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Drug cartel

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October 31, 2020

Oct 31 09:37

Curious ???? (Picture)

Oct 31 09:36

Colorado survivalist camp stockpiled with guns, ammunition and a 25-year supply of food activates its highest alert level in history amid fears upcoming election results could spark civil unrest

A Colorado survivalist camp has activated its highest alert level in history amid fears the upcoming presidential election results could spark widespread civil unrest.

Oct 31 09:29

THIRD juror in case against Breonna Taylor cop confirms the jury were never presented with murder charges

A third anonymous juror has come forward to accuse the attorney general of Kentucky of misleading the public when he described the jury's findings in the Breonna Taylor Case.

Oct 31 09:27

Wait a minute... (Picture)

Oct 31 09:26

DoJ fights 'last minute delay' in extradition of former Green Beret and his son to Japan after they 'helped smuggle Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn out of the country in custom-made speaker box'

The US Department of Justice has urged a judge to deny a last-minute bid to block the extradition of two American men who are wanted in Japan for helping former Nissan Motors boss Carlos Ghosn sneak out of the country in a box.

Oct 31 09:24

Reliably predicted (Picture)

Oct 31 09:23

Bodycam footage showing fatal police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr. will be released next week - as his family reveal they WON'T call for murder charges against cops after viewing it themselves

Police bodycam footage showing the fatal shooting of Walter Wallace Jr will be release by the end of next week, officials have confirmed.

Oct 31 09:16

Should you skip showering once a week and only boil your kettle once a day? Six tips to save money on your water bills examined - and how to really cut costs

It has been suggested not showering everyday can help households save money
Other ideas to cut costs on water bills include only boiling a kettle once a day
We check these claims and reveal how else you can save this winter

Oct 31 08:22

Drug cartels control more than 20% of Mexico according to classified CIA study, as homicides surge to highest levels for 30 years

More than 20% of Mexico's territory - as many as 151,689 square miles - is under the control of the country's powerful drug cartels, according to a classified CIA report from 2018.

Oct 31 07:39

Married Kentucky teacher, 36, 'sexually abused her 13-year-old student and gave him an iPad to send explicit photos of himself to her'

A married Kentucky teacher has been arrested and is facing 15 criminal charges related to sex crimes involving a 13-year-old student.

Oct 31 07:39

Google searches and infections

Oct 31 07:23

Corbyn and the Tyranny of Correctness

Liberal film maker Michael Moore, who in 2016 predicted Donald Trump’s electoral victory, is again interfering with the premature celebration over Biden’s victory.

Yesterday, just five days before the election, Moore sounded the alarm, strongly suggesting that the polls showing Biden with a comfortable lead over Trump are not accurate.

In a TV interview Moore said: "The Trump vote is always being undercounted. Pollsters- when they actually call the Trump voter, the Trump voter is very suspicious of the 'Deep State' calling them and asking them who they're voting for."

Oct 31 07:22

The Kamala Harris We Know

It’s been said that you can’t fool all the people all the time, but politicians figure that once every four years is good enough. At press time, the presidential/vice presidential result is unknown, but in this one party state, California’s 55 electoral votes belong to Biden/Harris. In Harris’s case, that proves violation of law does pay for a Willie Brown protégé. After being hired in 1998 as a deputy district attorney by incumbent Terence Hallinan, she rewarded her benefactor by running against him in 2003. In 2002, she raised $563,000 for her campaign, much of it from high society types. On January 1, 2003, Harris signed under penalty of perjury a Department of Election form agreeing to a $211,000 campaign expenditure limit. The form stated that once signed it couldn’t be withdrawn. By July 30, 2003 she had spent $132,114.76 and could only spend an additional $79,255.24 to reach the $211,000 legal limit.

Oct 31 07:21

Grand Jury Finds Prima Facie Evidence of Pandemic Fraud

On Thursday 07 May 2020, a Sovereign Grand Jury was convened in a virtual and secure session in the British Isles, under the protection of the Treaty of Universal Community Trust, to consider allegations in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The jury was asked to rule on whether there was sufficient evidence of pandemic fraud, upon the evidence submitted into the public domain by numerous doctors, experts and eye witnesses, to justify a formal Grand Jury investigation.

