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August 8, 2009

Aug 08 14:36

Congress Gets an Upgrade

Congress plans to spend $550 million to buy eight jets, a substantial upgrade to the fleet used by federal officials at a time when lawmakers have criticized the use of corporate jets by companies receiving taxpayer funds.

Aug 08 14:34

Physicians speak out on health care bill

“The bottom line is that doctors don't want socialized medicine — another flawed health care system like Medicare. They don't believe it will lower the costs or improve quality,” Brady said. “Medicare is already going bankrupt and not quality care. It also shifts medical costs onto other paying customers.

Aug 08 11:15

The Actual Text of the Health Care Reform Act of 2009

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please read this, eyes and brain wide open.

Particularly, page 431 regarding Item # 17, Initiate for End of Life Care.

Congress doesn't have to worry about any of these provisions, as they have platinum-plus medical coverage which will be with them for the rest of their lives; no medicare for them!

Aug 08 10:56


Two coordinators responsible for transportation to ceremony honoring victims of shooting attack on Tel Aviv gay youth center say get threatening phone calls by anonymous persons saying they will bring grenades to event …..

Aug 08 10:54

What If History Happened To Someone Else

What if history happened differently, the facts are the same but the people and places are different. Picture it...let me take you on a trip, a trip back in time. The names and groups I have used are only to show a point, in no way, shape or form do these groups actually have plans or beliefs that mirror image this written piece.

Aug 08 10:41

Breaking the Israeli water siege

International human rights activists together with Israelis and Palestinians escorted a convoy of water tankers, breaking the Israeli water siege of the village Qarawat Bani Zaid and delivering water to residents.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The people involved with this convoy are very, very brave to be doing what they are doing, understand what the IDF is capable of under these kinds of circumstances, and deserve the world's respect and support.

Aug 08 10:38

UN concerned over potential further evictions in East Jerusalem

In the wake of the evictions of dozens of Palestinian refugees in East Jerusalem earlier this week, the United Nations today voiced concern that more families could be forced out of their homes by Israel, causing further humanitarian suffering. Two families, comprising 53 people registered with the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), were forced out by Israeli security forces last weekend from the Arab neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah, with Israeli settlers moving into their homes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The UN has shown itself completely, utterly impotent in stopping Israel from continuing with these evictions.

In defying countless UN resolutions, Israel has shown that it has an absolutely venal contempt for this organization, and what it is supposed to stand for.

Aug 08 10:34

Tons of Imperial Fun: Hellfire Hillary Pours Oil on Somalia's Fire

There is apparently no path blazed by George W. Bush that Barack Obama will not eagerly follow. Surges, assassinations, indefinite detention, defense of torture, senseless wars and rampant militarism -- in just a few short months, we've seen it all.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Aug 08 10:33

New York State August 2009 - 854,200 unemployed

Todays local newspaper headline reads - Obama in weekly address says 'worst may be behind us' on reccesion . . .


Unemployment Insurance benefits are paid from New York's Unemployment Insurance Trust fund, which is funded by employer contributions. This fund has been in deficit since January as a record number of New Yorkers have and continue to file for unemployment benefits. As a result, New York has been forced to borrow from the federal government to replenish the fund; money that eventually will need to be repaid by employer payments.

source - http://www.recovery.ny.gov/news/press051409.htm

Aug 08 10:32

Barracks and Burger King: U.S. Builds a Supersized Base in Afghanistan

Anyone who thinks the Afghanistan troop "surge" is a temporary, one-time deal should watch the construction here of a vast new $17 million barracks building.

It's not temporary. It's three stories of concrete.

Eight years after American forces scattered the Taliban and effectively conquered Afghanistan, the United States is embarked on a frenzied $220 million building campaign at this sprawling and still expanding military air base. Just to meet the base's demand for fresh concrete, it has two of its own cement factories working full time.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Anyone thinking that the US will be out of Afghanistan any time soon has absolutely no connection with reality.

Aug 08 10:28

Backed by their army, settlers bid for expansion in three locations

Israeli settlers launched a series of actions on Friday in a bid to take over more West Bank land from Palestinians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

President Obama, the Netanyahu government continues to spit in your face and tell you it's raining on the settlement issue.

When will you stop signing the checks for Israeli government?

Aug 08 10:23

The Start Of The Second American Revolution?

The establishment is scared to death that Americans may see beyond the scope of their partisan divisions and come together to stand up in unison against the offshore bankers and corporations that run the White House, which is why the constant politicized drumbeat that the protesters are nothing more than astroturf Republicans is constantly echoed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo the Obama administration; please don't begin to characterize me as an "enemy" because I am a peaceful, thinking, caring person with some some acute differences of opinion with you on the direction this administration is taking this country.

The policies, both domestic, international, and financial, with their attendant taxation, are not putting this country on a path toward recovery; they are doing precisely the opposite.

The costs of these wars without end, for which this administration seems to have such an insatiable appetite, will be our undoing as a nation.

The tax money that has been spent, and the money borrowed from countries like China to pursue these wars, has caused this country to be carry a massive deficit from which it may never recover.

