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Jun 28 22:14

Hacked emails show Hillary Clinton campaign's surveillance of journalists as aides ordered volunteers to 'keep an eye' on reporters

The hacked Gmail account of one of Hillary Clinton's volunteers shows how the campaign surveils journalists who might get too close to the candidate.

Emails phished by Guccifer 2.0, who's dumped caches of documents from the Democratic National Committee onto the internet, show Clinton aides telling volunteer Sarah Hamilton to 'keep an eye' on certain reporters.

Hamilton's Gmail account was hacked using a spoofed Gmail log-in page, according to the Smoking Gun, which released a handful of email conversations today.

Jun 28 22:11

Victory Is Possible

Few people expected the positive outcome of Brexit referendum. Among other doubters, I expected the UK government will borrow a trick from the Clinton collection, and proclaim the Bremain hath it.

We witnessed so many dirty tricks in the Dem primary this year: the votes were not counted, but the newspapers called Hillary the winner; millions could not vote at all being stricken off the roll; Trump was demonised as a new Hitler; so I thought they will do the same in the UK vote.

Jun 28 19:35

Now Obama tells Britain it should be like Norway: Latest Brexit lecture as he says vote to leave is only 'a pause button on integration'

President Barack Obama says 'hysteria' over Britain's leaving the European Union is unwarranted.

'The average person is not going to notice a big change,' said Obama - if the United Kingdom emulates Norway.

Norway is not in the EU, and yet it is one of America's closest allies, the U.S. president told NPR as part of a long interview, a section of which was released today.

'I think that the best way to think about this is, a pause button has been pressed on the project of full European integration,' he said.

Jun 28 19:30

It's enough to make you weep! Tory peer who broke down as MEPs gave him a standing ovation is set to walk away with a £250,000 pay-off after resigning

Lord Hill said he was doing the 'right thing' by standing down after campaigning unsuccessfully during the referendum for us to stay in.

But despite voluntarily resigning from the £200,000 a year post, Lord Hill is in line for an extraordinary package that means he will still be getting paid even after the UK leaves the bloc.

Jun 28 19:21

There’s No Covering Up This One — Visible Pollution Leaking From NY Nuclear Plant

US Coast Guard officials have cordoned off a portion of Lake Ontario this week, after aerial spotters found a visible “sheen” that is coming from a nuclear power plant in upstate New York.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary aircrew first noticed the sheen on Sunday. Shortly after, a boat crew from the Oswego station tested the sheen and a “temporary safety zone” was put in place.

The Free Thought Project spoke to the Coast Guard Sector Buffalo Command Center on Tuesday and confirmed that the zone was still closed off, and there is no information as to when it will reopen.

Jun 28 18:55

Earth-like Martian Past "The only ways on Earth that we know how to make these manganese materials involve atmospheric oxygen or microbes."

Chemicals found in Martian rocks by NASA's Curiosity Mars rover suggest the Red Planet once had more oxygen in its atmosphere than it does now.

Researchers found high levels of manganese oxides by using a laser-firing instrument on the rover. This hint of more oxygen in Mars' early atmosphere adds to other Curiosity findings -- such as evidence about ancient lakes -- revealing how Earth-like our neighboring planet once was.

This research also adds important context to other clues about atmospheric oxygen in Mars' past. The manganese oxides were found in mineral veins within a geological setting the Curiosity mission has placed in a timeline of ancient environmental conditions. From that context, the higher oxygen level can be linked to a time when groundwater was present in the rover's Gale Crater study area.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Jun 28 18:50

No means no: Windows 10 nagware's red X will stop update – Microsoft

Clicking on pop-up's close icon will postpone upgrade, Redmond exec promises

Jun 28 18:47

US hospitals hacked with ancient exploits

Deliberately doused vulns the right medicine for XP backdoor bliss

Jun 28 18:46

Expect New Wars In The Middle East If Hillary Clinton Is Elected President

Thirteen years of wars in the Middle East, since the illegal
and criminal invasion of Iraq by the United States and Britain in 2003, have killed way over a million people; destroyed Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Libya, and created millions of refugees.