There now follows a summary of the allegations presented.

Oct 31 07:20

Biden Team 'Nervous': Yet Another Influential Black Rapper Comes Out To Endorse Trump

Lil Wayne on Thursday endorsed Donald Trump and his work on criminal justice change, saying the president's Platinum Plan to benefit black Americans "is going to give the community real ownership".

The rapper tweeted about the pair's "great meeting" at the president's resort in Doral, Florida, sharing a picture of the two of them.

Oct 31 07:18

WATCH: Muslims in Berlin hold protests against Macron’s anti-Islamist crackdown, chant ‘Allahu akbar’

Some 150 people gathered in Berlin for a rally denouncing France’s President Emmanuel Macron’s anti-Islamist crackdown, carrying banners and chanting “Allahu akbar.” It took place in the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Nice.

The crowd held a roughly 30-minute demonstration in the city’s Hermannplatz, to protest against the showing of cartoons of Islam’s Prophet Mohammed across France, as well as Macron’s ongoing crackdown on Islamism.

Oct 31 07:18

Anti-Macron Fury Rages Across The Muslim World, With Thousands Burning Effigies And Stamping On Pictures Of His Face - After Erdogan Issues String Of Inflammatory Attacks

The Muslim world renewed its anger at Emmanuel Macron today after the French president remained unbowed by Thursday's terror attack in Nice and vowed that 'we will not give any ground' on freedom of expression.

Oct 31 07:14

Angry mob in Bangladesh beats & BURNS man who 'accidentally stepped on Koran'

A man was lynched by an angry mob in northern Bangladesh after he was accused of blasphemy while visiting a local mosque. The victim was taken into custody, but the crowd dragged him outside, beating him up and setting aflame.

The horrifying incident unfolded at the town of Burimari in the northern Lalmonirhat district late on Thursday.

A local man, identified as a 50-year-old Shahidunnabi Jewel, along with his friend, decided to visit the Burimari mosque to offer a prayer. Jewel is said to have been suffering from an unspecified mental condition.

The two somehow got into a dispute with other worshippers and claimed Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen terrorists were hiding inside the mosque, local media reported.

Oct 31 07:14

Erdogan wanted to scare France. He ended up sinking his own currency

Oct 31 07:04

Tucker: Media hates Trump with an all-consuming mania

Oct 31 07:04

'We will destroy this revolution' – Polish patriots and right-wing groups create 'National Guard' to defend churches

Since the weekend, Poland saw several vicious attacks against churches and harassment of Catholics attending mass, but now Polish patriots and right-wing groups have created a defense group to defend Catholics against left-wing aggression.

At a press conference organized in front of Warsaw’s Holy Cross Church, Robert B?kiewicz, the head of the Independence March Association, announced that Poland is currently facing a neo-Bolshevik revolution, according to Interia.pl.

He stated that patriotic groups will not allow those "against civilization" to attack Catholics. He said he and groups he is aligned with were establishing a "Catholic and civic" self-defense group which will be known as the “National Guard”.

Oct 31 07:03

Vatican Cardinal Calls for Battle Against ‘Monstrous’ Islamism

Vatican Cardinal Robert Sarah denounced Islamism Thursday following a lethal terror attack in a French church, calling it a “monstrous fanaticism.”

“Islamism is a monstrous fanaticism which must be battled with force and determination,” wrote the Guinean cardinal, who leads the Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship, invoking his own experience as an African.

“It will not stop its war. Unfortunately, we Africans know this only too well,” the cardinal wrote on Twitter. “The barbarians are always the enemies of peace.”

“The West, today France, must understand this. Let us pray,” he said.

Oct 31 07:03

France Dissolves Islamist Group, Founder Requests Political Asylum in Erdogan’s Turkey

The former head of the Islamist NGO Barakacity, which was dissolved by the French government, has requested political asylum from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The founder and former head of the now-defunct Islamist NGO, Idriss Sihamedi, took to Twitter to speak about the aftermath of the government ban.

