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June 4, 2009

Jun 04 11:19

Auschwitz survivor: "I can identify with Palestinian youth"

I can write up an endless list of similarities between Nazi Germany and Israel. The capturing of land and property, denying people access to educational opportunities and restricting access to earn a living to destroy their hope, all with the aim to chase people away from their land. And what I personally find more appalling then dirtying one's hands by killing people, is creating circumstances where people start to kill each other. Then the distinction between victims and perpetrators becomes faint. By sowing discord in a situation where there is no unity, by enlarging the gap between people — like Israel is doing in Gaza.

Jun 04 11:18

Germany Blasts 'Powers of the Fed'

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in a rare public rebuke of central banks, suggested the European Central Bank and its counterparts in the U.S. and Britain have gone too far in fighting the financial crisis and may be laying the groundwork for another financial blowup.

"I view with great skepticism the powers of the Fed, for example, and also how, within Europe, the Bank of England has carved out its own small line," Ms. Merkel said in a speech in Berlin. "We must return together to an independent central-bank policy and to a policy of reason, otherwise we will be in exactly the same situation in 10 years' time."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

She is correct. The fault with the Federal Reserve system is that the moment it goes into operation more money is owed to the banks than is actually in existence.

Jun 04 11:13

ISPs ignore RIAA call

At the end of last year the RIAA admitted it's practice of threatening to drag old ladies and children into court unless they paid it shedloads of money on somewhat dubious evidence wasn't working out. Instead it said it would be working with ISPs that would shut the 'pirates' down.

However, CNET reports that the recording industry is still waiting to hear from the RIAA which ISPs have agreed to work with the association. While the RIAA claims that a number of different ISPs have forwarded nearly half a million notices to alleged P2P copyright infringers during the last six months, it is refusing to say which ISPs, exactly, those would be.

In fact, so far we have not heard of anyone who has actually received such a P2P filesharing notice from any ISP, let alone paid any heed to one.

Jun 04 11:11

The AIPAC espionage case: We can’t even take the law into our own hands

Why charges against Rosen and Weissman were dismissed, considering that one of their co-defendants, ex-Pentagon employee Larry Franklin, got 12 years after pleading guilty in the same affair, remains something of a mystery. Perhaps President Obama felt uncomfortable sending VP Biden to AIPAC‘s annual meeting in May while two ex-AIPAC employees were under indictment for spying. Or perhaps California Congresswoman Jane “this conversation doesn’t exist” Harman, caught on tape promising an Israeli agent to do her best to get the charges against Rosen and Weissman dismissed, got her message to the right person.

Jun 04 11:04


Who doesn’t want to blame all the problems Israel/Palestine is currently facing on newly appointed Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu? He refuses to endorse the internationally recognized two-state solution, he is far more combative on settlements than his predecessors, and he has formed a coalition with right wing racist and advocate of forced transfer, Avigdor Lieberman. Listening to the chatter in “liberal” circles, it seems that the stagnation of the peace process is reinforced, not only by Palestinian extremists in Gaza, but by Israeli extremists as well.

Jun 04 11:04


Webmaster's Commentary: 

So do Americans.

Jun 04 11:03

Obama's Speech In Cairo

While Abu Ghraib was mentioned Obama made no apology for what was done there. Neither did he promise to go after the perpetrators.

Obama rejected the 'killing of innocent civilians' and spoke of 'respect for sovereignty'. But how does that reconcile with him ordering predator drones to kill so many people in Pakistan?

Jun 04 11:03

Abu Zubaydah, alleged 'Al Qaeda' mastermind, is a CIA veteran

WMR has learned from an informed source knowledgeable about the detention and torture of U.S. detainees in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, that imprisoned “Al Qaeda” leader Abu Zubaydah, born in Saudi Arabia and raised until he was a teen on the West Bank where he was also active in demonstrations against the illegal Israeli occupation, was a paid agent of the CIA while in Afghanistan from 1991 to 1992 fighting with the mujaheddin against the Afghan communist government and its Soviet military allies.

Jun 04 10:49

Kung Fu star Carradine found dead

Thai police told the BBC the 72-year-old was found by a hotel maid sitting in a wardrobe with a cord around his neck and other parts of his body.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bangkok? Sitting in a wardrobe? Cord around "other parts?" Did David celebrate shooting his latest film with a little bit of erotic asphyxia that got out of control?

(I'll bet the completion bond people are going totally ape-shit right about now.)

Jun 04 10:46

Hartford CEO to Step Down Amid Heavy Losses

Hartford (HIG) CEO Ramani Ayer will be stepping down from his position as the company’s Chief Executive. Ayer spent 10 years at the top of the struggling insurer and will be retiring at the end of the year amid record company losses and shareholder pressure.

Jun 04 10:42

Peres Calls for Bilateral Talks, Peace

President Shimon Peres has written an op-ed in the Times of London, saying “it seems the time is ripe to end the Israeli-Arab conflict once and for all.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hey, terrific move, Shimon!

Now, just how soon will Israel get down to officially defining its borders?

Jun 04 10:38

Auto Supplier tells GM Where to go.


In response to your request to contact legislators and ask for a bailout for the Big Three automakers please consider the following, and please pass my thoughts on to Troy Clarke, President of General Motors North America.
Politicians and Management of the Big 3 are both infected with the same entitlement mentality that has spread like cancerous germs in UAW halls for the last countless decades, and whose plague is now sweeping this nation, awaiting our new "messiah," Pres. Obama, to wave his magic wand and make all our problems go away, while at the same time allowing our once great nation to keep "living the dream." Believe me folks, The dream is over!

