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August 7, 2009

Aug 07 11:41

Two town halls turn into near-riots

Ah, American democracy: Over the past week, members of the House -- currently in recess -- have been holding town hall meetings that have gotten progressively nastier as more and more organized opponents of the Democrats' healthcare plan have shown up to protest. The debate between the two major parties over the town halls has gotten pretty nasty too, with claims and counter-claims about who, exactly, is un-democratic and who's trying to stifle the voice of the people.

Now, the tension is really starting to erupt, and on Thursday night, two of the town halls turned violent.

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Aug 07 11:36

BEST BUY - It’s Time For An Apology

In addition to recovering the photos, PhotoRescue Expert also reveals the date and time the photos were taken. That first photo was taken on February 8, 2009 at 3:24. Funny. My mother-in-law didn’t purchase the camera until February 25th.

As I said before, today was a very interesting day. Not only did I prove the camera had no signs of damage, I also proved that the camera had indeed been used before my mother-in-law purchased it. But that wasn’t all I found…

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My own little adventure with Best Buy

And (as we head into the holiday shopping season) try entering "Best Buy Sucks" into any search engine for a dose of consumer protection.

Aug 07 11:31

Sibel Edmonds Supoeanaed - Set to "Break" Gag Order

This could get very interesting in a matter of moments. This woman has enough information to expose a whole chain of corruption going back to 9/11. Including prior knowledge of 9/11, international drug dealing, and the illegal blackmarketing of nuclear weapons. All very damning and explosive information. Stay safe Sibel.

Aug 07 11:25

Ron Paul: Obama Deserves an "F"

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) said Thursday that President Barack Obama deserves a failing grade for his first 200 days in office.

The libertarian-minded Republican ultimately graded the president at a just-passing “D” when asked to rate Obama’s performance during an interview on CNN’s “American Morning,” though only because he decided to factor in extenuating circumstances.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0809/25883.html#ixzz0NWFPM2MJ

Aug 07 11:24

Barak hints at another war with Lebanon

Israeli Defense Minister hints at Tel Aviv's intention to launch another offensive against Lebanon, saying the war would be more devastating than the 2006 war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"The war will start just as soon as we figure out a way to blame Lebanon for it!"

Aug 07 11:23

At Least 37 Killed in String of anti-Shi’ite Bombings in Iraq

At least 37 civilians were killed today in a series of bombings across Iraq, which has targeted the country’s Shi’ite majority and did enormous damage to a Mosul-area mosque full of worshippers. The toll is expected to rise as bodies are recovered from the rubble, and over 100 are estimated to be wounded.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Oh, golly gee whillikers; I guess that means we just HAVE to stay in Iraq now!!!!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Aug 07 11:14

Obama Supporter SEIU Union Goon Arrested after Attack at Russ Carnahan Health Care Town Hall

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But, but, but, he can't be opposed to Obama ... he's BLACK!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Aug 07 11:00

Job losses slow to 247,000; jobless rate dips

Employers throttled back on layoffs in July, cutting just 247,000 jobs, the fewest in a year, and the unemployment rate dipped to 9.4 percent, its first decline in 15 months.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I know everyone is screaming that this is good news, but to put this in context, this is roughly the equivalent of the First Officer reporting to the Captain of the Titanic that they are not sinking quite as fast as initially thought.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Aug 07 10:58

Ex-employees claim Blackwater pimped out young Iraqi girls

Perhaps the most shocking of those charges — quoted by MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann on Thursday from the employees’ sworn declarations — is that Blackwater was guilty of using child prostitutes at its compound in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone and that owner Erik Prince knew of this activity and did nothing to stop it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Don' it makeya proudernshit to be American to know your tax dollars paid for all this!

But remember, the Iraqi people only hate us for our freedoms!

Aug 07 10:32

Popular Insect Repellent Deet Is Neurotoxic

The active ingredient in many insect repellents, deet, has been found to be toxic to the central nervous system. Researchers say that more investigations are urgently needed to confirm or dismiss any potential neurotoxicity to humans, especially when deet-based repellents are used in combination with other neurotoxic insecticides.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I recall a chemistry professor in college who claimed that Deet was just a diluted form of WW2 nerve gas.

Aug 07 10:27

Swine flu cases down

Interesting to note this drop in swine flu came about without a major immunization plan in place, it just dropped seasonally

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit, DAMMIT!!! First I lose a small fortune on Al Gore's global warming futures and now I'm gonna be stuck with all this worthless vaccine!!!!!"