Yes, many of us are legitimately angry. We understand that we are experiencing the new version of "taxation without representation." Oh yes, we have that kabuki-esque spectacle of elections every so often, but this has become totally irrelevant to the direction of American policy.

Those people called congressional representatives no longer represent the will of their constituents; they have become "acquisitions" of the large corporations which fund their campaigns, overtly and covertly. So that's who gets represented and whose needs get met; not the needs of We the People.

We have stopped being a representative government, and have become, instead, a cronyocracy or more accurately a corporate-ocracy.

And that consistent, dull, thumping sound, echoing all across the country is being caused by the founding fathers, turning over in their graves at warp speed.

Aug 08 10:15

Israel will attack Iran by end of 2009: ‘JINSA John’ Bolton

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The fastest way to stop a dog from chasing cars is to let him catch one!

Aug 08 10:07

How does the financial system work

Who is on first?

Aug 08 10:01

Entering the Greatest Depression in History

While there is much talk of a recovery on the horizon, commentators are forgetting some crucial aspects of the financial crisis. The crisis is not simply composed of one bubble, the housing real estate bubble, which has already burst. The crisis has many bubbles, all of which dwarf the housing bubble burst of 2008. Indicators show that the next possible burst is the commercial real estate bubble. However, the main event on the horizon is the “bailout bubble” and the general world debt bubble, which will plunge the world into a Great Depression the likes of which have never before been seen.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, the US government has tended, historically, to look to war as a solution for getting it out of economic hard times.

This is one of the many reasons why the drumbeats urging the US citizenry to support a potential war against Iran are beating so obnoxiously loudly, with increased tempo and volume... and absolutely zero logic behind it, as was the case with Iraq.

Aug 08 09:55

Behind The Clinton 'Rescue' In North Korea

One thing is for sure: The US gave NK some significant concession in return for the release of the reporters. My best guess would be that it involved loosening the financial and banking sanctions imposed on NK because these could be undone without the rest of the world knowing.

The reason for all the denials and secrecy is that Obama has made a big issue of the fact that the former US secret policy of rewarding NK for its continual violation of agreements would stop with his administration--though it clearly hasn't. So the administration has to go to extensive lengths to avoid the appearance of being permissive with NK.

Aug 08 09:49

Kurdish Party Threatens to Set Up Rival Provincial Govt

The split and the prospect of dueling governments in Nineveh is likely to be a new faultline in the already tense relationship between the KRG and the national government. KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani has cautioned that the tensions between the two could eventually lead to open military conflict, and control over oil-rich Mosul could provide the perfect justification for such a clash.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This will intensify and hasten the balkanization of Iraq, a process begun with the US attack and occupation.

Aug 08 09:49

Obama denies U.S. creating military bases in Colombia

Fri Aug 7, 2009 5:08pm ED

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama on Friday denied the United States is planning to set up military bases in Colombia as part of an upgraded security agreement with the South American nation.

"There have been those in the region who have been trying to play this up as part of a traditional anti-Yankee rhetoric. This is not accurate," Obama told Hispanic media reporters.

Leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez -- a persistent critic of Washington -- has said the enhanced U.S.-Colombian security plan could be a step toward war in South America. On Sunday, Chavez called on Obama not to increase the U.S. military presence in Colombia.

Obama said this was a myth.

Aug 08 09:49

IDF Officer Promotional Exam

Aug 08 09:48

US Still Paying Blackwater Millions

By Jeremy Scahill
August 7, 2009

Just days before two former Blackwater employees alleged in sworn statements filed in federal court that the company's owner, Erik Prince, "views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe," the Obama administration extended a contract with Blackwater for more than $20 million for "security services" in Iraq, according to federal contract data obtained by The Nation. The State Department contract is scheduled to run through September 3. In May, the State Department announced it was not renewing Blackwater's Iraq contract, and the Iraqi government has refused to issue the company an operating license.

Aug 08 09:47

Veterans Call for New Legal System to Govern Contractors

By VoteVets.org | Press Release
PUBLISHED: August 06, 2009

Veterans also call for immediate hearings to investigate the charges
WASHINGTON, DC - On behalf of its 105,000 veterans and civilian supporters, VoteVets.org today wrote to the Chairs and Ranking Members of key committees in Congress, calling for a new legal structure to be set up that would govern contractors, and for immediate hearings into the charges. The full letter is below.

Aug 08 09:46

Why 2024 Will Be Like Nineteen Eighty-Four

How Amazon’s remote deletion of e-books from the Kindle paves the way for book-banning’s digital future.

Aug 08 09:45

Turning the US Army Against Americans

An antiwar activist has been accused of spying for the US army, raising legal questions the Obama administration must answer. It was an odd little story, tucked well inside the front section of this past Sunday’s New York Times.

An antiwar activist in the state of Washington had been exposed as an undercover informant for the US army, stationed at massive Fort Lewis, south of Tacoma. And in one of those Kafkaesque twists for which our government is renowned, the army is now investigating itself to determine how such an arrangement came to pass.