“The French state decided to dissolve the humanitarian aid and human rights organisation Barakacity, which operates for two million poor people in 26 countries. This is despite there being no real charges in the files after a three-year investigation,” Sihamedi wrote in Turkish.

He went on to address President Erdogan’s Twitter account directly, asking: “I would like to request political asylum for myself and my team since I am not safe in France on behalf of our NGO.”

Oct 31 07:02

Tunisian terrorist, 21, had turned to Muslim prayer from drink and drugs before murdering three people in Nice, his family claim - as France is warned to prepare for more 'terrible attacks'

The Tunisian terrorist who stabbed three people to death in Nice had turned to a hermit-like life of prayer following a lifestyle of drink and drugs before the atrocity, his family say - as France's Interior Minister warns of more 'terrible attacks' to come.

Oct 31 07:02

More Biden Hard Drive Disclosure! Hunter Biden’s Email Concerning Former Ukrainian President!

Dear brothers-in-arms! Everyone’s attention must have been attracted by the videos and photos exposed over the past few days. Now, the brainstorming time is coming! Are you ready? What follows are evidences as solid as gravity, showing what harms and threats the Chinese and American kleptocrats are imposing to the whole of mankind and disclosing their ignorance to law and order, total humiliations to females, and their complete loss of humanity.

In fact, most videos on the hard drives are extremely sensitive and extremely inhumane, with extremely cruel pictures that cannot be broadcasted, so they will be processed later.

Now presented are the ironclad facts of the collusion between Burisma and Hunter Biden and the CCP, including the exchanges of documents and email message, and the interaction of the people involved! We hope brothers-in-arms around the world will take a look. If such things are not exposed, mankind will go into utter darkness all around!

Oct 31 07:02

CENSORED: Here Are The Crimes They Are Hiding From You | Rudy Giuliani

Oct 31 07:01

Rescuers cheer as they haul teenager from rubble of devastated eight-floor apartment block as death toll from deadly earthquake in Turkey and Greece hits 26 with more than 800 injured

Rescuers today hauled a teenager from the rubble of a devastated eight-floor apartment block as the death toll from an earthquake in Turkey and Greece soared to at least 26 with more than 800 injured.

Oct 31 07:01

BLM’s Connection to Obama’s Rev Wright: “There will be no peace in America until whites begin to hate their whiteness”

To know where we are today, it’s important to go back and see where everything began and who the players are. The Black Lives Matter movement and all of the factions that formed the movement are a danger to America. Barack Hussein Obama sat in a church that preaches Black Liberation Theology…more on this below.

“There will be no peace in America until whites begin to hate their whiteness” -Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Barack Hussein Obama’s pastor for over 20 years

Oct 31 07:01

Biden Pledges to ‘Collaborate’ With CCP in Chinese-Language Newspaper

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden promised a more collaborative approach to China in an op-ed published in a Chinese-language newspaper whose editors frequently attended junkets organized by the Chinese government.

Biden published an op-ed in the World Journal, a U.S. newspaper widely read by the Chinese-American community, on October 22. World Journal, which is owned by a Taiwanese news conglomerate, historically had an anti-CCP tilt but has become open to Beijing in recent years. The newspaper's editors have attended annual conferences hosted by the Chinese government and reportedly complied with a demand from the Chinese consulate to scrub an advertisement about the Falun Gong, an oppressed religious movement.

Oct 31 06:58

COVID-positive people spread the infection to others at home 53% of the time - and kids are just as likely to transmit it as adults, CDC report finds

If someone in your household tests positive for COVID-19, there is a 53 percent chance they will pass it on to you or someone else living under your roof, a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finds.

Oct 31 06:58

Swedish Democrat Leader After Beheadings in France: 'Liberal Left Have Blood on Their Hands'

As France was described as the eye of the storm in the confrontation between secular societies and Islamist terrorism in the wake of recent attacks, Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson accused the liberal left of allowing Islamism to grow and flourish across Europe.

