

Scores of students flouted the new Rule of Six restrictions last night as they queued outside a nightclub in Portsmouth and descended onto the streets of the coastal city to enjoy a night of heavy partying.

Sep 16 11:14

However, the move has triggered fury on social media, with angry Britons questioning government priority amid the chaos over testing and the new rule of six. Malcolm Wood wrote on Twitter: 'You can't be together in no more than six, so let's go to the

The Queen and Prince Philip have been seen leaving Balmoral Estate together today for their new bubble at Sandringham, as they continue to enjoy spending an unprecendented amount of time together.

Sep 16 11:13

Fauci admits vitamins C, D minimize risk of COVID-19 infection

Discussing different ways to help minimize the risk of “catching” the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), Fauci told Garner that it would not be the worst idea to supplement with these two vitamins, which he claims he takes regularly to keep himself healthy.

“If you’re deficient in vitamin D, that does have an impact on your susceptibility to infection,” a grainy Fauci told Garner through the digital platform. “I would not mind recommending, and I do it myself, taking vitamin D supplements.”

Vitamin D, as we have reported on in the past, is a powerful pro-hormone that studies show protects against all sorts of ailments – and sadly, most of the world is deficient in it.

Fauci went on to admit that the other vitamin people should take is vitamin C “because it’s a good antioxidant.” Fauci added that if people want to take “a gram or so of vitamin C, that would be fine” because the citrus nutrient is known to help boost the immune system.

Sep 16 11:11

Spotted in Chicago (Picture)

Sep 16 11:10

Driving up emissions: Polluting plug-in hybrids are the car industry’s 'wolf in sheep’s clothing' spewing out two and a half times more CO2 in real life than reported from lab tests

Hybrid cars run off of a battery which can be charged either from the electricity grid, or via their conventionally-fuelled onboard engine.

While they are often marketed as low-carbon alternatives to traditional vehicles, the groups' analysis suggests that a typical hybrid emits 188.3 grams of CO2 per mile.

This is compared with the figure of 70.8 cited from laboratory examinations — a discrepancy that the groups blame on the vehicles' limited range.

In addition, they said, hybrid owners do not recharge their vehicles' batteries often enough — increasing their emission levels when driven in reality.

Sep 16 11:06

Rochester Mayor Fires Police Chief and Suspends Two City Officials Over Daniel Prude's Death

In New York, Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren has fired the police chief and suspended two city officials due to their handling of Daniel Prude’s death.

Sep 16 11:06

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange withheld 15,000 documents about Afghanistan war to 'protect innocents from being harmed', investigative journalist tells extradition hearing

Former Der Spiegel reporter John Goetz told Julian Assange's extradition hearing that WikiLeaks was 'removing bad stuff' to ensure no one was put at risk.

Assange, 49, is wanted in the US for allegedly conspiring with army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to expose military secrets between January and May 2010.

The US claim the WikiLeaks founder published the un-redacted names of US informants living in Iraq and Afghanistan. This potentially put their lives in danger, Washington says.

However, Mr Goetz, who worked with The Guardian and New York Times on the Afghan files, said there was no evidence harm came from the leaks.

Sep 16 11:04

CNBC's Jim Cramer calls Pelosi 'crazy Nancy' to her face - then blames Donald Trump for the nickname

CNBC's Jim Cramer called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi 'crazy Nancy,' to her face Tuesday morning, utilizing the nickname President Donald Trump has given her.

Sep 16 11:02

Boeing hid 'catastrophic' design flaws in the 737 Max before two crashes that killed 346 people in a rush to get the plane certified as fit to fly, scathing report finds

Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration were both criticized in a scathing report by the House Transportation Committee after the crashes in Indonesia in October 2018 and Ethiopia in March 2019.

The reports said that Boeing hid 'catastrophic' design flaws in a bid to beat deadlines so the 737 Max could be certified as fit to fly.

Both the stricken planes were Boeing 737 Max 8 jets - a model which met FAA requirements but was grounded around the world in the wake of the second disaster 18 months ago.

'The fact that a compliant airplane suffered from two deadly crashes in less than five months is clear evidence that the current regulatory system is fundamentally flawed and needs to be repaired,' the report released early Wednesday said.

Sep 16 11:02


Harris Faulkner on her show Outnumbered on 9/16/20, at approximately 10:20 a.m. Eastern Time, was interviewing former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich about the rioting in the Northwest U.S. including Portland OR. Newt Gingrich started to blame George Soros, and Harris jumped in immediately and said Newt “did not need to bring George Soros into the conversation”. Newt was obviously taken aback, and after a surprised look and a couple seconds of thought, he said; “Oh, O.K.” Does that tell you how powerful and insidious George Soros is?

Sep 16 10:58

EXCLUSIVE: 'Look at this body man.' Listen to Michael Cohen laugh while his friend drools over his teen daughter Samantha and tries to guess size of her breasts, prompting Trump's ex lawyer to whip out her Victoria's Secret modeling photos

Michael Cohen is heard laughing while a friend praises his daughter Samantha's body and tries to guess the size of her breasts, audio obtained exclusively by DailyMail.com reveals.

Sep 16 10:57

United States' international image falls to record lows in new poll of 13 countries - with vast majority having 'no confidence' in Donald Trump

The international reputation of the United States has declined further in the wake of its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, according to new research Tuesday from the Pew Research Center.