Aug 08 09:45

Pentagon: No criminal charges filed in electrocution death of Green Beret soldier in Iraq

No criminal charges will be filed against military contractor KBR Inc. in connection with the electrocution of a Green Beret soldier who died while showering in his barracks in Iraq, the Defense Department said Friday.

On Friday, the Defense Department said that while both contractors and government employees "breached their respective duties of care" the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command determined that none of the breaches alone were "the proximate cause of his death." Army criminal investigators also concurred that the manner of death was accidental.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Great: corporate greed and connections rule, while every American soldier on a tour of duty is completely expendable.

Aug 08 09:44

Depleted Uranium Ammunition in Afghan War: New Evidence

A classified German Army manual has thrown doubt over US and UK assurances that no depleted uranium munitions have been used in Afghanistan.

21 July 2009 – ICBUW = International Campaign to Ban Uranium Weapons

A military manual that was handed over to German campaigners has reignited allegations that the US used DU ammunition in Afghanistan. If true, it runs counter to repeated assurances given by the US military that no DU was used. The manual, a war-fighting guide for Bundeswehr contigents in Afghanistan is marked classified and for official NATO use only. It was written by the Bundeswehr’s Centre for Communication and published in late 2005.

Aug 08 09:44

A convergence of investigations: AIPAC and ATC (Wayne Madsen)

reported previously on WMR, federal investigators are poring over wiretap
transcripts and other intelligence that link the Larry
Franklin/Rosen/Weissman AIPAC investigation to the investigation of who in
the White House leaked the name of Valerie Plame Wilson and her Brewster
Jennings & Associates non-official cover company to journalists, including
Robert Novak. According to intelligence insiders, a new nexus of the
investigation is the intelligence relationship discovered between AIPAC
and the American Turkish Council (ATC). As with the AIPAC and Mossad
penetration of the Pentagon, a similar ATC and Turkish intelligence
penetration of the Defense Department was discovered and it reportedly
involved some of the same players involved in the AIPAC probe, including

Aug 08 09:38

Perpetual War for Perpetual War

According to Colonel Reese, chief of the Baghdad Operations Command Advisory Team, the surge’s real objectives still haven’t been met and never will be. In a recent memorandum, Reese asserts that “the ineffectiveness and corruption” of Iraq’s government ministries is “the stuff of legend.” The government is “failing to take rational steps to improve its electrical infrastructure and to improve their oil exploration, production and exports.” There is “no progress towards resolving the Kirkuk situation,” transition the Sons of Iraq into the Iraqi Security Forces “is not happening” and “the Kurdish situation continues to fester.” Violent political intimidation is “rampant.” Iraq’s security forces are a disaster. The officer corps is corrupt. Enlisted men are neglected and mistreated.

Aug 08 09:27

Obama administration asks SCOTUS to block detainee photos

The Obama Administration is asking the Supreme Court to block the public release of detainee abuse photos that were the subject of a high-profile reversal by President Barack Obama earlier this year.

On Friday afternoon, the Justice Department filed a petition with the Supreme Court asking it to overturn an appeals court decision requiring the Pentagon to disclose the photos, which depict alleged abuse of prisoners in U.S. military custody in Iraq and Afghanistan

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This request from the DOJ has absolutely nothing to do with the safety of American civilian and military personnel; it has everything to do with not letting the American people - and the world - see just what American tax dollars were buying in these incidents.

But the real, strategic problem with the institutionalization of torture by the US is that first, it has, for all practical intents and purposes, removed us as a signatory from any and every human rights treaty to which the US has ever been a signatory. That includes the Geneva Accords.

And secondly, now, when any American civilian or military personnel gets captured as a prisoner of war, they can expect no better treatment than what has been meted out at Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo.

Chew on that for a while.

Aug 08 09:18

Hiroshima Didn't Have to Happen

"A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and
raises at first a formidable outcry in defense of custom." - Thomas Paine, "Common Sense," 1776

Fifty-six years ago this month, we became the first and only nation to use nuclear weapons in
warfare. The world was told that the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were justified in
order to bring a swift end to the war without a costly and bloody invasion of Japan's home islands.
This, to put it charitably, was a lie. No less an authority than General Dwight Eisenhower has
stated unequivocally: "It wasn't necessary to hit them with that awful thing."

Aug 08 09:17

Another Hurdle for the Jobless: Credit Inquiries

Out of work since December, Juan Ochoa was delighted when a staffing firm recently responded to his posting on Hotjobs.com with an opening for a data entry clerk. Before he could do much more, though, the firm checked his credit history.

The interest vanished. There were too many collections claims against him, the firm sai

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's a vicious circle, for many people in this country who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own.

Aug 08 09:11

Health care opponent calls for town hall violence via Twitter

Brian Beutler reported at Talking Points Memo on Friday that a health care protester in New Mexico had been encouraging those following him on Twitter to bring their guns to town hall meetings — and use them if provoked.

“If ACORN/SEIU attends these meetings for disruptive purposes, and you have a license to carry….carry,” Scott Oskay wrote in one tweet. In another, he suggested, “Stop being peaceful, and hurt them. Badly.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This smells so much like a set-up, to kookify and vilify all those with legitimate gripes against both the health care legislation and other issues, that it is about to make me vomit.