Jun 28 18:46

25,000 malware-riddled CCTV cameras form network-crashing botnet

A massive network of hacked CCTV cameras is being used to bring down computers around the world, we're told.

The unusual 25,000-strong botnet was apparently spotted by US security outfit Sucuri when it investigated an online assault against an ordinary jewelry store.

The shop's website was flooded offline after drowning in 35,000 junk HTTP requests per second. When Sucuri attempted to thwart the network tsunami, the botnet stepped up its output and dumped more than 50,000 HTTP requests per second on the store's website.

When the security biz dug into the source of the duff packets, it found they were all coming from internet-connected CCTV cameras – devices that had been remotely hijacked by miscreants to attack other systems.


With the Internet of Things growing, this problem is only going to get worse.

Jun 28 18:46

European SUPERSTATE To Be Unveiled: EU Nations 'To Be Morphed Into One' Post-Brexit

The foreign ministers of France and Germany are due to reveal a blueprint to effectively do away with individual member states in what is being described as an “ultimatum”.

Jun 28 18:34

‘No Notification, No Negotiation’: EU Officials Banned From Brexit Talks With Britain

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has forbidden EU officials from holding post-Brexit talks with Britain, saying there should be no “negotiations behind

Jun 28 18:30

A Double Agent Recruited By The FBI?

Omar Mateen had been on the FBI’s radar for some time before he opened fire at a nightclub in Florida, killing 49 and wounding 53 people. Now the public is asking why the FBI didn’t do something to prevent the tragedy.

Jun 28 18:28

US To Deploy Israeli Missile System On Russian Borders: General

The US military has tested an Israeli short-range missile for possible use in its European network of missile systems to deter Russia, says a US Army general.

Jun 28 17:51

Gay YouTube Star Tells Hillary Clinton, ‘You Don’t Speak For Me’

A gay budding YouTube star is out with a bold new video accusing Hillary Clinton of being disliked by the American people for her scandals and for her propensity to throw minorities “under the bus,” citing her past opposition to gay marriage.

Jun 28 17:51

Officers Waited For SWAT At Orlando Pulse Shooting

Details are emerging about the Orlando Pulse Massacre. It is clear that some of the first impressions were false.

Jun 28 17:38

ALIEN BREAKTHROUGH: Proof of LIFE ON MARS close as Nasa finds Earth-like atmosphere

The space agency’s Curiosity Rover found high-levels of manganese oxides in Martian rocks as more evidence mounts the Red Planet was once a suitable candidate to host life.

Another recent finding includes proof of ancient lakes on Earth’s closest neighbour, as well as the belief water once flowed freely there.

The discovery of the manganese oxides could be the strongest clue that life once existed as they are formed here on Earth by “atmospheric oxygen or microbes," said Nina Lanza, a planetary scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

She added: "Now we're seeing manganese oxides on Mars, and we're wondering how the heck these could have formed?

Jun 28 17:32

Brexit BOOST: Leaving European Union to result in SURGE of tourism to Britain

The pound's value has significantly weakened since the Brexit vote, which has prompted a flurry of interest for UK holidays from overseas travellers, according to agents.

US and Chinese travel sites have reported a surge in queries, as travellers hunt for cheaper breaks.

Jun 28 17:24

Has climate change been disproved? Large Hadron boffins cast shock DOUBT on global warming

A study published this week in the journal Nature has looked more closely at the tiny particles within clouds, known as cloud seeds, that help cool the planet and found they can be produced naturally.

Clouds, including natural ones and those from aerosols, are seen by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as the single biggest source of uncertainty about the so-called human-caused climate change.

The problem stems from not knowing how cloudy the world was before the industrial era, and the fact that some of the gases produced by burning fossil fuels said to warm the plant in the long-term, actually help cool it in the short-term through cloud formation.

But now CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, have left the issue even more confusing after discovering, while creating the fake cloud, that trees could have been putting these aerosols into the atmosphere since they first grew at the time of the dinosaurs.