Aug 07 09:28

The Me-First, Screw-Everyone-Else Crowd

I know I should be mortified by the lobbyist-organized mobs of angry Brooks Brothers mannequins who are now making headlines by shutting down congressional town hall meetings. I know I should be despondent during this, the Khaki Pants Offensive in the Great American Health Care and Tax War. And yet, I’m euphorically repeating one word over and over again with a big grin on my face.


Finally, there’s no pretense. Finally, the Me-First, Screw-Everyone-Else Crowd’s ugliest traits are there for all to behold.

The group’s core gripe is summarized in a letter I received that denounces a proposed surtax on the wealthy and corporations to pay for universal health care:

Aug 07 09:27

Nagasaki the forgotten bomb

A cultural city and history were lost. Erased in seconds. And why? The Japanese had been trying to surrender. Well the main reason the American used the bombs when they did was because they did not want to divide Japan with Russia the way they were East and West Germany. Russia agreed to invade Japan (who had defeated Russia in their last war) three months after the German surrender May 8th. Well that time was August 8th (or Aug 9th Japan time). And the Russian began attacking Manchuria China where the Japanese army was on that day.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My paternal grandfather was in one of the Japanese internment camps (See "Empire of the Sun") and saw the flash of the atomic bomb.

Aug 07 09:26

See rebellion at grass roots

A rebellion is brewing in home congressional districts of incumbent Democrats evidenced by the reaction at several town hall meetings.

Members are being forced to suspend meetings with their constituents, screaming protesters are being dragged out of events by police and officials are being greeted by protest signs and chants.

Rep. Tim Bishop, D-N.Y., has called off further events.

"I had felt they would be pointless," he said. "There is no point in meeting with my constituents and [to] listen to them and have them listen to you if what is basically an unruly mob prevents you from having an intelligent conversation."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, "HANG THE CROOKS!" seems like a very intelligent conversation to me!

Aug 07 09:24

Study finds unusual suspect in lung cancer risk

Researchers at the University of Montreal were stunned to find that that women who had undergone hysterectomies, or had otherwise had menopause medically induced were almost twice as likely to develop lung cancer as women who had gone through "the changes" naturally.

Ironically, the study began as a quest to find a link between lung cancer and hormones in women. Can you imagine a worse situation? You have a hysterectomy or get your ovaries removed for whatever reason, believing that at the very least you're reducing your risk of the lethal ovarian cancer… only to find out that you're nearly doubling your chances of developing an equally deadly disease.

Aug 07 09:22

Johann Hari: The hidden truth behind drug company profits

This is the story of one of the great unspoken scandals of our times. Today, the people across the world who most need life-saving medicine are being prevented from producing it. Here's the latest example: factories across the poor world are desperate to start producing their own cheaper Tamiflu to protect their populations – but they are being sternly told not to. Why? So rich drug companies can protect their patents – and profits. There is an alternative to this sick system, but we are choosing to ignore it.

Aug 07 09:20

Russians move 2 SS-21 Tactical Nuke Ballistic Missile Launchers into South Ossetia

Col. Sam Gardiner notes, in an interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now, Russia has deployed tactical nuclear weapons to South Ossetia. The SS-21 Missile launchers are relatively weak compared to bombs that have already been used against Georgia by the Russian air force. However, this move does indicate Russia is potentially upping the game from a conventional weapons war to a tactical nuclear More..weapons war. Gardiner notes that at a news conference on Sunday, the US Deputy National Security advisor has noted these weapons arriving in South Ossetia.

Aug 07 09:18

Rich Dad, Underwater Dad: 21 Million Homeowners with Negative Equity or No Equity in Their Homes. 33 Percent of California Mortgages Underwater.

The argument keeps shifting so let me be extremely clear. Some keep thinking that there will be some generalized and clean decline when the Alt-A loans implode. They keep obsessing over tiny details in the market and say, “I thought the implosion was going to happen now! Forget this, I’m jumping in.” Many people are simply impatient and choose to ignore certain facts at their own convenience. The same kind of reasoning occurred in 2006. Even almighty Ben Bernanke shrugged off the housing problems and didn’t see a recession being set off by the housing bubble. Housing in California will be in trouble for years to come. The distress market data tells us that. Yet if you use the median price as your indicator, you will be completely off.