Jun 04 10:34

Gareth Porter strongest evidence yet that Israeli intelligence created the laptop forgery to frame Iran

Gareth Porter, independent historian and journalist for Inter Press Service, discusses the new developments in the “smoking laptop” story and the strongest evidence yet that Israeli intelligence, using the MEK as a front, created the laptop forgery to frame Iran for pursuing nuclear weapons.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Jun 04 10:31

Dream Big! Become an Israeli Spy!

Israeli spies are not merely restricted to reading classified information about our government, however. On the contrary, they are able to take an active part in the "governing" process that is denied to mere citizens of the United States. If you are an individual American citizen seeking to influence, say, the appointment of an important official in the current administration, your chances of doing so are infinitesimally slim. But if you join the Israeli spy network or its enabling front organization, the sky is the limit! Don’t like a certain appointee? Just voice your concerns (and smear the candidate as an "anti-Semite"), and your wish shall be the U.S. government’s command.

Jun 04 10:30

David Carradine found dead in Bangkok

His personal manager, Chuck Binder, told BBC that the news was "shocking", adding: "He was full of life, always wanting to work... a great person."


Jun 04 10:27

Will the Senate Ask McChrystal About Torture Under His Command?

While the media focuses on McChrystal?s involvement with the Tillman case (in which he was cleared of wrongdoing), there are other questions that need to be answered.

All too conveniently, the recent decision by President Obama to block the publication of the torture photos may also be a way to smooth his appointment

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Were I a betting person, I would almost be willing to bet that his confirmation will be pro-forma.

And why?? Congress wants the entire issue of torture gone from the minds of American voters by the next election cycle.

Jun 04 10:25

Israel is world's fourth most dangerous country, study says

A study of the world's most peaceful countries released Wednesday ranks Israel as fourth to last among the 144 countries ranked.

According to the Global Peace Index, an annual ranking of the world's nations on the basis of how peaceful they are, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq are the only countries more dangerous than Israel.

Jun 04 10:24

FBI Warned Twice by Abortion Clinic before Doctor Killed: Given Lic. #, Video, Name

Abortion Clinic Manager Reveals He Warned FBI of Suspect in Murder of Dr. George Tiller, Says Killing Could Have Been Avoided

Jun 04 10:23

Settlers Rampage in WB, Savage Palestinians

Hardline settlers believe the Jewish people have a God-given, biblical-era right to live on the land, though most of the more than 280,000 Israelis who live in the settlements dotting the West Bank are there for economic reasons.

More than 164 Jewish-only settlements have been built in the occupied West Bank since 1967, eating up more than 40 percent of the occupied Palestinian territory.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So this same "God" tells illegal Israeli setters to burn Palestinian fields, cut down Palestinian olive trees, and shoot Palestinian civilians?

Folks, this is a "God" with a severe mental illness - or at least, the people listening to this "God" have a severe mental illness.

And don't forget: every single one of your tax dollars which goes to support Israel goes to support just this kind of behavior, because the Israeli government will generally do absolutely nothing to stop it.

Jun 04 10:16

Obama offers nothing to states, cities devastated by GM plant closures

The Obama administration is using the concessions and layoffs, agreed to by the United Auto Workers, to attack the wages and benefits of the entire working class. Corporations will take the concessions imposed on auto workers as a signal for similar measures against their own workers.

In the face of this mounting social crisis, President Barack Obama has offered little more than rhetorical palliatives, telling workers that their "sacrifices" will ensure the future for coming generations. But for the auto workers' children, the future foretells poverty amidst a crumbling social safety net.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Real working people don't matter to this administration at all; they're just walking wallets to the halls of power in Washington.

The question is, with all of these folks who can't find work and are desperately trying take care of their families the best they can, how will the anger and fury they are experiencing wind up manifesting?

After a certain point, not all the government civil and military suppression, pain rays or puke weapons, are going to able to stem the rising tide of this anger.

The American people have had quite enough, thank you very much. They have given until it hurts, only to see executives fly off with their golden parachutes, leaving the people who made the products which made them rich with.....absolutely nothing to show for it.

Jun 04 10:04

US objects to UN report on military killings

The Obama administration charged Wednesday that a U.N. investigator violated his mandate by accusing the U.S. of failing to properly investigate allegations of unlawful killings by American forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just as did his predecessor, Obama and his team want the massacres in Iraq and Afghanistan to just fade from (at least American) public view.

Philip Alston was very brave in refusing to let that happen.

Jun 04 10:00

Rather: Former detainee says torture still going on at Gitmo

Lakhdar Boumediene has charged that he was interrogated for sixteen straight nights in 2003 and that he was force-fed through a nasal tube for over two years after he went on a hunger strike. He also described to Rather's interviewer how he was made to run with shackles on his legs until they were bloody in order to soften him up.

However, Boumediene's most controversial claim is that torture is still going on despite the change in administrations. "Nothing change in Guantanamo," he told the interviewer. "They torture me in the Obama time more than Bush.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If this is true, this country you and I believed in, the United States of America, exists is no more.

There can be no reason for torture which isn't a moral leap off a cliff, and into an ugly abyss from which we as a country will never be able to escape, unless there are trials, and persecutions of all from the top down who signed off on torture and made it happen.

The use of torture is a bloody gash straight into the heart of the American system of values, and is immoral, and illegal under both American and International law.

That I don't see more Americans absolutely infuriated to at least the point where they are contacting their congressional representatives to express their anger over this scares the stuffing out of me.

Jun 04 10:00

Israelis Say Bush Agreed to West Bank Growth

Senior Israeli officials accused President Obama on Wednesday of failing to acknowledge what they called clear understandings with the Bush administration that allowed Israel to build West Bank settlement housing within certain guidelines while still publicly claiming to honor a settlement “freeze.”