And a memo to members of congress; there is real anger brewing in the heartland, coming from both Democrats and Republicans, as to just how horrifically this economy, domestic, and foreign policy are being handled.

We the People no longer labor under the delusion that congress works for the people who elected them; we understand, with absolute, painful clarity, the degree to which you have become simply "acquisitions" of the large corporations who fund your campaigns, overtly and covertly.

Aug 08 08:52


Admit it; you knew this was coming, right?

Text reads: "Turning coffee into radio shows since 2007"

Aug 08 08:33


Aug 08 08:33


Despite the show of rhetoric, Palestinians know that Fatah is in trouble having lost its fighting credibility as a force against occupation

Aug 08 08:32


Reporters attempting to cover the plight of the East Jerusalem evicted families are meeting with stiff opposition from the local police…..
“These streets are closed to the public”!
“This is a special area”!

Aug 08 08:23


OY….. Perish the thought! Without enemies…
What would happen to the multi billion dollar defense funds it receives from the US government?
What would happen to zionist hate groups such as the ADL??
What would happen to AIPAC???

Zionism MUST maintain its ’status quo’ systems which keep Israel as it is, a hateful, racist state. They therefore continue to create ‘enemies’ to justify the whining that comes with the situation.

Aug 08 08:05

Geithner asks Congress to raise debt limit

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Just throw a couple extra zeroes on the end of that puppy for me!"

Aug 08 07:54

Congressman wants government GPS in cars Proposes mileage-based gas tax that would monitor travels

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A mileage-based tax can be assessed using the car's odometer. Adding a GPS is intended to allow the government to track your every move in cases where you disable or leave behind your cell phone.

Aug 08 07:53

Peter Schiff - MSNBC about US Economy 08/06/2009

Aug 08 07:52

Sibel Edmonds, the most gagged person in recent memory, reports her blog is under attack, she is filling in the blanks on twitter

Aug 08 07:51

Silence is betrayal

Aug 08 07:50

Meet the Tea Party Mob

Aug 08 07:50

FDIC Closes three more banks.

Aug 08 07:43

The Obama Deception HQ Full length version

Aug 08 07:39

evidence of economic collapse martial law preparations

Aug 08 07:34

A French Revelation, or The Burning Bush

Incredibly, President George W. Bush told French President Jacques Chirac in early 2003 that Iraq must be invaded to thwart Gog and Magog, the Bible’s satanic agents of the Apocalypse.

Honest. This isn’t a joke. The president of the United States, in a top-secret phone call to a major European ally, asked for French troops to join American soldiers in attacking Iraq as a mission from God.

Now out of office, Chirac recounts that the American leader appealed to their “common faith” (Christianity) and told him: “Gog and Magog are at work in the Middle East…. The biblical prophecies are being fulfilled…. This confrontation is willed by God, who wants to use this conflict to erase his people’s enemies before a New Age begins.”

Aug 08 07:33

The Expiring Economy

Amidst this worsening economic crisis, the House of Representatives just passed a $636 billion "defense" bill.

Who is the United States defending against? Americans have no enemies except those that the US government goes out of its way to create by bombing and invading countries that comprise no threat whatsoever to the US and by encircling others--Russia for example-- with threatening military bases.

America's wars are contrived affairs to serve the money laundering machine: from the taxpayers and money borrowed from foreign creditors to the armaments industry to the political contributions that ensure $636 billion "defense" bills.

Aug 08 07:31

The World Needs A Breather From The U.S.

And they will get it sooner than many think!

Aug 08 07:29

Banks take the blame as 33,000 are declared insolvent

More than 33,000 people were declared insolvent during the second quarter of the year, official statistics revealed yesterday, the highest number ever recorded.

The Insolvency Service said 33,073 people in England and Wales became insolvent over the three months to the end of June, a 27 per cent increase on the same period last year. The steep increase – the total was 9 per cent up on the first three months of the year – reflects continued rises in unemployment as the recession continues, as well as the reluctance of banks and other financial institutions to lend to individuals who are struggling with their finances.

Aug 08 07:27

Human organ trafficking investigator shunned

Albanian and Kosovan officials have refused to cooperate with a European official visiting the region this week to probe allegations of human organ trafficking, local media said on Friday. Swiss lawyer Dick Marty, an investigator from the human rights watchdog The Council of Europe, was in the region to investigate claims that guerrillas from the Kosovo Liberation Army sold organs on the black market.

Aug 08 07:24

Why Default On U.S. Treasuries Is Likely

Aug 08 07:15

White House Deal With Drug Industry Sparks Democratic Revolt

Congressional Democrats are challenging the Obama administration's deal with the pharmaceutical industry to limit how much it would cut prices to contribute to a health care overhaul.

Aug 08 07:08

DoJ Pressures Ohio Election Commission to Block Edmonds Testimony

The DoJ is now jumping into action, at least on behalf of covering the FBI's rear, if not yet to issue any "states secrets" claims to stop the scheduled testimony of FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds in D.C. tomorrow morning in the Ohio Election Commission (OEC) case of Schmidt v. Krikorian.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If both FBI and DoJ are trying to block her, there is more on the line than "Turkish Infiltration."