Aug 07 09:14

Ventura's new venture: 'Conspiracy Theories'

With careers in wrestling, movies, radio and government under his belt, Jesse Ventura is adding a line to his résumé: professional conspiracy theorist.

A television production company announced Tuesday that the former Minnesota governor will host "Conspiracy Theories With Jesse Ventura" on cable's truTV, a Turner Broadcasting System channel.

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Click to enlarge

Aug 07 09:14

Barracks and Burger King: U.S. Builds a Supersized Base in Afghanistan

Anyone who thinks the Afghanistan troop "surge" is a temporary, one-time deal should watch the construction here of a vast new $17 million barracks building.

It's not temporary. It's three stories of concrete.

Aug 07 09:10

“Federal Reserve doesn’t know where $1.5 trillion went” - analyst

The US media’s attempts to use the Freedom of Information Act to find out which banks received financial bailouts were blocked, said legal analyst Nicole Kardell, and the Federal Reserve doesn’t know the answer itself.

At a time of financial crisis in the United States – after a nearly $800 billion stimulus package was passed this year and after nearly $700 billion in bailout money was passed in 2008 by the Bush administration – Americans are wondering where all the money has gone

Aug 07 09:09

Leave Good Footprints- Cave Dei Videt.

Yesterday, Michael Rivero made the statement that he would no longer link to AP articles because links create traffic and he doesn’t feel like supporting that. Yes, AP is a collection of anonymous, informed sources that lie in support of the fascist intent of corporate world takeover. They’re a pack of whores and their employers are pimps in pinstripes.

Aug 07 09:08

Ok, What Aren't We Being Told?

Oh by the way, that's a $5.4 trillion dollar bomb they're sitting on, and if we see an explosion some time in the next couple of months don't be surprised.

These sorts of "departures" are rarely a coincidence.

Aug 07 09:06

The Fed Buys Last Week's Treasury Notes

This $14 billion plus buying activity by the Fed represents fresh money created out of this air that was exchanged for the sovereign debt of the US. However, since the Fed has, for all practical purposes, never undone its permanent operations (hey, that's why they are called "POMOs") we can consider these additions of money as good as permanent themselves.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Fed is kiting the government along.

Aug 07 09:05

UBS tax case settlement due before Fla. judge

The case has broad implications for banks and tax havens around the world.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... not to mention increased funding for tax protest movements now that the rich are losing their shelters!

Aug 07 09:03

Ron Paul: Government Is A Failure

“I don’t remember seeing the people so angry as they are now, but I think what they have discovered is that the government is a failure… I think a lot of people have come to the realisation that you can’t trust government.”

“That’s a healthy start. It is our job now to fill the void and tell them what the role of government ought to be, so that we can take all this energy and anger and redirect it.”

Aug 07 09:00

BREAKING NEWS! Military to administer vaccinations! Total control of America about to occur!!!

Aug 07 08:58

Crazy Zionist Rupert Murdoch Thinks You'll Pay For His Deceptive Propaganda

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The comments under the poll confirm my observation that this is not about the money, it is about the fact that FOX is no longer trusted as a news source.

Aug 07 08:57

Execs still get raises as UC cuts staffing, pay

On the same July day that the UC Board of Regents cut $813 million from UC budgets - setting in motion pay cuts, layoffs and campus cutbacks - the board quietly approved pay raises, stipends and other benefits for more than two dozen executives.

Aug 07 08:54

FLASHBACK - Claire & Michael Rivero: Cinnamon Toast and the flu

Aug 07 08:51

Is Obama's Healthcare "Snitch" Program Unconstitutional?

Judge Andrew Napolitano gives the legal & constitutional perspective on Obama's request to flag and report people with differing views on healthcare:

Aug 07 08:43

AIG Posts $1.82 Billion Profit, First Since 2007

American International Group Inc., the insurer rescued by the U.S. government, reported its first profit in seven quarters on narrowing investment losses and a rebound in the value of some derivatives. The stock gained 7.8 percent in New York trading.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They are still playing with derivatives!

Aug 07 08:39

Meningitis girl, 2, dies after being misdiagnosed with swine flu

A girl of two has died of suspected meningitis hours after paramedics misdiagnosed her with swine flu.

Georgia Keeling's parents were reassured the toddler was not suffering from meningitis and did not need to go to hospital.