Jun 04 10:00

Obama in Cairo...Same rhetoric, same lies...

As usual, Obama's speech this morning in Cairo had part consoling words and part lies. Mixing the two is an age old ploy to confuse the issues and perpetuate myths that do nothing to end the wars and occupations.

Jun 04 09:59

Halliburton & Nigeria’s missing millions

US Vice-President Dick Cheney is embroiled in Africa’s biggest corruption scandal following an admission of guilty by his business associate Albert Jackson Stanley in September for coordinating over $180m of bribes on behalf of a consortium led by Halliburton, the US’s biggest and most profitable oil and gas services company.

Jun 04 09:57

Biden Clan Fund Tied to Stanford

Family of Vice President Joe Biden ran a hedge fund tied to accused scam artist Allen Stanford.

Jun 04 09:56

Key U.S. Jews wary of Netanyahu's unbending policy on settlements

It is a disentanglement now seen most clearly in Congress, which in the past served as Israel's stronghold against administration pressure on the issue. But when Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu came to Capitol Hill for a May 18 meeting after being pressed by President Obama to freeze the expansion of West Bank settlements, he was "stunned," Netanyahu aides said, to hear what seemed like a well-coordinated attack against his stand on settlements. The criticism came from congressional leaders, key lawmakers dealing with foreign relations and even from a group of Jewish members.

Jun 04 09:56

9/11 Metastasizing: the Left's Co-Dependency

If I have not already committed punishable perfidy here, I now offer no theories, conspiratorial or otherwise, but simply the following citation of officiously endorsed empiricism. As Kos repeats the hackneyed gem in his online Rules: “Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof.” Well, here it is:

Firm evidence of nano-thermite residue in four distinct WTC dust samples. From a paper published in the peer-reviewed Open Chemical Physics Journal by dissident physicist Stephen Jones (our own Andrei Sakharov) and eight colleagues (summary here: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=13049 . Jones states it was the most rigorous peer-review he had ever undergone, in a long and distinguished career. So far, none of the dependable debunkers have disputed this research—that would perhaps draw too much undesired attention to it. So what does it mean?

First, it provides an explanation for two anomalies in the Twin Towers’ destruction: the great plumes of pulverized mass at the beginning of the collapse; and the pools of molten metal found in the debris weeks later (kerosene jet fuel fires may weaken steel, but cannot melt it).

Jun 04 09:55

Victims allege years of sexual misconduct by federal judge

At 6-foot-4 and more than 250 pounds, he was impossible to escape in the close quarters of an office. And his alcohol-laden lunches could foreshadow vulgar, racist language and sexual assault.

That was the description of U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent at a hearing Wednesday before a House Judiciary Committee task force considering his possible impeachment. The stunned hearing room was silent as two victims of Kent's sexual misconduct detailed their personal ordeals that lasted years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The original Judge Dread!

Jun 04 09:54

Israel plans to build hotel on the site of East Jerusalem kindergarten and market

The Israeli government claims that the new hotel will improve the economy in the Wadi Joz neighborhood - the same neighborhood where dozens of demolition orders have been issued to Palestinians for the demolition of their homes by Israeli forces. The home demolitions willrender these people homeless, and hardly in a position to benefit from a massive hotel built for tourists.

Since the area is east of the Green Line and therefore internationally seen as occupied territory, the hotel would be a settlement and illegal according to international law.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

United Nations Resolution 127: " . . . 'recommends' Israel suspends it's 'no-man's zone' in Jerusalem".

United Nations Resolution 250: " . . . 'calls' on Israel to refrain from holding military parade in Jerusalem".

United Nations Resolution 251: " . . . 'deeply deplores' Israeli military parade in Jerusalem in defiance of Resolution 250".

United Nations Resolution 252: " . . . 'declares invalid' Israel's acts to unify Jerusalem as Jewish capital".

United Nations Resolution 267: " . . . 'censures' Israel for administrative acts to change the status of Jerusalem".

United Nations Resolution 271: " . . . 'condemns' Israel's failure to obey UN resolutions on Jerusalem".

United Nations Resolution 298: " . . . 'deplores' Israel's changing of the status of Jerusalem".

United Nations Resolution 476: " . . . 'reiterates' that Israel's claim to Jerusalem are 'null and void'".

United Nations Resolution 478: " . . . 'censures (Israel) in the strongest terms' for its claim to Jerusalem in its 'Basic Law'".

United Nations Resolution 517: " . . . 'censures' Israel for failing to obey UN resolutions and demands that Israel withdraw its forces from Lebanon".

Jun 04 09:51

Hawks Push "Jordanian Option" for Palestine

Part of the reason for this sudden willingness to reevaluate the Middle East peace process may lie in the Obama administration's strong push to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As a result of this push, those who could previously offer token support for the two-state solution while remaining confident that it was a remote possibility are now faced with the threat that it may actually become a reality.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's not the US calling the shots on this approach: it's Israel, plain and simple.
It is possible that Israel's hope of reclaiming Gaza and the West Bank as part of Eretz Israel (by any means necessary) just may not happen.

Jun 04 09:49

Democrats agree to IMF money in U.S. war bill

Democrats in the U.S. Congress have reached a deal to boost support to the International Monetary Fund, lawmakers' aides said on Tuesday, a victory for President Barack Obama who pledged to help the lender assist countries in the global economic crisis.