In a scathing commentary on the latest terrorist attack in Nice, France, where three churchgoers were brutally murdered on Thursday, Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson has accused the liberal left leaders of the West of treacherous behaviour, incompetence, and unrealistic worldview, which, according to him, led to the rise of Islamist terror.

"Terrorism is on the rise in Europe again. We must fight back against this with force. We must protect our communities and citizens", Åkesson said in a Twitter clip.

Oct 31 06:57

Two more ex-eBay employees plead guilty in scheme that involved sending live SPIDERS to a Massachusetts couple who were critical of the company

Two more former eBay Inc. employees have admitted to their roles in a campaign to terrorize a Massachusetts couple with threatening social media messages and disturbing deliveries to their home.

Oct 31 06:57

Moscow Warned Paris Many Times of Dangers Posed by Terrorists From North Caucasus, Deputy FM Says

Moscow has repeatedly warned Paris of the threat coming from terrorists from the North Caucasus, but France kept accepting them as "fighters for freedom" and even granting citizenship to some of them, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov said in an interview with Sputnik in light of the recent violent attacks.

"Returning to the radicalisation topic, I can tell you that we have repeatedly warned our French partners of the dangers posed by terrorists of North Caucasian origin, while they accepted them as 'fighters for freedom’”, Syromolotov said.\

According to the Russian diplomat, "many of these fake fighters for freedom have found shelter in France, and some of them have even become citizens of this country”.

The Russian diplomat pointed to the important role that anti-terrorism cooperation plays in the relations between Moscow and Paris.

Oct 31 06:57

Some 50 Young People With Turkish Background Rampage in Catholic Church in Vienna – Reports

Some 50 young people with a Turkish background have rushed into the St Anthony of Padua Church in the Austrian capital of Vienna and staged a rampage there, Austrian media reported.

According to the Kurier newspaper, the incident took place on late Thursday, with the young Turks kicking benches and a confessional, as well as shouting "Allahu Akbar!"

A priest called the police but the assaulters had left the site before the officers arrived. The regional department of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Counterterrorism believes that the group of radical Turkish extremists, which is operating in the area, is behind the incident.

Both Interior Minister Karl Nehammer and Chancellor Sebastian Kurz have condemned the incident.

Oct 31 06:56

No end in sight? French health minister doesn’t rule out third wave of Covid-19

France’s minister of solidarity and health, Olivier Veran, has said he cannot rule out a third wave of the coronavirus, as the country enters a second national lockdown.

As they battle a new spike in Covid-19 cases, French officials are already concerned about the threat of a third wave. Discussing the situation on France Info radio, Veran told listeners that, due to the severity of the virus and the speed at which it’s spreading, it’s not possible to rule out a third wave, even if the second peak is brought under control.

Defending the government’s decision to implement a second national lockdown, which comes into effect at midnight on Thursday, Veran claimed that it’s “nobody’s failure,” but said there are challenges with containing the spread, as they are dealing with an “invisible enemy.”

Oct 31 06:55

'May the Almighty disfigure the face of this scum': Khabib attacks French leader Macron over Islam comments

Russian UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has savaged French President Emmanuel Macron as the leader continues to come under attack from the Muslim world.

France has raised its terror alert level to 'maximum' after a series of killings amid mounting tensions sparked by a row over religion and freedom of speech.

Russian UFC champion Khabib – a devout Muslim who hails from the Republic of Dagestan – shared his disgust at the French president in a message to his 25 million Instagram followers.

"May the Almighty disfigure the face of this scum and all his followers, who, under the slogan of freedom of speech, offend the feelings of more than one and a half billion Muslim believers. May the Almighty humiliate them in this life, and in the next. Allah is quick in calculation and you will see it," Khabib wrote in Russian, accompanying the text with a mock-up image of the imprint of a boot on Macron's face.

Oct 31 06:55

Instagram ‘blocked French account of Iran’s Khamenei’ after he sent message to youths on Prophet Mohammed cartoons

A French-language Instagram account of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was temporarily blocked after posting a critical message to young people about controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, Iran's FARS news agency reported.