But an hour after she was diagnosed with swine flu, Georgia's eyes glazed over and she was rushed to hospital where she died within two hours.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1204989/Meningitis-girl-2-dies...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The media is pounding "Swine Flu" into everyone's heads to the point where medical personnel are convinced they see it everywhere, even where it is not!

Aug 07 08:37

The Public Option in Banking

President Obama has repeated his call for a public option in health care, in order to create some competition for the insurance companies and keep them honest. We the people need to call for a public option in banking, in order to create some competition for the private banks and keep them honest.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We need a public currency, the way the nation was first set up. END THE FED!

Aug 07 08:29

The World's Rubbish Dump: A Garbage Tip that Stretches from Hawaii to Japan

Curtis Ebbesmeyer, an oceanographer and leading authority on flotsam, has tracked the build-up of plastics in the seas for more than 15 years and compares the trash vortex to a living entity: "It moves around like a big animal without a leash." When that animal comes close to land, as it does at the Hawaiian archipelago, the results are dramatic. "The garbage patch barfs, and you get a beach covered with this confetti of plastic," he added.

Aug 07 08:27

Pound and gilt yields slide as Bank of England pledges to buy £50bn more

Money and currency markets were sent reeling after the Bank of England surprised the City by unexpectedly extending its programme of Quantitative Easing (QE) by £50bn.

Aug 07 08:19

It's SO over: cool cyberkids abandon social networking sites

From uncles wearing skinny jeans to mothers investing in ra-ra skirts and fathers nodding awkwardly along to the latest grime record, the older generation has long known that the surest way to kill a youth trend is to adopt it as its own. The cyberworld, it seems, is no exception.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Or maybe this is another attempt to lure young peo0ple back to their TV sets by telling them their parents are watching them in Twitter!

Remember, the social networks, Twitter in particular, became the high ground in the propaganda war during the recent failed coup attempt in Iran. It stands to reason that before the next sneaky thing is done by the US Government, they need to wreck any propaganda battlefield they cannot control.

Yesterday it was reported that the social networking sites were under hacker attacks. Today young people are being told they are "UNcool."

See a pattern here?

Aug 07 07:52

Obama - A Con-Trick & A Puppet Of Wall Street



Aug 07 07:19

The Plague of Punitive Populism

Good article on police brutality with videos.

Aug 07 06:45

U.S. Kills 5 Cucumber Farmers In Airstrike

Officials assumed farmers were loading munitions, not cukes.Winning hearts and minds,one cucumber at a time.

Aug 07 00:17

Obama rallies health counterprotesters

Obama rallies health counterprotesters
By Jon Ward (Contact) | Thursday, August 6, 2009
The Washington Times
Thursday, August 6, 2009
Obama rallies health counterprotesters
A day after the White House dismissed protesters at town-hall events as people sent from opposition groups in Washington, the administration's political wing began mobilizing millions of its own supporters.
"We've got to get out there," President Obama said in an e-mail message sent Wednesday to the more than 13 million supporters of his campaign group, Organizing for America.

August 6, 2009

Aug 06 23:23

The International - The True Value of a Conflict

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I can see why this film was "discouraged".

Aug 06 23:18

If Tibet was a threat to Israel this is how the News would be

Aug 06 22:46

Stolen money for ‘clunkers’

Create debt-slaves; hurt the poor; create massive amounts of waste. Mission accomplished.

Aug 06 22:27

The Real Right to Medical Care

The collectivization of medical costs, both under government-imposed "private" medical insurance and under Medicaid and Medicare, raises medical costs in a variety of ways, each of which deserves consideration. In each instance, the perverted notion of the need-based right to medical care – that is, an alleged right to medical care that entails a claim on other people's wealth or labor, which must be met with or without their consent – is what underlies both the collectivization of medical costs and the concomitant loss of the individual's personal financial responsibility. In this way, it is a perverted notion of the right to medical care that is fundamentally responsible for the rising cost of medical care.

Aug 06 22:16

Who Owns The TV Networks

All those hundreds of TV channels may lead you that there’s a true diversity and variety in today’s television … but you’d be wrong. A handful of large companies control what you see, hear, and read every day.

Aug 06 22:12


Folks, this is beyond bad - it is pernicious and outrageous conduct by The Federal Reserve in conspiracy with the Primary Dealers, both of which are now desperately trying to prop up the US Government Bond Market through subterfuge rather than just buying up the bond issue from Treasury when originally put to the market!