The war funding measure will provide a $100 billion credit line to the IMF, increase the U.S. member contribution to the IMF by $8 billion and authorize the United States to back the IMF's plan to sell 400 tons (12.97 million ounces) of gold, said the aides, who declined further identification.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


We are the ones who have lost 44% of our incomes over the last year. We are the ones whose jobs were taken away by bone-headed tax policy. We are the ones whose children are being killed and crippled in wars started with lies. Where is our support? Where is our bailout? Are we really just walking wallets, "cash objects" to you and your cronies?

Do you really think taking the last of our money and tossing it out to the rest of the world is going to improve America' image? Do you really think you can bribe the rest of the world to go back to thinking or the UD as a moral nation?

They will take the money, of course. And they will still hate us for being a nation that tortures children while forcing the mothers to watch, and they will have even less respect for us because they know you are trying to buy their friendship rather than to earn it.

Jun 04 09:45

Click It or Ticket Insanity; 10% of Texans Have Arrest Warrants

Now Dallas plans to step up the pressure on even more on folks who can’t or don’t pay traffic fines, denying vehicle registration to drivers with outstanding traffic tickets. Again, we’re talking about more than 10% of the adult population!

It seems almost unfathomable to me that a majority of county revenue would come from fines and fees. That’s an untenable economic arrangement, but I suppose when more than 10% of adults owe fines, there’s a deep well to draw from, though it’s still crappy public policy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable.

Jun 04 09:44

New Zealand may go bust over Global Warming

New Zealand’s economy is almost completely dependent on its farm exports: lamb, dairy products, beef and high-end white wines. Half of New Zealand’s carbon emissions come from cattle and sheep. If New Zealand taxes its cows and sheep hundreds of dollars per animal for methane emissions and manure handling fees, Argentina would almost immediately displace New Zealand’s farm exports. Argentina has more grass, more cattle, the potential for more lambs, a surging wine industry—and no Kyoto obligations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But the carbon credit brokers would get RICH, and THAT'S what counts!!!!!

Okay; some basic science here. Livestock does not CREATE carbon. The hydrogen and carbon atoms in the methane gas produced by the animals and microbes in decaying manure is hydrogen and carbon that was already there in a different compound. Methane released into the atmosphere will recombine with oxygen to produce water and carbon dioxide, both of which are absorbed by the plants (which also use manure as fertilizer) on which the animals will feed. In other words, it is a closed system.

And consider this. Let us say that New Zealanders are taxed $100 per animal because the animals emit methane. What does that money buy? Does some official run around with a net scooping the methane back out of the atmosphere to recycle as political speeches? No. The fact is that there really is nothing that can be done to stop animals from putting methane into the atmosphere (except of course, to eat the animals). Farmers and consumers are being charged money to pay for a solution that does not really exist.

It is a scam!

Jun 04 09:40

Torture Is Not a Partisan Issue . . . George Washington - Who Was Neither a Democrat or Republican - Forbid All Torture

“Should any American soldier be so base and infamous as to injure any [prisoner]. . . I do most earnestly enjoin you to bring him to such severe and exemplary punishment as the enormity of the crime may require. Should it extend to death itself, it will not be disproportional to its guilt at such a time and in such a cause… for by such conduct they bring shame, disgrace and ruin to themselves and their country.” - George Washington, charge to the Northern Expeditionary Force, Sept. 14, 1775…

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This statement was right then, and it is right now.

Torture is completely antithetical to every single core American value as represented by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Moreover, when we torture, it gives other nations' military forces carte blanche to torture American soldiers and nationals.

Chew on that one for a while.

Jun 04 09:35

Genetically Modified Wheat is a Threat to Farmers

We are seeing massive problems with the genetic contamination from neighboring farms with GM corn, soybeans and canola. Most of the soybean supply in the U.S. is already contaminated with genetically modified seeds. Many organic and conventional corn farmers are losing markets because their crops are testing positive for GM traits. Many experts have said that it is next to impossible to find non-GM canola in Canada because of this genetic trespass. Wheat pollen is even more pervasive than that of canola.

Jun 04 09:34

Big Brother HAS gone too far ... and that's an ex-spy chief talking

The former head of MI6 has hit out at 'striking and disturbing' invasions of privacy by the Big Brother state.

Sir Richard Dearlove, who led the Secret Intelligence Service from 1999 to 2004, claimed some were an 'abuse' of the law.

He attacked the 'loss of liberties' caused by expanding surveillance powers and described some police operations as 'mind-boggling.'

The former spy chief joins a growing number of high-profile critics warning that individual freedom and privacy are being seriously eroded by the Government's disproportionate efforts to guard against terrorism.

Jun 04 09:31

U.S. Inflation to Approach Zimbabwe Level, Faber Says (Update2)

The U.S. economy will enter “hyperinflation” approaching the levels in Zimbabwe because the Federal Reserve...

Jun 04 09:31

Urban gardens ease bills, brighten cityscape

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Learn to grow your own food, because the government needs all your money for bombs, debts, and Israel!

Jun 04 09:28

NYC Turns Luxury Units Into Shelters For Homeless

The Department of Homeless Services provides temporary emergency shelter to homeless individuals in a safe environment.

Jun 04 09:26

Oh, that it were true! (THIS IS SATIRE, NOT REAL)

Jun 04 09:24

IRS Files Notice of $800k Tax Lien Against John Kerry's 2004 Campaign

The IRS has filed notice of a $819,848 federal tax lien against Sen. John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign for failure to file payroll tax forms, but Kerry on Wednesday blamed an IRS clerical error. Tax Analysts reports that Sen. Kerry released documentation from the Paychex payroll service claiming that the tax forms were properly filed in January 2005 and then twice in 2008 after the IRS assessed the penalties for failure to file the forms.