Jun 28 17:21

This Orwellian Technology Automates Censorship and Is Even Worse Than It Sounds

By James Holbrooks

As people around the world struggle to come to terms with the recent years’ rise in terrorist attacks — and on the heels of a mass shooting in Orlando that left 49 people dead — many are looking to social media platforms to up their game in the battle against online radicalization. Now, a computer scientist claims to have developed an algorithm that can permanently remove extremist content from the Web — before it has a chance to go viral...

Jun 28 17:18

Italy's financial crisis could DESTROY the Euro as nation tipped to be next domino to fall

The country is facing a series of economic and political crises which could see it crash out of the eurozone just months after Britain rocked Brussels by backing Brexit.

Following the historic vote on Thursday, Italy’s top stock market saw its biggest ever one-day fall of 12 per cent, as traders rushed to dump financial stocks.

The carnage continued this week with shares in the nation's two biggest banks, UniCredit and Intesa Sanpaolo, falling by eight and more than 10 per cent respectively.

Investors are worried Italian banks could go under, thanks to billions of pounds worth of bad loans on their books.

They are estimated to have around £270billion of loans that could default and spark a financial crisis in Italy. Experts believe it could rip apart the eurozone.

Jun 28 17:16

Poland calls for Juncker to QUIT as other nations fume that EU has too much power

After Britain’s shock vote to quit the EU, remaining countries are looking for better deals for themselves, and ordering the union to learn from its mistakes or face further calls for a total break up.

Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic called on Tuesday for the powers of the European Commission to be curbed with Warsaw calling for the dismissal of Mr Juncker, the executive's head.

Jun 28 17:10

MERKEL'S WORST NIGHTMARE: Germany calls for Referendum as 'people want to be free of EU

BELEAGUERED Angela Merkel is facing calls for a referendum to free German people of "EU slavery" in the wake of Britain's sensational decision to cut ties with Brussels.

Far right figures in Alternative for Germany have promised to call their own vote if they clutch power in country's general election in autumn next year.

A party spokesman branded Brussels a "bureaucracy monster", before adding: "Next year the AfD will enter the German parliament and Dexit will be top on our agenda".

They called the vote a Dexit as it stands for a Deutschland exit from the EU.

Jun 28 16:53


The UK Express among other publications reported that plans have been announced for an EU superstate that would blend all EU nations into an Orwellian whole (European SUPERSTATE to be unveiled: EU nations ‘to be morphed into one’ post-Brexit).

That was quick! Within two days of Brexit, plans were already released to rid all remaining EU nations of sovereignty!

Jun 28 16:52

How Russia, China are Creating Unified Eurasian Trade Space

Russia is pushing ahead with its project of a "more extensive Eurasian partnership" involving the Eurasian Economic Union, Moscow's CIS partners as well as China, India, Pakistan and Iran; meanwhile, Beijing and Moscow continue to build a Eurasian economic corridor that will stretch from Shanghai to Berlin.

Jun 28 16:51

Summer snuggle warning issued for Michigan tonight

An unofficial snuggle warning is in effect in Michigan tonight. Early morning temperatures will come within five degrees of record low temperatures at many locations.

Jun 28 16:22

Seven Refugees With Active TB Sent to Idaho

Seven refugees with active tuberculosis (TB) were diagnosed shortly after their resettlement in Idaho between 2011 and 2015, according to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

Jun 28 16:22


Agents still encounter tuberculosis, scabies, measles, chickenpox and other unidentifiable infectious diseases when apprehending illegal immigrants on the South Texas border, an officer exclusively told Infowars.

Jun 28 16:22

EXCLUSIVE: Obama Admin. Dumps 4,000 More Alien Kids into the U.S.

According to data recently released by the Office of Refugee Settlement, the Obama administration dumped another 4,097 illegal alien kids into U.S. communities during the month of April, adding on to the 29,250 kids the government had shipped to sponsors in the United States between October and March.