Aug 06 22:01

Morgan Stanley, Others, To Earn $1 Billion on AIG Collapse

Other firms that have contracts with the Federal Reserve to manage the AIG breakup include Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Bank of America Corp., and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

Aug 06 21:27

A Swine Flu Windfall for GlaxoSmithKline?

A Swine Flu Windfall for GlaxoSmithKline?
By Kerry Capell
British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is set to reap billions as fear of the swine flu pandemic grows. The world's second-largest drug company has secured orders from 16 countries for 195 million doses of the vaccine it is developing against the H1N1 virus, which has killed more than 740 people worldwide.

Aug 06 21:24

German guinea pigs.How Safe Is the Swine Flu Vaccine?

How Safe Is the Swine Flu Vaccine?
Swine flu symptoms may generally be mild but in a bid to prevent a pandemic health officials and pharmaceutical companies are planning to administer a new, little-tested vaccine to millions of Germans. Meanwhile, officials in the United States are taking a more cautious approach to fighting the virus.

Aug 06 20:44

The Doctors Paul on Obamacare

Aug 06 20:35

XML flaws threaten 'enormous' array of apps

Security researchers have uncovered critical flaws in open-source software that implements the Extensible Markup Language in a staggering array of applications used by banks, e-commerce websites, and consumers.

The bugs uncovered by researchers at Finland-based Codenomicon were contained in virtually every open-source XML library available, Ari Takanen, CTO of Finland-based security testing firm Codenomicon, told The Register. Many of them could allow attackers to crash machines running applications that use the libraries or even remotely execute malicious code. The Python and Java programming languages and Apache Xerces are already known to be affected, and Takanen said many more could be as well.

Aug 06 20:26

Ok, What Aren't We Being Told?

Oh by the way, that's a $5.4 trillion dollar bomb they're sitting on, and if we see an explosion some time in the next couple of months don't be surprised.

Aug 06 20:22

UK national ID card cloned in 12 minutes

Using a Nokia mobile phone and a laptop computer, Laurie was able to copy the data on a card that is being issued to foreign nationals in minutes.

He then created a cloned card, and with help from another technology expert, changed all the data on the new card. This included the physical details of the bearer, name, fingerprints and other information.

He then rewrote data on the card, reversing the bearer's status from "not entitled to benefits" to "entitled to benefits".

He then added fresh content that would be visible to any police officer or security official who scanned the card, saying, "I am a terrorist - shoot on sight."

Aug 06 20:16

Nazi-Style Denunciation Campaign Urges Americans To Report Each Other

A privately-run informant program operating nationwide encourages Americans to anonymously turn each other in to the authorities for cash rewards in a chilling echo of the Nazi “denunciations” of 1930’s Germany, where neighbors would grass their neighbors up to the local Gestapo officer over petty issues.

The WeTip organization takes anonymous tips online or via toll free phone lines and carries the creepy slogan “For A Safer America!” on its website beneath an image of a U.S. flag.

The group forwards tips given by the public to law enforcement authorities across the country, with no jurisdictional borders.

Aug 06 19:46

Russia Tensions high as anniversary of South Ossetia war approaches

Russian and Georgian troops were on high alert today, on the eve of the first anniversary of their war over the disputed South Ossetia region.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let us hope that the adults in the room in Tbilisi and Moscow prevail, and that there will be no more violence here.

Aug 06 19:43

Cui Bono ? 2009 In honor of Greg Quibell

I'm sorry. A few deep breaths - stare into the candle frame - wipe a tear out of my eye - only one - I need to see clearly - because I'll never shut up until the public demonstrates that they, too, are vertebrates - that means have backbones! Balls! Cohones! Guts! Get involved - don't be afraid! Speak out, speak up - there is strength in numbers.

Please watch these videos and let me know...... Cui Bono?

Aug 06 19:41

U.S. food stamp list tops 34 million for first time

For the first time, more than 34 million Americans received food stamps in May, the government said on Thursday, another symptom of the longest and one of the deepest recessions since the Great Depression.

Aug 06 19:36

JFK + Executive Order 11110 = Head Shot?

I couldn't find Federal Reserve as a category - I couldn't find "crooks" either - so I put this under Economy.

Aug 06 19:34

The west's moral failure over Georgia

One year ago, Georgia's leaders ordered a military attack on unarmed civilians in South Ossetia. By any common understanding this action was a war crime and the ensuing conflict led to recognised independence for Abkhazia and South Ossetia, of which we are the elected leaders.