Aug 08 07:08

'Experts' Never Learn

There is an inexplicable, but somehow widely held, belief that stock market movements are predictive of economic conditions. As such, the current rally in U.S. stock prices has caused many people to conclude that the recession is nearing an end. The widespread optimism is not confined to Wall Street, as even Barack Obama has pointed to the bubbly markets to vindicate his economic policies. However, reality is clearly at odds with these optimistic assumptions.

In the first place, stock markets have been taken by surprise throughout history. In the current cycle, neither the market nor its cheerleaders saw this recession coming, so why should anyone believe that these fonts of wisdom have suddenly become clairvoyant?

Aug 08 07:05

Kitty porn: Florida man blames cat for illegal downloads

Griffin told police he had been downloading music, and that his cat jumped on the keyboard when he left the room. He said "strange things" appeared on the computer when he returned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Kitten on the keys!

Aug 08 07:00

Illogical Optimisim

There is no recovery without jobs!

Aug 08 07:00

“Well What If There Is No Tomorrow…

So what goes into the making of a contemporary American revolutionary? What turns an ordinary law abiding, relatively sedate and insular, American Idol watching couch potato into an informed and committed citizen prepared to incur risk and make meaningful prolonged personal sacrifice aimed at reclaiming our country? Two things: truth and suffering.

Aug 08 06:56

White House Warns Critics: Nazi Talk Puts You On “Thin Ice”

The White House struck back hard on Friday against conservative pundits and town hall protesters who have compared the President to Hitler and his policies to Nazism, saying that the critics are “on thin ice” and should “take that temperature down a bit.”

Asked about the breakout of boisterous and occasionally violent protests at Democratic town hall events throughout the country, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs declared that the demonstrators were showing less civility and manners than his six-year-old child.

“Behave yourselves like your mom would probably tell you to do,” Gibbs said when asked what piece of advice he would give to the demonstrators.

Aug 08 06:52


Aug 08 00:43

General Motors freed of obligations for polluted property under bankruptcy

GM’s unusual, government-engineered bankruptcy allowed the Detroit automaker to emerge as a new company — and to shed billions in liabilities, including claims that governments had against GM for polluting.

August 7, 2009

Aug 07 23:47

The Great American Bubble Machine

From tech stocks to high gas prices, Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression - and they're about to do it again

Aug 07 22:35

‘You Are Terrifying Us’

Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the United States House of Representatives, accused the people at the meetings of “carrying swastikas and symbols like that.” (Apparently one protester held a hand-lettered sign with a “no” slash over a swastika.) But they are not Nazis, they’re Americans. Some of them looked like they’d actually spent some time fighting Nazis.

Fighting Nazis - exactly what the protesters are doing!

Aug 07 22:31

Nancy Pelosi's plan: Wine, dine big donors

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi moves in a rarefied world of high society and high-level politics — and nothing underscores that fact quite like her plans for the August recess.

Aug 07 20:36

Driver gets £60 fine after moving a yard through red light to let police van on 999 call pass

A driver was fined for moving a yard through a red light to allow a police van responding to an emergency call to pass.

Phillip Lilley was waiting at a junction in Droylsden, Manchester when he saw the police van behind him with its blue lights on and sirens blaring.

The 36-year-old, watched two cars drive through the red light before edging his black Lexus forward so the van could pass.

But he was left stunned when, a few days later, he got a letter to say he had been caught on camera jumping the light. He was given a £60 fine and three penalty points.

Aug 07 20:26

The secret of how our brains switch on an itch

For years, they only scratched the surface of the problem. But now scientists have finally worked out what makes us itch.

They have identified cells in the spinal cord that spring into action when an insect bite, washing powder or infection irritates our skin.

These cells transmit the message to the brain, which then tells the body it is time to start itching.

The discovery that some cells are programmed specifically to pick up itches could lead to new treatments for dozens of conditions that cause serious itching, including eczema, which affects up to six million Britons.

Aug 07 20:24

Surface of Saturn moon Titan 'closely resembles' Earth with an assortment of mountains, lakes and volcanoes

Saturn's smog-ridden moon Titan bears a striking resemblance to Earth despite its alien environment, a study has revealed.

Scientists have now mapped a third of Titan's surface using radar to pierce the planet-sized moon's thick atmosphere.

The probe has revealed mountain ranges, dunes, numerous lakes and suspected volcanoes.

Just as on Earth, the weather on Titan appears to have erased most evidence of meteorite craters.

Aug 07 20:21

Police told to ignore human rights ruling over DNA database

Chief constables across England and Wales have been told to ignore a landmark ruling by the European court of human rights and carry on adding the DNA profiles of tens of thousands of innocent people to a national DNA database.

Senior police officers have also been "strongly advised" that it is "vitally important" that they resist individual requests based on the Strasbourg ruling to remove DNA profiles from the national database in cases such as wrongful arrest, mistaken identity, or where no crime has been committed.

Aug 07 19:22

Hunger hits Detroit's middle class

The food crunch is intensifying, and spreading to people not used to dealing with hunger. As middle class workers lose their jobs, the same folks that used to donate to soup kitchens and pantries have become their fastest growing set of recipients.