The page became inaccessible on Friday, two days after Khamenei's missive to “young French people” was posted on social media. In his address, the Ayatollah blasted French President Emmanuel Macron as “stupid” for insisting that caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed were in line with that country’s values of freedom of speech. He also questioned why it was “OK” in France to insult the Prophet Mohammed, but illegal to doubt the Holocaust.

However, a shadow French-language account was quickly created for Khamenei, to repost the message in text and audio formats. The original account appears to be unblocked, but the message to French youths seems to have been removed.

Oct 31 06:54

Danish Right-Wing Party Seeks to Reprint Charlie Hebdo's Controversial Prophet Muhammad Cartoons

Earlier, the use of the cartoons by French schoolteacher Samuel Paty during a lesson on freedom of speech led to his brutal murder by 18-year-old Muslim man Abdullah Anzorov.

Denmark’s Nye Borgerlige (New Right) party has announced a fundraising campaign aimed at republishing the scandalous cartoons of the French satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo illustrating the Prophet Muhammad. The party, which holds four out of 179 seats in the parliament, linked the campaign to the recent attacks in France over the controversial cartoons, which are deemed as blasphemous by Islam due to violating a ban on depicting the prophet.

"The killing of Samuel Paty triggered the campaign, we want to show our support for his family and for freedom of speech", leader of Nye Borgerlige Pernille Vermund said, referring to the French teacher, who was beheaded by an 18-year-old Muslim man on 16 October for showing the cartoons to pupils during a class on the importance of freedom of speech.

Oct 31 06:54

Get ready for global technology war & end of globalization as we know it – China unveils ambitious 5-year plan

Beijing remain’s resolutely committed to increasing the nation’s financial prowess in the face of growing anti-China sentiment on the world stage and a simmering ‘Cold War’ with Washington.

Today the Communist Party of China wrapped up a very important week-long meeting. Known as the “fifth plenum” of the party’s central committee, the leaders of China released a communiqué which set out their immediate goals, political priorities and vision for the country’s future, including its new five-year economic plan.

Oct 31 06:53

Epstein sleaze empire fallout continues as head of International Peace Institute resigns over dealings with pedophile

The head of the International Peace Institute (IPI), Terje Rød-Larsen, has resigned in disgrace after admitting he accepted donations and a personal loan from the disgraced financier and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The think tank chief says accepting the donations from foundations related to Jeffrey Epstein was “poor judgement” on his part as was a personal loan from the millionaire financier-cum-human trafficker in 2013.

“Epstein’s crimes were horrific. The notion that IPI would in some way be associated with such an ugly type is contrary to the institution’s core values,” the New York-based lobby group said in a statement, following an extraordinary board meeting on Thursday.

Oct 31 06:53

Anti-lockdown protesters are becoming ‘TERRORISTS,’ claims head of German state of Thuringia

The ongoing protests against Covid-19 restrictions threaten “internal security,” Thuringia PM Bodo Ramelow told German media, suggesting terrorism and pogroms were taking shape at the hands of a right-wing/‘anti-vaxxer’ alliance.
The massive demonstrations against Berlin’s tightening pandemic control measures are starting to resemble “terrorism,” Ramelow told Tagesspiegel on Thursday, insisting the protests – and the fringe interests they brought together – were “a threat to internal security in our country.”

Oct 31 06:52

Faithful Catholics in Poland stand up to rioters trying to vandalize statues, churches

Oct 31 06:51

An Honest "Ad" From Your Democratic Party Spokesperson

Oct 31 06:51

Donald Trump is the ‘obvious choice’ for the future of western civilisation

Oct 31 06:50

Chinese fixer targets FIVE Prime Ministers: New evidence of Beijing's infiltration of British Establishment as it emerges leading figure 'tasked with grooming foreign elites' met politicians including Boris Johnson, David Cameron and Tony Blair

A leading figure in a Chinese group allegedly created to groom foreign elites has been pictured with five British prime ministers.

Photographs uncovered by the Daily Mail show how Zhirong Hu has moved among the British Establishment.

He has met Boris Johnson, Theresa May, David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

Oct 31 06:44

David Cameron's UK-China fund 'struggling to attract investors'

David Cameron’s efforts to raise $1bn for a fund to invest in China have met with a lack of enthusiasm, according to reports.