From the moment of the Georgian attack there has been a vast moral abdication in the west, among politicians, intellectuals and media – a failure to honestly confront what Georgia did. This moral failure has profound consequences for us and it is preventing western leadership from dealing realistically with the new boundaries of nationhood here.

Aug 06 19:29

US faces huge bill for Afghan security

The US will have to provide billions more dollars in coming years to finance a huge increase in the size of Afghanistan’s security forces, officials and analysts warn.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"... "provide billions..." From WHERE?!?

China is anything but keen on loaning the US government more money, and We the People are flat broke, from all the taxes raised to pay for these wars without end, and the bailouts of companies which should have been allowed to fail.

Absolutely no one in congress is going to bail out We the People, that's for certain.

Aug 06 19:26

Adding up the true costs of two wars

This wartime spending undoubtedly has been a major contributor to our present economic collapse. The U.S. has waged an expensive war as if it required little or no economic sacrifice, funding the conflict by massive borrowing. As we've observed in the past, you can't spend $3 trillion on a reckless foreign war and not feel the pain at home.

Aug 06 19:21

Salmonella Fear Sparks Massive Beef Recall

A Fresno-based beef company is recalling hundreds of thousands of ground beef products because of concerns it may be linked to an outbreak of salmonella.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service says Beef Packers Inc. is recalling 825,769 pounds of ground beef produced between June 5, 2009 through June 23.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The contaminated beef was produced through the end of June, and the recall went out.........TODAY, 6 AUGUST?!?!?

The USDA should be collectively sacked, as they are pathologically incapable of protecting the US food chain. They are a danger and an embarrassment.

Xmas w/o borders
Aug 06 19:17

When the going gets tough, editorial boards turn to John Bolton

If you feel like you have been reading a lot of John Bolton recently, it's because you have. A Nexis search reveals that over the past 12 weeks, John Bolton has been published on the op-ed page of a major American publication nine times.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The reason Bolton has been getting so much "page/web/face time is that John has never met a potential US military conflict he hasn't just loved; particularly when that conflict may well pit the US against any one of Israel's many existential threat, like Iraq, and now... Iran.

Of course, John's never seen a day of warfare up close in his life; he's an attorney whose bio indicates a series of jobs in and around Washington DC.

Most people who have actually seen combat, up close and personal, are generally not so deeply in love with war as the ultimate solution for everything as Bolton appears to be.

The drumbeats for war against Iran are beating faster and faster, with Obama and Gates haven been given their marching orders from Tel Aviv recently in a series of meetings there and in Washington.

Obama has indicated now that Iran has only until the end of September to acquiesce to his demands. After that time frame, we could well see an "October Surprise" in the form of an Israeli-led/US-supported attack against Iran.

Aug 06 19:08

U.S. food stamp list tops 34 million for first time

For the first time, more than 34 million Americans received food stamps in May, the government said on Thursday, another symptom of the longest and one of the deepest recessions since the Great Depression.

Enrollment surged by 2 percent to reach a record 34.4 million people, or one in nine Americans, in the latest month for which figures are available.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I don't know for whom the economy is turning around (except for folks like Goldman Sachs), but is sure as heck is not turning around for these people.

That's almost 10% of the American public on food stamps, and that is a terrifying figure.

Aug 06 19:04

After massive losses, Fannie asks Treasury for $10.7 billion

Troubled state-backed mortgage firm Fannie Mae took a massive 14.8-billion-dollar loss in the second quarter, and asked the US Treasury for another 10.7 billion dollars in aid, the company said Thursday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

FROM WHERE?!?!?!?!? We the People, who are already broke, courtesy of these endless bailouts and taxes for war?!?

I don't think so!

Aug 06 17:52

Hacker attack clamps down Twitter, Facebook experiences intermittent problems

A hacker attack Thursday shut down the fast-growing messaging service Twitter for hours, while Facebook experienced intermittent access problems.

Twitter said it suffered a denial-of-service attack, in which hackers command scores of computers to a single site at the same time, preventing legitimate traffic from getting through.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember that Twitter/Facebook/Myspace were the high ground for info-war during the abortive coup against the Democratically-elected government of Iran.

If "someone" is practicing how to paralyze the social networks (just one day after the US Marines blocked them from their own networks, I might add) then something big is about to happen and shutting down non-governmental forms of mass communication will be part of it.