"We've seen about a third more people than before," said Jean Hagopian, a volunteer at the New Life food pantry, part of the New Life Assembly of God church in Roseville, a suburb some 20 miles northeast of Detroit. Hagopian said many of the new people seeking assistance are men, former breadwinners now in desperate need of a food basket.

Aug 07 19:18

There Is a Military Option on Iran

The military can play an important role in solving this complex problem without firing a single shot. Publicly signaling serious preparation for a military strike might obviate the need for one if deployments force Tehran to recognize the costs of its nuclear defiance. Mr. Obama might consider, for example, the deployment of additional carrier battle groups and minesweepers to the waters off Iran, and the conduct of military exercises with allies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is very obvious that the writer of this cheerful broadside, urging a US military confrontation with Iran has never seen battle themselves, or have close family members in the military.

Had he, perhaps he wouldn't be quite so exuberant about a potential military attack against Iran.

Israel would, of course, love to see such an attack happen (with the US kids doing the fighting, dying, and getting maimed, thank you very much). And both Ehud Barak and Netanyahu have given Washington their "marching" orders regarding a military strike against Iran.

There is just one, minor detail - the 5,000 lb gorilla in the living room, sitting on the Steinway, regarding such an attack.

That gorilla is Russia. Russian leadership has warned both Tel Aviv and Washington that an attack on Iran would trigger WW3.

War with Russia, anyone?!?!?
I would like to hope that the adults in the room in both Tel Aviv and Washington will prevail.

Unfortunately, however, there are many in the halls of power in Washington who see yet another, in a series of wars without end, as the only distraction large enough to keep the American people from turning their anger against congress in a very concrete way.

Aug 07 19:15

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Attempts to Block Edmonds Testimony in OH Election Case...

FBI Attempts to Block Edmonds Testimony in OH Election Case; Attorneys Say Effort Insufficient to Stop Her
Whistleblower org says FBI/DoJ attempting 'censorship', trying to 'silence whistleblower' answering 'lawful subpoena'
Letters from FBI, Edmonds attorney posted...

The BRAD BLOG has obtained both the FBI's response to FBI translator-turned-whistleblower Sibel Edmonds' notice of her intention to give a deposition this Saturday in response to a subpoena she received in a case before the Ohio Elections Commission (OEC). We've also been given exclusive access to her attorneys' response in turn which is to be officially released later this afternoon.

Aug 07 18:57

Crippled academia unable to recover in Gaza

hmad Abu Aisha, an undergraduate math student at al-Aqsa University expressed his outrage at the situation, stating that "The Israeli army deliberately attempted to damage our academic life. More than one university was either partially or largely damaged."

In addition to the universities, an American school in northern Gaza was totally destroyed by Israel. Moreover, several schools run by the UN agency for Palestine refugees (UNRWA) across Gaza were damaged by Israeli shelling. As the new academic year approaches, the third under Israel's siege, Gaza's universities and schools remain in desperate need of reconstruction.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Destroy a people's education, and you destroy the future of those people; this is something apparently the Israeli government felt compelled to do to Gaza during this incursion.

Xmas w/o borders
Aug 07 18:53

The Expiring Economy

Amidst this worsening economic crisis, the House of Representatives just passed a $636 billion "defense" bill.

Who is the United States defending against? Americans have no enemies except those that the US government goes out of its way to create by bombing and invading countries that comprise no threat whatsoever to the US and by encircling others--Russia for example-- with threatening military bases.

Aug 07 18:15

Blackwater boss and guards accused of murder and 'killing Iraqis for fun'

Founder of security firm saw himself as a Christian Crusader whose task was to eliminate Muslims, former employees allege.

Aug 07 18:14

Judge throws out Kenyan birth certificate filed by leading birther, Orly Taitz

Taitz can attempt to re-file her motion sans mistakes, but Salon reports that the document Taitz purports to be the President’s birth certificate is a proven fake. Newser reported the document was based on an old Australian birth certificate belonging to a man named David Bomford, whose actual birth certificate was used to create the fraudulent text.

Aug 07 17:29

Losing Patience with Israel

Not since the days of Henry Kissinger’s Mid-East shuttle diplomacy in the 1970s has America’s foreign policy toward Israel been characterized by such an attitude of unsentimental realism.

After eight years of fighting, the stalemate in Afghanistan and the loss of 4,000 American troops in Iraq – not to mention the deaths of perhaps hundreds of thousands of Iraqis – has rendered the search for stability, rather than democracy, paramount, and created a climate in which interests are to be valued far more than friends.

Aug 07 17:17

Ice choking Northwest Passage

Despite predictions from a top U.S. polar institute that the Arctic Ocean's overall ice cover is headed for another "extreme" meltdown by mid-September, the Environment Canada agency monitoring our northern waters says an unusual combination of factors is making navigation more difficult in the Northwest Passage this year after two straight summers of virtually clear sailing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Look, Al Gore said the polar ice is melting, so drop a @#$%ing nuclear bomb on it and melt the damn thing already!!!"