Jun 04 09:23

Conservative radio host, popular onetime Hannity guest, charged with inciting violence

Hal Turner was taken into custody Wednesda

Jun 04 09:22

US to Keep Troops in Sadr City Past Deadline

Today officials are confirming that the US and Iraqi militaries have reached a “tentative” agreement to keep American combat troops in the Baghdad slum of Sadr City past the deadline. Officials are also saying that this base is one of 14 that they are hoping to keep open past the deadline.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: we're going to be in Iraq permanently, in some areas.

Jun 04 09:14

Obama: I'll personally pursue two-state solution

"Israelis must acknowledge that just as Israel's right to exist cannot be denied, neither can Palestine's," Obama said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Fine: now let's see how Obama is going to back this up.

Jun 04 09:14

Ron Paul on Hypocritical Posturing Toward China

This resolution "calls on the People's Republic of China to invite full and independent investigations into the Tiananmen Square crackdown, assisted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the International Committee of the Red Cross..."

Where do we get the authority for such a demand?

I wonder how the US government would respond if China demanded that the United Nations conduct a full and independent investigation into the treatment of detainees at the US-operated Guantanamo facility?

Jun 04 09:12

Obama in Germany, Soldiers in Resistance

André Shepherd, 32, a U.S. soldier seeking asylum in Germany, knows what he hopes Obama will tell the wounded soldiers. "If Obama is serious about being the peace president," Shepherd says, "he will tell the soldiers that he will end the 'overseas contingency operations,' including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and do so immediately." More U.S. and coalition soldiers have died in Afghanistan during the first five months of 2009 than during the first five months of any year since the war there began in 2001, and so far no troops have been withdrawn from Iraq despite Obama's statement on January 19th, 2009: "I will immediately begin to remove our troops from Iraq."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

1. There never were any weapons of mass destruction.

2. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are both on record confirming that there was no evidence linking 9-11 to Iraq.

3. The claim that Iraq aided Al Qaeda rests on a single confession extracted under torture.

There is no reason for the US to remain in Iraq one more day.


Mr. Obama, bring home our children.

Jun 04 09:10

Medical bills underlie 60 percent of U.S. bankruptcies: study

Medical bills are behind more than 60 percent of U.S. personal bankruptcies, U.S. researchers reported Thursday in a report they said demonstrates that healthcare reform is on the wrong track.

More than 75 percent of these bankrupt families had health insurance but still were overwhelmed by their medical debts, the team at Harvard Law School, Harvard Medical School and Ohio University reported in the American Journal of Medicine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good nutrition, exercise, and attitude are the three main elements for protecting your (and your family's) health.

A lot of what you are sold in "foods" at the stores are actually detrimental to your health, such as aspartame, MSG, and high fructose corn syrup. Avoiding these can make a real difference in the quality of your life (particularly the high fructose corn syrup, if you have any blood sugar issues).

There are certain foods out there which are power-houses of anti-oxidants, and actually taste wonderful. Take the time, read the literature, and make some positive changes; small changes are better than no changes at all.

Understand what nutrition supplementation can do - and what its limitations are.

Being armed with knowledge about nutrition - coupled with a consistent exercise program - can contribute a lot toward having a healthier,longer life.

Jun 04 08:56

Benefit spending soars to new high

The recession is driving the safety net of government benefits to a historic high, as one of every six dollars of Americans' income is now coming in the form of a federal or state check or voucher.

Benefits, such as Social Security, food stamps, unemployment insurance and health care, accounted for 16.2% of personal income in the first quarter of 2009, the Bureau of Economic Analysis reports. That's the highest percentage since the government began compiling records in 1929.

Jun 04 08:49

Life, health insurers invest big in tobacco

Major US, Canadian and British life and health insurance companies have billions of dollars invested in tobacco companies, a study published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine said.

Wesley Boyd, the study's lead author, found that at least 4.4 billion dollars in insurance company funds are invested in companies whose affiliates produce cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Business as usual, folks.

But of course, with health insurance companies, it's rarely about the actual health of their insureds, and always about the bottom line.




Jun 04 08:13

Peter Schiff Vlog Report 6/3/09

Jun 04 08:12

Faulted firm gets Afghan aid work

Last month, the U.S. Agency for International Development awarded a $150 million cooperative agreement to a partnership led by DAI, a Maryland company whose past Afghanistan contracts have been criticized by USAID's inspector general. The program is to promote alternatives to poppy crops

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Whatever governmental and lobbying influences colluded to make this contract happen, after these guys have already failed miserably in a previous contract in Afghanistan, one has to wonder if there is any real interest in stopping the farming of opium poppies in Afghanistan, because it is such a financially lucrative cash crop from which so many profit.

And "supervision" or "accountability" on this?!? Don't bet on it.

Jun 04 08:00

Bankruptcy filings rise to 6,000 a day as job losses take toll

Consumer and commercial bankruptcy filings are on pace to reach a stunning 1.5 million this year, according to a report from Automated Access to Court Electronic Records.

Filings are surging back in part because of rising job losses. The unemployment rate could hit 10% this year. And tighter credit, dwindling 401(k) accounts, smaller paychecks and less savings have left unemployed workers and those who are working but struggling with fewer financial resources to keep creditors at bay.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This, coupled with the complete evisceration of social services in many states, could lead to some real ugliness this summer.

Jun 04 07:55

Did Bomb Bring Down French Airbus?

The corporate media reports that the Air France airbus that went down in the Atlantic was a victim of “updrafts and lightning” from tropical thunderstorms. “The Airbus A330-200 lost contact with controllers after hitting turbulence as it flew to Paris from Rio de Janeiro. The plane reported an electrical breakdown, then sent 10 automated distress signals and vanished,” reports Bloomberg.