Aug 06 17:33

New England Town Offers Retirees Work to Pay Off Property Taxes

Like many seniors, Arlene and "Murch" Murchison live on a fixed income.

They face a roughly $1,400 annual tax bill, but this year will be different thanks to an innovative new program that allows older residents in the city of Saco, Maine to work off a portion of their tax burden instead of paying out of pocket.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Indentured servitude returns to America.

Aug 06 17:28

California Won't Accept Its Own IOUs

Small businesses that received $682 million in IOUs from the state say California expects them to pay taxes on the worthless scraps of paper, but refuses to accept its own IOUs to pay debts or taxes. The vendors' federal class action claims the state is trying to balance its budget on their backs.

Lead plaintiff Nancy Baird filled her contract with California to provide embroidered polo shirts to a youth camp run by the National Guard, but never was paid the $27,000 she was owed. She says California "paid" her with an IOU that two banks refused to accept - yet she had to pay California sales tax on the so-called "sale" of the uniforms.

Aug 06 17:27

Fiery AARP meeting - this stuff is going viral!

But check out the propaganda here at AARP's website - same crap as from Obama.


Aug 06 16:14

The Fed's UST-POMO Pyramid Scheme Exposed

In a brilliant piece of investigative reporting, Chris Martenson (original article here) has uncovered that the Fed, merely a week after issuing $28 billion in 7 year bonds (which Zero Hedge discussed previously) via its puppet, the US Treasury, of which $10 billion ended up being purchased by primary dealers, has turned and bought 47% of the primary allocated bonds in Open Market Purchases. This is undisputed monetization removed simply via one primary dealer and less than 5 days of temporal separation in order to leave no easy trace. As Martenson points out:

Aug 06 15:52

“Swine flu” vaccine has adjuvants that impair fertility

The “swine flu” vaccine contains ingredients that impair fertility.

Daniel Solis from the Czech Republic has researched the side-effects of the adjuvant, squalene, and discovered it is known to destroy fertility as well as causing other forms of damage.

A patent for a vaccine to impair fertility in animals contains squalene.

The plan to use this fertility-impairing adjuvant in the “swine flu” vaccine against a flu that has so far been far less irksome than the ordinary seasonal flu underscores concerns that this H1N1 mass vaccination programme mandated by WHO with the support of pharma companies such as Baxter is designed primarily to cause death and injury, and so significantly reduce the global population.

Aug 06 15:19

Quote 5 Words From the Associated Press? That’ll Be $12.50

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AP is hereby banned from WRH.

AP fails to understand what Reuter's comprehends all too well; links from blogs drives readership UP!

Aug 06 15:13

Rowdy protesters overrun health care meetings

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent her chamber home for the summer recess with a list of talking points to respond to constituents' questions about pending health care legislation.

But those traditionally sleepy town hall meetings have become rowdy shout-fests across the nation, including Northern California, with opponents hanging members in effigy and mocking them with Nazi and devil imagery in an effort to derail discussions of health care

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When Pelosi and company start planting swastikas in the crowd, you KNOW they are scared out of their minds!

Aug 06 15:03

Goldman Sachs' Cohen: New bull market has begun

U.S. stocks have entered a new bull market, and the S&P 500 index could rise as much as 10 percent from current levels by the end of this year, Goldman Sachs strategist Abby Joseph Cohen said on CNBC on Thursday.

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Bump and dump?

Replay of the California swindle where G/S was telling its clients to buy California Bonds at the same time they were being paid by the state to help sell them?

Aug 06 15:03

In Goldman Sachs We Trust: The Story of a $222 Stock going to $1 During the Great Depression.

Goldman Sachs seems to have a pattern of passing the proverbial buck after they have rinsed all profits from their venture and move out of the way before the train derails. In this case, the stock was hyper-inflated because the firm was buying itself. The L.A. Times in November of 2008 talks about this double sided betting:

“(L.A. Times) Goldman, Sachs & Co. urged some of its big clients to place investment bets against California bonds this year despite having collected millions of dollars in fees to help the state sell some of those same bonds.”

That is really looking out for the country especially with a state in major distress. I’m sure the 38,000,000 residents of California appreciate this hedging on the state.