Aug 07 17:14

White House Warns Rush: Nazi Talk Puts You On "Thin Ice"

The White House struck back hard on Friday against conservative pundits and town hall protesters who have compared the President to Hitler and his policies to Nazism, saying that the critics are "on thin ice" and should "take that temperature down a bit."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let's see.

Nazis had an ethnic minority to use as a scapegoat? Jews.
US has an ethnic minority to use as a scapegoat? Muslims!

Nazis had concentration camps.
US has concentration camps!

Nazis used torture.
US uses torture.

Nazis used a staged false-flag attack on two towers at Gleiwitz to kick off a war of conquest in Poland.

US used a staged false-flag attack on two towers at New York to kick off a war of conquest in Afghanistan.

Nazis had security checkpoints.
US has security checkpoints.

Nazis used citizen informants.
US uses citizen informants.

Nazis stared WW2.
US may start WW3!

Hmmmm, I can see where Limbaugh might get the wrong idea here.

Aug 07 16:45

Goofy "cloud ship" idea

Check the comments - people know that water vapor is a more potent greenhouse gas and are saying it!

Aug 07 16:03

25 US Cong-rats pledge oath to Israel

Visiting US Congressmen pledge support for Israel
August 5, 2009
JERUSALEM (AFP) – A delegation of 25 US lawmakers from the opposition Republican party assured Israeli President Shimon Peres on Wednesday of strong congressional backing for the Jewish state.
"To a person, all of... us will tell you that we are here, first and foremost, to reconfirm the message that the US Congress stands staunchly on the side of Israel and its struggle," said Republican Whip Eric Cantor.
A similar delegation of 30 Congressmen from President Barack Obama's Democratic party is to travel to Israel next week.

Aug 07 15:38

Government database snoops escape prosecution

Councils are failing to prosecute staff caught using a sensitive government database to snoop on celebrities and members of the public, disclosures under the Freedom of Information Act have revealed.

Aug 07 15:35

D.C. Circuit Slams IRS, Opens Door to Billions of Dollars Telephone Excise Tax Refunds

Comic-strip writer Bob Thaves famously quipped, “A fool and his money are soon parted. It takes creative tax laws for the rest.” In this case it took the Internal Revenue Service’s (“IRS” or “the Service”) aggressive interpretation of the tax code to part millions of Americans with billions of dollars in excise tax collections. Even this remarkable feat did not end the IRS’s creativity. When it finally conceded defeat on the legal front, the IRS got really inventive and developed a refund scheme under which almost half the funds remained unclaimed. Now the IRS seeks to avoid judicial review by insisting the notice it issued, acknowledging its error and announcing the refund process, is not a binding rule but only a general policy statement.

Aug 07 15:30

BBC now admits al qaeda never existed

Aug 07 13:24

Why Do You Submit to the People Who Rule You?

Nancy Pelosi, a multi-millionaire, is destroying your life and freedom through her control of the governing body that lords it over all of us. Powerful and wealthy people are not buying access to this wrinkled, old hag because they like her or the Democrats. They do so because they get special favors and access to the redistribution booty at the expense of you, the middle-class wage earner or entrepreneur. Politics is coercion, and still, no matter how much people learn about the establishment and its reason for existence, they sanction it. They sanction it each time they concede to the government’s arbitrary decrees and go along with its mandates. And especially, the masses consent to total control and tyranny each time they vote for any one of these swines.

Aug 07 13:19

Jeer, Protest, Rebel, Refuse, Resist. And Kill the Bill.

Watch John Dingell put on his best smirk when he faces questions from a reporter about the rowdy crowd that is overwhelmingly resistant to the government’s totalitarian health care plan. Listen to Dingell tell the reporter, in his arrogant air, “I have worked in Congress for over 50 years….” He says he has done what he thinks is “best” for the American people. Yes you filthy leech – it’s true that you have never worked a real job in 50+ years. And yet you think this is a virtue! You are paid to lie, steal, and centrally plan the lives of free Americans.

Aug 07 13:02

Astroturf site, how to create "false flag" disturbances

You can help fight back against these right-wing disrupters. Follow the steps below to attend events in your area and get trained on how to deal with disruptions, intimidation, and name-calling at the events.
With a little energy, planning, and knowledge, we can fight back against the right-wing and win health care for all!

Aug 07 12:55

Obama orders out his thug orgs to attack

Coming up next: genuine astroturfers
August 7, 2009 7:06 am R.D. Walker
The left isn’t going to take opposition to The One and his Obamacare lying down.
To help push back HCAN, whose members include the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now! AFL-CIO, the SEIU, the NEA and National Council of La Raza, has some instructions of their own. The memo, emailed to HCAN’s 120 field staffers in 44 different states on Aug. 4, encourages activists to contact elected officials before public events to plan ways to preempt the opposition.

Aug 07 12:49

AFL-CIO thugs sent to stop health hoax critics

It’s a tinderbox… and now a spark
August 7, 2009 8:22 am R.D. Walker
John Sweeney of the AFL-CIO has announced he’ll be sending in union members to the meetings to counter health care’s critics. Mark my words, if that happens, there will almost certainly be violence.
Standard operating procedure for autocrats has always been to create a pretext by sending in their operatives to stir up trouble, then sending in the troops to “restore peace,” which they do. Perfect, quiet, no opposition peace. The Obama political machine is starting to look familiar.
August just got hotter.