Jun 28 16:21

Embarrassed UNC Ditches Lampooned Guidelines on ‘Micro-Aggressions’

At the University of North Carolina, it’s now safe (again) for employees to hold golf outings and compliment their coworkers’ platform wedges.

UNC has removed “guidelines” for avoiding micro-aggression incidents on campus that included both of those behaviors. According to a statement released in the wake of concern over its free speech policies, UNC says the information, which was posted by a school employee in a forum intended for faculty and staff to share information and discuss potential policy changes, does not reflect the school’s official policy on handling questions of campus speech.

Jun 28 15:52

UK Finance Minister: We Must Cut Spending & Raise Taxes

“It’s very clear that the country is going to be poorer as a result of what’s happening to the economy,” Chancellor George Osborne told BBC Radio Tuesday.

Ensuring the UK’s fiscal stability is crucial in the wake of the referendum decision to leave the EU, said Osborne, adding that post-Brexit measures would “absolutely” include cuts in public spending and tax hikes.

Jun 28 15:40

Twenty-First Century “Canadian” Corporate Capitalism Is Quite The Racket

Built with public subsidies, a Montréal firm can shift its ‘head office’ to a tax haven and workforce abroad, but Ottawa will continue to use its diplomatic, economic and military might to advance the company’s reactionary international interests.

Jun 28 15:38

Now Juncker to force all remaining EU countries to adopt the euro after Brexit paves way for single monetary union 

The eight EU members who do not currently use the euro may be forced to adopt it in a bid to speed up monetary union in the wake of Brexit.

The Daily Express reports that Denmark, Sweden, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania will be given an ultimatum by the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker .

The German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung claimed there were plans afoot to accelerate the 'completion' of the monetary union.

Brexit campaigners claim the plans show that the Leave vote in last week's referendum proved a 'great escape' for Britain.

Jun 28 15:30

Idaho Refugee Rape: Obama Justice Official Threatens Americans Who Criticize Migrant Programs

President Barack Obama’s top legal appointee in Idaho is threatening to prosecute Americans who criticize the federal immigration policies which enabled Sudanese and Iraqi Muslim migrants to perpetrate a vile sexual attack against a five-year-old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho.

A 14-year-old Sudanese refugee in Idaho coached a 10-year-old Sudanese and a 7-year-old Iraqi boy during the June 2 attack on the girl. The younger boys stripped the white five-year-old girl naked, touched her, and urinated on her clothes and in her mouth, while the older boy also took pictures. Their primitive abuse of the child might have continued, had it not been stopped by an elderly American who saw the older boy taking pictures at the laundry room where the boys had cornered the little girl.

Jun 28 15:24

41 Years Since Jumping Bull (But 500 Years Of Trauma)

June 26th marks 41 years since the long summer day when three young men were killed at the home of the Jumping Bull family, near Oglala, during a firefight in which I and dozens of others participated. While I did not shoot (and therefore did not kill) FBI agents Ronald Williams and Jack Coler, I nevertheless have great remorse for the loss of their young lives, the loss of my friend Joe Stuntz, and for the grieving of their loved ones.

Jun 28 15:10

Declassifying The Syrian Jihad: CIA Vs. The Pentagon

On a Monday morning in September of 2014 White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest stepped out in front of cameras to respond to questions of “intelligence failure” and explained that both the administration and intelligence community were caught completely “surprised” over the shocking and “rapid advance” of ISIS into Iraq over the course of that summer. However, two years prior in August 2012, an intelligence official with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) stationed in Iraq had written an incredibly prescient classified report predicting that out of the Syrian war could emerge “a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in Eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime…”

Jun 28 15:04

The Dollar Rebellion

This morning, I happened to overhear something I found to be highly hilarious, to say nothing of guffaw-inducing. Ok, so I’m here in Tucson and I walk all over the place. To date, I have only been approached twice in about a year by panhandlers asking for money. And I see the homeless all the time. Talk to some of them at length. But petition gatherers? I think I’ve been approached by a little over a hundred within the past six months. Feh, it’s like running a gauntlet of government officials at a budget free-for-all of McPork Barrel proportions. And your humble scribe has discovered why that is.