One person who was asked to put money into the project described it as “moribund”, according to the Financial Times, signalling slow progress nearly 16 months after it was launched.

The UK-China Fund is intended to promote cooperation between the two countries in areas including energy, technology, healthcare and manufacturing, and has been endorsed by Beijing and Westminster.

However, one person who was asked to become involved in the project told the FT: “It’s completely moribund … They approached all the big banks and other serious investors. And I don’t know of anyone that’s put money up.”

Oct 31 06:43

Orgies, Sex Slaves & High-Powered Names: Inside Ghislaine Maxwell's Jeffery Epstein deposition

Oct 31 06:43

Farage Warns Chinese Interests Lining up for ‘Fire Sale’ of UK Businesses

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has warned that Chinese interests are lining up to take advantage of the coronavirus crisis by buying “vast swathes of our strategic and manufacturing industries”.

“What is happening right now is that Chinese companies and Chinese money are lining up for what they expect to be a ‘fire sale’ of British businesses,” Mr Farage said during a Facebook live stream on Wednesday.

Mentioning that Germany has put into law protections for German companies against foreign takeover during the coronavirus crisis, he continued: “I fear, we’re going to allow China in to buy up vast swathes of our strategic and manufacturing industries and it just can’t be allowed.

Oct 31 06:42

Trump ‘ought to be winning in a landslide’ given his achievements

Oct 31 06:42

Do Not Wear a Mask and Do Not Get a Shot: Never Comply!

This country that at one time was populated with mostly intelligent, hard working, self-responsible, and tough individuals, has become a country filled with idiots, weaklings, and fools. I do not say this lightly, nor am I attempting to berate all, but most of those that populate America today were taught to become weak and ignorant, to become divided and hateful, to ignore tradition, to disrespect truth and honesty, to throw aside family, to become robotic drones, and self-aggrandizing socialists. While this result was planned by the ruling segment of society, and implemented over a long period of time, it was nonetheless voluntarily accepted by the masses. Due to the current attitudes evident today, the acceptance of all-consuming immorality, war, torture, theft, redistribution of private wealth, and disregard for fellow men and property, are apparent, and there is widespread and pitiful sensitivity among the herd that borders on lunacy.

Oct 31 06:40

US & China Hold Military Talks To Deescalate Ratcheting War Rhetoric

The US and Chinese militaries are holding "crisis communications" talks after days of escalating 'war rhetoric' between the two countries.

This latest was held via video conference between the US and PLA sides Wednesday through Thursday of this week, Chinese defense ministry spokesman Wu Qian confirmed. This also as Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and Mike Pompeo toured Asia seeking to gain support and cooperation from allies on confronting and countering the "China threat" to the region.

Over the course of this month President Xi Jinping has made multiple hugely provocative statements telling PLA forces to "prepare for war" as tensions are ratcheting over Taiwan, particularly after US warship 'freedom of navigation' passages through the Taiwan Strait and Washington's latest approval of advanced weapons transfers.

Oct 31 06:40

Costco Drops Coconut Milk Products Over Allegations Of Forced Monkey Labor

In the last few months, Walgreens, Food Lion, Giant Food, and Stop & Shop halted coconut milk products from Thailand suppliers accused by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) of using monkeys as forced labor.

"No kind shopper wants monkeys to be chained up and treated like coconut-picking machines," PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said in a Thursday press release.

Oct 31 06:39

America Is a Dead Man Walking Because American Youth, or Their Minds, Have Been Stolen

The legal voting age in the US is 18 years of age, which is also the age of female sexual consent and military enlistment. So at 18 years of age youth can affect the governance of the country, get legally laid, kill and die in combat, but are considered too irresponsible to imbibe alcohol and purchase a pistol from a licensed dealer until three years later at age 21.