Aug 06 15:01

Ark. crowd mocks lawmakers over Obama health plan

Lawmakers across the country are encountering growing public doubts about President Barack Obama's push to remake the system for providing medical care, evident in polls that find confidence in Obama's handling of the issue has fallen since January. Concerns are growing about government-run health plans, a growing federal deficit, and the impact on small businesses and end-of-life provisions.

Aug 06 15:00

McGovern, Neal booed at rally over health reform

U.S. Reps. James P. McGovern and Richard E. Neal were heckled and booed after trying to rally support today for President Barack Obama’s plan for a comprehensive national health insurance program.

The two Worcester-area Democratic lawmakers were shouted down several times by people attending a packed “town hall” meeting at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

UMass officials threatened several times to end the gathering because of the raucous behavior, which occurred despite a heavy police presence.

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This has little to do with health care and more to do with a general sense of being fed up with the whole government.

Aug 06 14:59

Man At Town Hall: "You Need To Get The Government The Hell Out Of Our Way"

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A common and growing sentiment.

Aug 06 14:52

TSA Plunders Boy's Disney Toys

But his mom says that when she and Jeremiah tried to go through security at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport earlier this week, the toys were taken away.

"It's very upsetting because at one point I had told one of the employees, 'You know this is not a real weapon,' and he said 'Yes, I understand that, it doesn't matter,'" said mom Maria Edge.

Edge said she became even angrier when she claims that not long after the TSA officers had confiscated the items, she saw the officers playing with the toy sword and gun.

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First the lemonade stand; now this!

The Government clearly hates children!

Aug 06 14:43


Israel is an amazing country with outrageous opinions. They fancy themselves as the ‘Jewish homeland’ even though the FACT remains that most of the world’s Jews do not live there. They do everything in their power to encourage the immigration of those Jews (Aliyah) to Israel…. but at the same time and in the same breath alienate any Jew that does not ‘dance to their tune’.

The insulance to the American Jewish community and the Obama administration could wind up hurting them dearly if TAX EXEMPT donations stop rolling in.

Aug 06 14:11

Recession is over, says economist

Now he's ahead of officials and forecasters again. According to Gartman, the U.S. recession that started in December 2007 is done.

"We saw it happen two weeks ago -- it's over," he said in a recent interview.

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Aug 06 14:01

Healthcare Solution: Go Back to Cash

The expansion of health insurance and government entitlements created “free money” and thus the explosion of healthcare costs. The solution is simple and “impossible”: we all pay cash.

Here’s why healthcare (a.k.a. sick-care) costs cannot be reduced; the entire system is based on vast pools of “free money.” The corporate-America or union/government employee who goes to the doctor pays a few dollars for a visit and drugs; the “real cost” is of no concern. Ditto the “real costs” charged to Medicare and Medicaid.

Aug 06 13:59

N.K. fraud with Clintons involved?

August 06, 2009
Journalist's return a really big shoo
Ed Lasky
The entire affair had a feel of political theatre. We were not too far off the mark. Turns out it was a political spectacle brought to your screens, courtesy of Hollywood and public relation flacks and hacks.
August 06, 2009
Something odd about those two freed journalists
Thomas Lifson
Something strikes me as weird about the two young women journalists freed from supposedly harsh captivity. What's up with all the baggage they carry?

Aug 06 13:43

After 34 years, Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme to be released

The president she once pointed a gun at has been dead for nearly three years, and her longtime idol and leader, Charles Manson, remains in prison.

However, Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme is about to get her first taste of real freedom in more than three decades.

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Fromme, now 60, is set to be released on parole August 16.

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But Leonard Peltier, convicted of a murder the evidence suggests was committed by other parties, remains in jail.

Aug 06 13:05


Aug 06 13:04

No charges in videotaped police beating

Calling it a case where first impressions were wrong, Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne M. Abraham announced this morning that a grand jury has decided not to recommend criminal charges against a dozen police officers identified from last year's beating of three men that was caught on video and caused a national sensation.

Aug 06 12:48

War News for Thursday, August 06, 2009

Afghanistan: "The Forgotten War"
#1: A roadside bomb hit a wedding party on its way to a ceremony in southern Afghanistan, killing 21 people including women and children, Afghan officials said Thursday. The large group of men, women and children heading to the wedding were riding a tractor in the Garmser district of Helmand province Wednesday morning when they were hit by a roadside bomb, provincial police chief Assadullah Sherzad said. The Afghan Interior Ministry said 21 people were killed and five others were wounded.