Sep 16 10:52

Kamala Harris Joins Gavin Newsom For Tour Of Wildfire-Ravaged California Town And Accuses Trump Of 'Climate Denial' - A Day After President Blamed The Democrat Governor's Land Management For The Blazes

Kamala Harris accused Donald Trump of climate denial the day before she toured a wildfire-ravaged California town with Gavin Newsom, reigniting the growing feud between the President and Governor of California.

Sep 16 10:49

Outcry over Covid 'Stasi snoop' as Kit Malthouse says home-owners should snitch on neighbours

Boris Johnson was at the centre of a furious row today after a minister advised people to snitch on neighbours who break the new legal ban on gatherings of more than six people .

As the Prime Minister arrived in Downing Street juggling a baby bottle, Dilyn the dog, his red box and a folder under his arm, policing minister Kit Malthouse told the morning media round that residents should “absolutely” call the police if they see neighbours holding gatherings of seven or more next door.

Sep 16 10:49

Chinese Software Firm That 'Provides Intelligence To The Government And Military' Collects Data From 50,000 Americans - Including Prominent Public Figures And Military Leaders

A Chinese software firm that allegedly provides intelligence to the Chinese government has been collecting data from Americans - including prominent public figures and military leaders - since 2017.

Sep 16 10:48

Why Lockdowns Are the Wrong Policy. Sweden’s Covid-19 Strategy

In just a few short months Anders Tegnell, architect of Sweden’s unique response to the Covid-19 pandemic, has gone from unknown physician and technocrat to a household celebrity in Sweden and in countries around the world. He is beloved by some (people have even had tattoos made with his face) and intensely disliked by others. Today he is suntanned and relaxed, having just returned from his summer holiday, and wearing an open-necked polo shirt. Here is a summary of what he said:

Sep 16 10:43

Wetherspoons customer, 20, is convicted of a racist hate crime after ordering a banana to a black man's table using the pub chain's phone app

Louie Kincella, 20, said he sent the fruit to Mark D'arcy-Smith, 25, 'for a joke'
Kincella was arrested at his home and convicted of a racially aggravated offence
Media consultant Mr D'arcy-Smith has been left shaken by degrading episode

Sep 16 10:43

Donald Trump hails 'dawn of a new Middle East' as leaders of Israel, UAE and Bahrain sign peace deal at the White House and says he believes Saudi Arabia will ALSO recognize Israel

President Donald Trump on Tuesday hailed the 'dawn of a new Middle East' when he presided over the signing of historic diplomatic deals between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in a deal designed to boost his reputation as a statesman.

Sep 16 10:42

Judge throws the book at 13 alleged Lancaster rioters and sets $1M bail for seven of them - after they 'tried to storm police precinct' in the wake of fatal cop shooting of crazed black knifeman

Thirteen protesters who were arrested during clashes with police in Pennsylvania at the weekend remain behind bars after a judge slapped the majority of them with bonds of $1 million each.

Sep 16 10:35

Boris Johnson admits testing system can't cope as government quietly axes daily capacity figures and UK faces 'lockdown by default' with offices and schools forced to SHUT - so what HAS 'testing tsar' Dido Harding been doing to prepare for second wave?

Boris Johnson has defended the creaking testing system saying there has been 'huge, huge demand'
Health Secretary Matt Hancock has admitted that Covid tests will have to be rationed amid shambles

Sep 16 10:32

White Bar Owner Indicted in Fatal Shooting of Black Man During Protest

A white bar owner in Nebraska was indicted Tuesday in the fatal shooting of a Black man during a protest in May, a case that a prosecutor had initially declined to prosecute after characterizing the bar owner’s actions as self-defense.

The bar owner, Jake Gardner, was indicted by a grand jury in Douglas County on four counts, including manslaughter, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, attempted first-degree assault and making terrorist threats, officials said.

The authorities said that Gardner, 38, confronted a group of men outside one of his bars in Omaha on May 30 and was knocked to the ground. From there, he fired two warning shots and tried to get to his feet, prosecutors said. As he did, Gardner got into a fight with one man, James Scurlock, 22. The two scuffled before Gardner fired a shot that killed him.

Sep 16 10:05

Huge Dump Of Articles And Videos Showing Arsonists To Blame – Not Climate Change – For Fires On The West Coast

The West Coast is on fire and tens of thousands of people are being evacuated and displaced as a result. The MSM and ‘Fact Checkers’ are trying to convince the American people that arsonists aren’t responsible for deliberately setting wildfires on the west coast. Pelosi wants you to believe that “mother earth is angry” and that these fires are a result of climate change, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. So far the death toll is rising and Oregon officials are saying they are preparing for a ‘mass fatality event’.

Sep 16 10:05

Trump told Bob Woodward he was stunned at the outrage over his summit with Kim Jong-Un, saying 'what the f**k? It's just a meeting'

Bob Woodward on Tuesday revealed how President Trump was surprised there was public outrage over his meeting with Kim Jong-Un, suggesting his other only option would've been to sit at home reading a book.

Sep 16 10:00

Kim Kardashian is joined by Leonardo DiCaprio and a slew of stars for 'freeze' Instagram day as Hollywood decides to protest 'hate speech' on the Mark Zuckerberg-owned platform

A host of stars have joined Kim Kardashian West in vowing to 'freeze' their Instagram and Facebook accounts on Wednesday, claiming the platforms allow for hate, propaganda and misinformation to spread.

Sep 16 09:59

‘BIG TEN FOOTBALL IS BACK’: Conference Reverses Course After Massive Backlash From Athletes, Fans

The Big Ten conference is planning to restart its fall football season in October, a win for hundreds of thousands of athletes, parents, and fans who pressured the conference to play.