Jun 28 14:52

Michigan lawmaker urges Flint to accept plastic pipe

The bids to replace lead service lines with copper pipes at 500 homes considered the highest risk for lead exposure in Flint came in "extremely high," according to Mayor Karen Weaver, whose staff is supposed to meet again this week with potential contractors.

The cash-strapped city, which has been dealing with a tainted water crisis going back to April 2014, had budgeted $2 million, or about $4,000 per house, for the first big phase of its pipe replacement plan.

Meanwhile, State Rep. Joseph Graves is questioning why Flint officials have yet to accept the donation of free polyethylene service lines from Los Angeles-based JM Eagle, the No. 1 pipe extruder in North America. Back on Feb. 22, CEO Walter Wang offered enough free product to replace lead service lines carrying water to all homes and businesses.

Jun 28 14:52

Credit Ratings Agencies Punish Britain For Leaving EU

Two top credit ratings agencies have downgraded the UK’s rating in the wake of its decision to leave the European Union (EU).

Jun 28 14:52

'I'm going to vote for Trump,' Michigan Attorney General says

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette told reporters Tuesday he will vote for Donald Trump for president to avoid handing the keys of the nation to Hillary Clinton.

"Donald Trump's going to be the Republican nominee, he's going to square off against Hillary Clinton, and I'm not gonna do anything to help Hillary," Schuette said June 28 during a media roundtable in Lansing.

"I'm going to vote for Trump. I don't want Hillary Clinton in the White House," he adding, noting Supreme Court justice appointments, more jobs and paychecks and "a stronger America" as key reasons.

Jun 28 14:51

Online Petition Not Enough For 2nd #Brexit Referendum In UK – Electoral Commission

Brits disappointed with the UK’s referendum results will not be getting a second chance at voting, as UK’s Electoral Commission said that an online petition that gathered 3.7 million signatures was not enough to trigger a second referendum.

Jun 28 14:45

Donald Trump’s Trade Speech: Clinton ‘Worships Globalism over Americanism’

Now you are speakin my language!

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump spoke in Monessen, Pennsylvania on Tuesday afternoon, differentiating his trade policy of an independent America from presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s record on trade and globalization.
“Our politicians have aggressively pursued a policy of globalization — moving our jobs, our wealth, and our factories to Mexico and overseas,” Trump declared. “Globalization has made the financial elite who donate to politicians very wealthy. But it has left millions of our workers with nothing but poverty and heartache.”

Jun 28 14:20

In Wake Of Supreme Court Disappointment, Immigrant Rights Advocates Vow To Turn Out The Vote

After the Supreme Court deadlocked in a 4-4 vote Thursday, June 23, a lower court’s decision will remain in place, blocking President Obama’s November 2014 executive actions that would have shielded nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation and provided many with authorization to live and work in the US.

Jun 28 14:15

Responsible White Gun Owners Stop 'Western Shootout' Between Black Heroin Dealers

But I thought guns were incapable of preventing crime?

RT reports:


Jun 28 13:58

‘It’s Amazing How Little These Issues Of Unequal Access Come Up’

Judging by the amount of coverage alone, you’d have to assume that corporate media take elections extremely seriously. But if journalists believe so strongly in the electoral process, why aren’t they more interested in efforts to expand participation in it? Higher voting turnouts would serve, one would think, to justify media’s implied premise that elections merit attention as a legitimate, if flawed, reflection of the public interest and will.

Jun 28 13:54

Who Will Succeed Cameron? Boris Johnson & Theresa May Favorites For Britain’s Top Job

Ex-London mayor Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Theresa May have emerged as the clear favorites to succeed David Cameron after he resigned as prime minister on Friday, having failed to keep Britain in the EU.

Jun 28 13:41

Multiple Injured in Twin Explosions at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport

At least two explosions rocked Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, the third largest airport in Europe, shortly after 10 pm Tuesday night.