Airbus said “it would be inappropriate for Airbus to enter into any form of speculation into the causes of the accident.”

Speculation, of course, if rife. However, the media is not reporting an incident that may have played into the airplane’s disappearance over the Atlantic.

Jun 04 07:40

OK Mr. Gates. What Now?

One of the first things you learn in diplomacy 101 is not to make threats you can’t back up.

But that is just what US Defense Secretary Robert Gates did last week by thundering the US "would not accept," and "would not stand idly by" while North Korea continued to develop nuclear weapons.

North Korea’s nuclear weapons threaten the entire globe, warned Gates, whose own Pentagon has some 10,000 nuclear warheads deployed at home and abroad, 28,500 troops permanently based in South Korea, and large contingents in Japan, Okinawa and Guam.

Not to be out-threatened, North Korea warned back that if attacked, it would turn South Korea’s capitol, Seoul, into "a sea of fire" and bombard Japan

Jun 04 07:36

Draft Emergency Plan for California

The budget crisis in California and most other states plus the bankruptcy and collapse of the US auto industry are signals that the United States and the world are sinking into an economic depression of awesome destructive power. Who should pay for this depression? Clearly the Wall Street, Chicago, and San Francisco bankers and speculators who caused the crisis must pay. There are limitations on what any state can do, but we here in California can and must take a stand for a real economic recovery. We must grab the attention of the corrupt Sacramento and Washington politicians and start to lead this country out of the crisis.

Jun 04 07:27

Obama's Elite Agenda: Black Abortion for Profit

Doctors and staff who do the dirty work are expendable and replaceable. Abortion clinics now are operated as large franchises with profits going to their boards and shareholders. Only so much profit can be had from the abortion market alone, which with Obama's signing of FOCA will reach saturation shortly. Tax payer funded abortion will increase the numbers to the maximum, but the corporate owners and investors of this industry want more profit.

Human baby corpses --stem cells and tissue-- are worth money. What's left of the ban on wholesale harvesting of aborted human cell tissue has cost investors billions of dollars a year.

Jun 04 06:51

Report Ties Dubious Iran Nuclear Docs to Israel

A report on Iran’s nuclear program issued by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last month generated news stories publicizing an incendiary charge that U.S. intelligence is underestimating Iran’s progress in designing a "nuclear warhead" before the halt in nuclear weapons-related research in 2003.

That false and misleading charge from an intelligence official of a foreign country, who was not identified but was clearly Israeli, reinforces two of Israel’s key propaganda themes on Iran – that the 2007 U.S. National Intelligence Estimate on Iran is wrong, and that Tehran is poised to build nuclear weapons as soon as possible.

But it also provides new evidence that Israeli intelligence was the source of the collection of intelligence documents which have been used to accuse Iran of hiding nuclear weapons research.

June 3, 2009

Jun 03 23:11

Making anti-abortion protesters appear to be terrorists

Tiller Murder Reveals Violent Anti-Abortion Subculture
Originally published on June 2, 2009
"The current political environment is awash with seemingly absurd but nonetheless influential conspiracy theories, hyperbolic claims, and demonized targets," explains Chip Berlet, senior analyst at PRA, "and this creates a milieu where violence is a likely outcome."
PRA's resource page about the anti-abortion movement and militias:
[What does it take to criminalize protest?

Jun 03 22:11

The Solution: It's Easy!

How to bring the pressure to bear? Who will take action?

Jun 03 21:52

At what point do we jail or execute global warming deniers

So when the right wing fucktards have caused it to be too late to fix the problem, and we start seeing the devastating consequences and we start seeing end of the World type events - how will we punish those responsible. It will be too late. So shouldn't we start punishing them now?

Yeah, shoot the heretics! ACHOO!

Jun 03 21:25


Joyce Brand is helping to produce an exciting film series that shows exactly how freedom can be built peacefully even in the midst of chaos.

(password: GotLiberty)

Jun 03 21:24

Man begs doctors to undo penis enlargement surgery

“If there was a surgery to enlarge brains, we would offer him a free trial,” the doctor said.

Jun 03 21:20

AF 447, Pan Am 103, Explosions in flight

Air France received bomb threat before jet crashed
June 04, 2009

Report from MEBO, as sent to the Scottish Crown April 2000.
Forensic pictures from the report: http://www.mebocom-defilee.ch/news/pictures.html
New forensic pictures of the explosion site in the cargo room of Pan Am 103 are in the possesion of MEBO Ag. They show clearly that the explosion happened directly on the fuselage skin, at the intersection of Frame no. 700 and stringer no. 39L, at station 700 and NOT in container AVE 4041 PA, position 14L!

Jun 03 21:18

Newsflash: Sunspot Appears!

Right now, the solar cycle is in a valley–the deepest of the past century. In 2008 and 2009, the sun set Space Age records for low sunspot counts, weak solar wind, and low solar irradiance. The sun has gone more than two years without a significant solar flare.

“In our professional careers, we’ve never seen anything quite like it,” says Pesnell. “Solar minimum has lasted far beyond the date we predicted in 2007.”

For 2009, the number of “spotless” days are 123, as of May 31, which is 82%.


According to the forecast, the sun should remain generally calm for at least another year. This calm has a greater affect on Earth’s atmosphere than you might imagine. With low solar activity, the Earth’s atmosphere can cool and contract.