Aug 07 12:30

Israel: "We will use ALL necessary Force" (Iran & Lebanon)

Israel’s defense minister Ehud Barak claimed on Thursday that Hezb’Allah has stockpiled 40,000 rockets and warned the Zionist entity would get tough in case of a conflict with Lebanon.

“We cannot accept that a neighboring UN member state should have in its government representatives of a militia that has more than 40,000 rockets,” Barak claimed during an interview with Israeli public radio.

“If there is a conflict on our northern border, we will use all necessary force,” he said, threatening Lebanese once again.

“What happened in the second Lebanon war will not happen again … at the time a message from the United States indicated we must spare Lebanon’s infrastructure,” the minister said.

Aug 07 12:28


Aug 07 12:26

Clash at health-care town hall meeting in Mo. highlights Dem/union thuggery

Clearly, with all the angry Americans out there, fed up with an out-of-control federal government and arrogant members of Congress, things are reaching a breaking point. And having experienced arrogant state officials in Missouri myself, what happened in St. Louis County is not surprising. My experience involved my discovery in April 2008 that the new Missouri license plates did not have a hyphen in "Show-Me State," something required by state law. Red Dirt Report talked to David Griffith, with the state's transportation department and when told of the mistake, he basically did not care. Their arrogance was shocking.

Aug 07 12:26

Bernanke Perjury?

Aug 07 12:18

Kepler mission to find Earth-like planets scores early success

Astronomers expect it to find hundreds, of which as many as 50 or more may be orbiting their parent stars in the “Goldilocks zone” — in which conditions are neither too hot nor too cold for life.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What arrogant nonsense!

There is no comfort zone for life. We here on Earth find conditions here comfortable BECAUSE WE EVOLVED HERE! Our blood carries the salts of the oceans. We see in the spectrum of light that penetrates our atmosphere. We hear in the sound frequencies that are carried most clearly in the air. We sleep in tune with the Earth's rotation. Our biochemical clocks run in synch with the seasons. Earth was not made comfortable for us; we grew to be comfortable with Earth.

Extremophiles found right on Earth live in conditions that only a few years ago would be considered outside the realm to support life, such as deep crust microbes which find comfortable pressures and temperatures which would destroy human beings.

Once we abandon our "carbon chauvinism" the possibilities for life outside the “Goldilocks zone” become apparent. On Titan I would not be surprised to find a carbon-based life that used methane instead of water as the fluid medium for chemical reactions. In colder regions of space, life forms might use helium III as their liquid of choice.

Looking the other direction, on hot planets we might find life based on silicon atoms instead of carbon, using liquid sodium or lead where we use water.

The search for extraterrestrial life should not be confined to planets where we ourselves would be comfortable. Can a person learn anthropology by studying only Beverly Hills?

Aug 07 12:03

World Net Daily finally admits latest Kenyan Birth Certificate is a fake.

Aug 07 11:56


Members of Peace Now paid a visit to the new Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem. They are not just ’settlers’, by the slogan you will see posted on the video below you will see that they are members of Kach.

So try to figure this one out….. a Palestinian family that lived peacefully in THEIR home for generations is evicted so members of an outlawed fascist organisation can move in. What is difficult to understand is that this eviction was sanctioned by the Supreme Court of Israel, in order to appease members of what is considered an outlawed terrorist organisation. Now I’m really confused.

Aug 07 11:55


Despite governent attempts to discredit and silence the group known as ‘Breaking the Silence’, public support for them continues to grow.

Aug 07 11:55


Now we see Israel denying any involvement in the death. Is this assasination going to join the list of so many others? Will we ever really know who killed President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. and Yasser Arafat? So far, all we are hearing are denials from all the assumed gulty parties. Below is the latest denial from Israel.

Aug 07 11:54


Is this the type of ‘Change’ we have been hearing about from the new administration? Change from a democratic system to one that surpresses all human rights??

Aug 07 11:44

Obama Continues To Pay BLACKWATER Millions To Be In Iraq

The Nation’s Jeremy Scahill and Keith Olbermann discuss the explosive news Scahill broke on Tuesday: Blackwater’s founder, Erik Prince, has been accused, in sworn depositions from two former employees, of murder. Scahill notes that Blackwater being involved in scandal is “no great surprise,” but the explosive details in the report confirm Prince’s view of the war in Iraq as a religious crusade. More importantly, Scahill says, the Justice Department is in possession of this information, and according to the attorneys in the civil case from which these depositions came, Prince could be eligible for murder charges.

Aug 07 11:43

Israeli military blocks road and access to health, water services for approximately 700 Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills

The earth mounds represent a serious problem to health needs of the local Palestinian population, because now the access to health services from the
city of Yatta is not accessible by ambulance or car. Now, in the dry season, it is impossible for vehicles to deliver food and water to villages in the area, and for villagers to take products to the market to sell.