Oct 31 06:39

Full ???????? Lockdown From Next Week ??????? ENTIRE Month Of November ??????? Boris To Announce

Oct 31 06:38

Germany is sure of a Trump victory as Merkel calls for US and EU to unite against China

Oct 31 06:20

Papers Please! Paris Police Check Shoppers Are Not Flouting New COVID Lockdown Laws After Tough Restrictions Came In At Midnight, Sparking Exodus To The Country

Police in Paris have begun carrying out checks on shoppers to ensure they are not flouting France's new national lockdown laws which came into effect at midnight.

Oct 31 06:19

Harvey Weinstein Is Sued For 'Pain, Suffering And Economic Injuries' By Former Project Runway Assistant Whom He Was Convicted Of Forcing Oral Sex On In A New York City Apartment In 2006

Harvey Weinstein was sued on Friday by the former Project Runway production assistant he was convicted earlier this year of having sexually assaulted.

Oct 31 06:16

Bodycam footage shows police cruiser did NOT hit black Revel rider, 20, killed during chase that sparked BLM protests

Police in Washington DC on Thursday released body camera footage that shows a man riding a moped without a helmet being pursued by officers in a cruiser before a fatal crash that has sparked two days of protests and clashes in the capital.

Oct 31 06:15

Joe Biden pledges he will set up task force to reunite 545 children whose parents can't be found after family separation at the border

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden vowed to create a task force to reunite more than 500 children who were separated from their families at the U.S.-Mexico border by the Trump administration and whose parents have not been located.

Oct 31 06:10

Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel, 60, will NOT be retried for bludgeoning death of Connecticut teenager in 1975 after he spent 11 years in jail before judge overturned his conviction

A Connecticut prosecutor announced this morning that Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel will not face a second trial in the killing of Martha Moxley, who was bludgeoned to death on this day 45 years ago.

Oct 31 06:06

BOO-tiful babies! Newborns in Texas NICUs celebrate their first Halloween dressed as Elvis, a hula dancer, and a lion after staffers crafted adorable handmade costumes

Newborns in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) in North Texas are celebrating their first Halloween in adorable pint-size costumes — and the pictures couldn't be cuter.

Oct 31 05:53

Biden supporter who mocked Trump's dance moves on TikTok inadvertently becomes a 'MAGA icon' after Ivanka tweets that she 'loves' the viral video

A Biden supporter inadvertently became a '‘MAGA icon' after she posted a video mocking President Trump’s dance moves — and Ivanka Trump shared it, mistakenly believing it was supposed to be flattering.

Oct 31 05:53

People are less likely to follow Covid-19 safety protocols if other members of their social group are breaking the rules, study finds

People are more likely to imitate and follow the behaviour of others if they consider themselves to be part of the same group, a study has found.

Oct 31 05:47

Facebook cracks down on the use of 'Save Our Children' hashtag because it's been overtaken by QAnon conspiracy theorists

Facebook is cracking down on the 'save our children' hashtag after it was used by supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory, the social network said on Friday.

Oct 31 05:46

Disney imagineers reveal creepy skinless robot with realistic eyes and teeth which they say can hold people's gaze and mimic mannerisms - and could help develop animatronics that are indistinguishable from humans

Disney specializes in bringing imagination to life, but its latest innovation takes this idea one step further – a robot designed with a realistic and interactive stare.

Oct 31 05:43

Anti-Macron fury reaches London: Police clash with Muslim crowds demanding 'respect for the Prophet' outside French Embassy over President's stance on Charlie Hebdo cartoons

Protesters gathered in London holding signs that said 'We will not tolerate disrespect of our beloved prophet'
Emmanuel Macron has become the focal point of Islamic fury after defending Charlie Hebdo cartoons

Oct 31 05:42

Mother-of-three, 44, 'died like a warrior' fighting Nice terrorist and raising the alarm about attack after Islamist fanatic beheaded felllow church-goer and fatally stabbed her

Brazil-born Simone Barreto Silva was stabbed multiple times in the terror attack
She escaped the Notre Dame Basilica, fleeing to a nearby restaurant to seek help
The samba dancer turned care worker later died along with two other victims

Oct 31 05:40

Self-driving race car crashes straight into a wall from the starting line during the world's first autonomous race series

Self-driving cars have made their way to the raceway, but a Roborace in the UK took a wrong turn when one of the vehicles smashed right into a wall.