Jun 03 21:12

"unschooling" with Dayna Martin

Talking about "unschooling" with Dayna Martin

Jun 03 21:08

Court Indicts Bush on High Treason Charge (THIS IS A SATIRE)

George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, was indicted Monday on charges of high treason. The charges, filed by Attorney General Russ Feingold late in the evening, allege that Mr. Bush, knowing full well that Iraq possessed no weapons of mass destruction, falsified information in order to pursue the disastrous Iraq War. (See “U.S. Knew No W.M.D.s in Iraq,” on Page A1, and the petition at www.democrats.com/pardon.)

Jun 03 21:01

NYC man sues police for $220M over alleged assault

A man filed a $220 million lawsuit on Thursday claiming that New York Police Department officers robbed him of his civil rights by sodomizing him with a baton in a subway station.

Michael Mineo, a body piercer who works in a tattoo parlor, spelled out his allegations in graphic terms after exiting federal court in Brooklyn with his lawyers.

"I'm embarrassed," the 24-year-old told reporters. "I didn't ask for this to happen to me. ... I'm a man. I was raped by four men who held me down and put a baton in my rectum. How am I supposed to feel?"

Jun 03 20:59

Bush Told Journalist in 1999 “I’m Going to Invade Iraq”

Two years before the 9/11 attacks on America, George W. Bush told a Houston journalist if elected president, “I’m going to invade Iraq.”

Bush made the comments about starting an aggressive war to veteran Houston Chronicle reporter Mickey Herskowitz, then working with Bush on his book “A Charge To Keep,” later brought out by publisher William Morrow.

This disclosure was uncovered by Russ Baker, an award-winning investigative reporter when he interviewed Herskowitz for his own book, “Family of Secrets” (Bloomsbury Press) about the Bush dynasty. However, Baker says, when he approached The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times with the potentially devastating story to President Bush prior to the 2004 presidential election, they declined to publish it.

Jun 03 20:57

Stem Cell Contact Lenses Cure Blindness in Less Than a Month

Here's something that people with poor or no vision will be excited about: three patients had their sight restored in less than a month by contact lenses cultured with stem cells.

All three patients were blind in one eye. The researchers extracted stem cells from their working eyes, cultured them in contact lenses for 10 days, and gave them to the patients. Within 10 to 14 days of use, the stem cells began recolonizing and repairing the cornea.

Jun 03 20:54

Armstrong's 'poetic' slip on Moon

Neil Armstrong missed out an "a" and did not say "one small step for a man" when he set foot on the Moon in 1969, a linguistic analysis has confirmed.

The researchers show for the first time that he intended to say "a man" and that the "a" may have been lost because he was under pressure.

They say that although the phrase was not strictly correct, it was poetic.

And in its rhythm and the symmetry of its delivery, it perfectly captured the mood of an epic moment in history.

There is also new evidence that his inspirational first words were spoken completely spontaneously - rather than being pre-scripted for him by Nasa or by the White House.

Jun 03 20:51

The Top Ten Connections Between NIST And Nano-Thermites

Very interesting!

Jun 03 19:53

Pakistan the world's most dangerous country: Kilcullen

"So I don't think people are necessarily see it as an occupation. I think they see the coalition as a little bit feckless and failing to deliver on promises of security and development and in fact the international development assistance is one of the biggest grievances that you hear Afghans talk about.

"They believe it's been ineffective and that they haven't got many benefits."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Forgive me, but the mind reels to hear Lt.Col Kilcullen make that statement ""So I don't think people are necessarily see it as an occupation."

The Afghans understand what an occupation is. they knew what was happening - and why - during the Soviet occupation, and the same can be said for the current occupation of Afghanistan by the US and NATO.

And these occupations have had nothing to do with the betterment of life for the Afghan people; it is about the imposition of pipelines by the oil companies, agreed to by the most pliant government the US can possibly install in Kabul.

When the Taliban was in power previously in Afghanistan, their price was too high.

Jun 03 19:40

Hurricane victims still in trailers get options

For weeks, officials have been warning people displaced by Katrina and Rita in 2005 that their federally supplied trailers and mobile homes might be repossessed if they stay.

Instead, President Barack Obama's administration said Wednesday the federal government will offer $50 million in new housing vouchers and give residents the option of buying their units if they meet safety standards and local zoning rules.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Had not there been an unblinking eye from the blogosphere putting a lot of light on this issue, these people probably would have been thrown out and made homeless, courtesy of FEMA.

Jun 03 19:37

Judge dismisses telecom wiretap suits

That legislation overruled Walker’s previous decision that a lawsuit brought by the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) against AT&T in 2006 could go forward. “Congress has manifested its unequivocal intention to create an immunity that will shield the telecommunications company defendants from liability in these actions,” Walker wrote in his latest ruling.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, the only privileged communications between Americans who have done absolutely nothing wrong is under a blanket, holding a flashlight, and using sign language!

Jun 03 18:20

The Emergence of Obama’s Muslim Roots

Now that Obama is “reaching out” to the Muslim world, his Muslim past is useful. In his April 6 address to the Turkish Parliament, President Obama referenced how many “Americans have Muslims in their families or have lived in a Muslim majority country. I know, because I am one of them.” Barrack Obama wants it both ways, depending on which way the political winds are blowing. It helps that most Americans have no long term memory and are carried along by the corporate media orchestrated news cycle.

Jun 03 17:27

Did Morgan Stanley Finally Dump Dean Witter?

The Smith Barney purchase may be a defining moment in Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack’s tenure. Sure, the firm will reap a heavy return on investment when the financial markets stabilize but it also fulfills a decade long ambition of many Morgan Stanley executives - They’ve finally dumped Dean Witter, the retail brokerage arm of the firm.