Oct 31 05:39

Ex-NYPD lieutenant-turned-lawyer admits to stealing $900,000 from cancer-stricken former cop's 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund payout

A former police lieutenant-turned-lawyer on Thursday admitted cheating a fellow cop out of $900,000 he was due after working at the smoldering remains of the World Trade Center site following the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Oct 31 05:31

Last post for common sense: ROBERT HARDMAN says a ban on singing the national anthem at remembrance events is the latest example of how Covid threatens our sanity

As if this week's threats of police raids on over-sized Christmas Day gatherings were not barmy enough, then along comes something even sillier: a ban on singing the national anthem.

Even the Welsh Government's comedy order prohibiting the sale of kettles does not come close to the absurdity of forbidding loyal ex-servicemen and women and even members of the Royal Family from singing God Save The Queen in the days ahead.

Oct 31 05:00

Moving averages not holding

Oct 31 04:46

Steve Cohen's $2.4 billion acquisition of the Mets is approved by MLB owners and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio as fans welcome their wealthy savior

Steve Cohen's $2.4 billion bid to buy the New York Mets has been approved by Major League Baseball's owners as well as Mayor Bill de Blasio, who reportedly could have vetoed the deal because of a clause contained inside the team's lease at CitiField in Queens.

Oct 31 04:44

Three facts No 10's experts got wrong: DR MIKE YEADON says claims that the majority of the population is susceptible to Covid, that only 7% are infected so far and virus death rate is 1% are all false

Earlier this week, my wife and I were congratulating ourselves on being in France, far from the draconian Covid restrictions now spreading throughout Britain.

Then, on Thursday, with less than 24 hours’ notice, President Emmanuel Macron announced his plan to plunge the French into a second national lockdown for at least a month.

Oct 31 04:44

SAGE scientist warns coronavirus is 'running riot' across ALL age groups and says hospitals are now treating FOUR times as many women aged between 20 and 40 than men

Professor John Edmunds and Professor Calum Semple said Tiers had failed
They noted they had not stopped outbreaks growing after being imposed
130 of 150 local authorities in England are recording growing infections

Oct 31 04:42

Coronavirus: PM considering England lockdown next week

A new "stay at home" order could be announced on Monday, with schools, colleges and universities exempt.

Oct 31 04:41

Trying out for the track team! Raccoon is caught on camera running wild through hallways of Texas high school while being chased by teachers and animal inspector

A raccoon has been caught on camera causing chaos inside a high school west of Dallas, Texas.

Oct 31 04:41

Plankton survived the dinosaur-killing asteroid impact 66 million years ago by changing their diets from sunlight to bacteria

To survive the impact that eradicated the dinosaurs 66 million years ago, plankton changed their diets from absorbing sunlight to eating bacteria, a study found.

Oct 31 04:40

Martian meteorite discovered in the Sahara Desert provides new evidence of WATER on the Red Planet 4.4 billion years ago

Analysis of a meteorite found in the Sahara Desert reveals the existence of water on Mars 4.4 billion years ago, scientists report.

Oct 31 04:39

Two Miami cop friends obsessed with the film 'Bad Boys' are arrested on drugs charges after 'agreeing to act as muscle for cocaine-trafficking operation set up by undercover agents'

Two Miami cop friends obsessed with the film 'Bad Boys' have been arrested on drugs charges after allegedly agreeing to act as muscle for a cocaine-trafficking operation set up by undercover agents.

Oct 31 04:32

Idaho Lawmakers Feature In Video Protesting State’s Coronavirus Lockdowns

Lawmakers in Idaho, including the state’s lieutenant governor, featured in a video that pushed back against the state’s coronavirus restrictions.

Oct 31 04:27

Eye-opening number of America's youth embraces Marxism and socialism, shuns capitalism

America's youth is increasingly embracing communism, socialism, and Marxism, according to a new report. The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation released its "Annual Report on U.S. Attitudes Toward Socialism, Communism, and Collectivism," which found that a