Jun 03 16:51

The War Party Returns

Repudiated at the polls, they're back – in a new liberal guise

Jun 03 15:42

CDC Vaccine Advisor Pockets $29 Million Promoting Vaccines

Dr. Paul Offit of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) received at least $29 million from his share of royalties for Merck's Rotateq vaccine after using his position with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to ensure that childhood vaccination with the vaccine became compulsory.

Jun 03 15:07

The 'jobs saved' scams

After nearly twenty years in Washington I thought I've seen every trick ever conceived, but the White House claims of "jobs saved" attributed to the stimulus bill is unrivaled. What causes the jaw to drop is not just the breathtaking deception of the claim, but the gullibility of the Washington press corps to continue reporting it.

News stories from President Obama's event last week hailing the 100-day mark since the stimulus was passed typically repeated the assertion that the stimulus has already "created or saved 150,00 jobs." ("And that's just the beginning," the President crowed.)

Jun 03 14:35

Chabad rabbi: ‘Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle)’

The current issue of Moment magazine dedicates its "Ask the Rabbis" section to the question "How Should Jews Treat Their Arab Neighbors?"

Rabbis from various denominations offered responses, but it's the final one -- from a Chabad rabbi, Manis Friedman of the St. Paul-based Bais Chana Institute of Jewish Studies -- that is likely to spark the most reaction:

I don’t believe in western morality, i.e. don’t kill civilians or children, don’t destroy holy sites, don’t fight during holiday seasons, don’t bomb cemeteries, don’t shoot until they shoot first because it is immoral.

The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle).

Jun 03 13:29

Flashback - - The speech that said it all

Ladies and gentlemen, please read this and read it again. This expains exactly what has happened to our once great country. This speech will break your heart.

Jun 03 12:31

A Jewish Defector Warns America: Benjamin Freedman Speaks (text version)

And, at that time, mind you, there were 80 to 90 million Germans and there were only 460,000 Jews. . . less than one half of one percent of Germany were Jews. And yet, they controlled all of the press, they controlled most of the economy, because they had come in and with cheap money -- you know the way the Mark was devalued -- they bought up practically everything.

Well, in 1933 when Germany refused to surrender, mind you, to the World Conference of Jews in Amsterdam, they broke up and Mr. Untermeyer came back to the United States -- who was the head of the American delegation and the president of the whole conference -- and he went from the steamer to ABC and made a radio broadcast throughout the United States in which he said:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jun 03 12:14


There can no longer be any doubt that the Cheney / Bush administration not only lied to the American people about WMD's and Torture but lied to and obstructed the 9/11 commission during its investigation of 9/11.
Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton, the two chairmen of the 9/11 commission, wrote a NY Times editorial on January 2, 2008 that said the CIA or the White House obstructed their investigation ~ and it doesn't get more obvious than this.

Jun 03 11:55


"This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it."--Abraham Lincoln, 1861.

Jun 03 11:50

New issue of "Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth" newsletter out.

AE911Truth Making History in
San Francisco

24,000 Architects at SF AIA Convention Come Face to Face With 9/11 Truth

Obtaining a booth at this year’s convention at San Francisco’s Moscone Center marks a significant accomplishment for us.

A structural engineer who is also an architect signed the petition. He has worked on 50- to 60-story buildings. Though he was aware of Building 7's collapse, he was completely unaware of its free-fall acceleration. He immediately acknowledged that this implies a controlled demolition.

Jun 03 11:49

Likud: Obama has crossed the line

US President Barack Obama's administration's criticism of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's policies has crossed the line into interfering in Israeli politics, top Likud ministers and MKs said Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear President Obama

Kindly stop interfering with Israel.

And while you are at it, stop sending those checks full of our tax dollars to Israel. Israel's attitude proves they do not need it and are not the least bit grateful for it, and in any event all those weapons the US paid for that are being dropped on Palestine are in all probability killing the modern-day relatives of Jesus, and I seriously doubt any of us will get into heaven with THAT on our souls! I understand (from the Old Testament) that "the big boss" knows how to carry a grudge!

Feel free to send your own variation of the above to The President

Jun 03 11:45

LADWP Wants You to Keep an Eye on Your Neighbors

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My uncle did that but he got arrested for being a peeping tom!

Jun 03 11:39

U.S. Will Pay $2.6 Million to Train Chinese Prostitutes to Drink Responsibly on the Job

The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAA), a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), will pay $2.6 million in U.S. tax dollars to train Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly on the job.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I volunteer to assist with the lab work!

Jun 03 11:38

Stock Market Dissonance: Why the Stock Market no Longer Reflects Main Street Economics. The Dow Jones Industrial Average.

One of the biggest bankruptcies in history occurred on June 1st yet you would not know this by looking at the stock market. In fact, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) shot up by 220 points. If we look at total assets, this is the fourth largest bankruptcy in history. The Dow is made up of 30 companies that show a supposedly wide cross section of the American economy. The company that filed for bankruptcy was General Motors and was actually one of the 30 components. A company that dates back to 1908 and survived the Great Depression. So how can it be that a company that employs 250,000 filing for bankruptcy is actually good for the stock market and makes the DJIA rally so strongly? The easy answer is the stock market no longer reflects the economic reality on main street.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I guess I am not the only one who noticed!

Jun 03 11:37

What I Learned as a Car Czar

They say history repeats itself. If you are like me and have lived two lives, you have a good chance of seeing the re-enactment with your own eyes. The current takeover of General Motors by the U.S. government and United Auto Workers makes me think back to Romania's catastrophic mismanagement of the car factories it built jointly with the French companies Renault and Citroen. I was Romania's car czar.