A government official told news reporters there were two explosions and there was gunfire heard outside the terminal, near a parking lot. The official also said it is not clear whether the explosions were due to bombs, gunfire or a suicide bombing.

Multiple injuries were reported on scene. Taxi cabs are ferrying the injured to hospitals in the city, according to Associated Press, Reuters and NTV, an affiliate of the U.S.-based Fox News network. No deaths have been reported thus far.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How lucky for Hillary that the media has something to report on besides that Benghazi report!

Jun 28 13:32

Heavy Police Presence As Baltimore Residents Grieve For Slain Rapper

A heavy police presence accompanied dozens of fans of rapper Lor Scoota as they took to the streets Monday evening for a spontaneous block party in honor of his death in a shooting over the weekend.

Jun 28 13:31

BREAKING: Even More Anti-Gun Politicians Heading To Prison

2016 seems to be a bad year to be an anti-gun politician.

As the saying goes, “When it rains, it pours.”

The year has already had immoral, dishonest anti-gun politicians sentenced to jail at a record rate…

And June has been over the top.

This month alone has seen former Los Angeles County Undersheriff Paul Tanaka, U.S. Representative Chaka Fattah, California State Assemblymember Tom Calderon and California State Senator Ron Calderon all being found guilty of corruption.

And lest we forget that February saw Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca plead guilty and gun running California State Senator Leland Yee sentenced to federal prison.

What do these six politicians have in common?


Jun 28 13:07

US Fears Brexit Repercussion On Its Goals In Europe: Analyst

A political commentator says that the United States is upset about the result of Thursday’s referendum in the UK as it would endanger Washington’s achievements of its goals in the Europe.

Jun 28 13:05

How Juno Will Survive Its Death-Defying Mission to Jupiter

Juno is NASA's next great planetary spacecraft, built to fly closer to Jupiter than any probe has ever gone before. It is scheduled to arrive next week, at 9 PM Eastern on Monday, July 4, which will mark the end of a five-year trip. (Juno took the scenic route, leaving home in 2011 and swinging back by Earth in 2013 for a gravity assist.) As Juno makes the treacherous approach that marks the end of its journey, the craft will shut off its instruments and blindly launch itself into a polar orbit that gets closer and closer to the great planet. When it opens its eyes on the other side, Juno will try to learn how Jupiter formed and what that tells us about the origin of our entire solar system.

Jun 28 12:49

Trump Twitter Feed being hijacked!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I was posting an image to my twitter feed, address to @TheRealDonaldTrump when I noticed that the pull down list of suggestions was loaded up with various permutations all trying to look like Trump's twitter feed, but clearly intended to lure people away from Trump's real feed onto channels were anti-Trump propaganda can be spewed out!

The bad guys love to play dirty!

Jun 28 12:44


The latest Marketplace-Edison Research poll shows Americans’ stress over their personal financial situation building even before Brexit. We asked basic questions about, for example, household budgets, family vacations and paying bills. Americans’ responses showed that, in May, our country’s anxiety level climbed to its highest point since the beginning of our poll.

Here are a couple of things Americans told us:

More of them are losing sleep over their financial situation: 32 percent now compared with 28 percent in September 2015.
They are less confident that they could find a new job within six months if they were to lose their current job: 41 percent are very confident about finding a new job now compared with 46 percent in September 2015.
On questions about trade and economic fairness — issues that British voters debated in the U.K. before Brexit — and that are resonating in the U.S. 2016 presidential campaign:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am actually surprised that the number is that low, honestly; I would have imagined that the numbers would be higher here.

And about being "afraid" and "embarrassed" by our lack of choices in this presidential election?!? I can fully understand this.

Yes, Trump does manage to behave, many times, like a blunt instrument; but his saving grace to me is his innate intelligence, and the fact that he is capable of sounding out the problems with this economy cleanly and clearly.

I am watching his press conference, where he is stating that we import 800 billion dollars more than we export, and that is definitely a huge economic problem.

He is beholden to no special interests, because of his wealth, and he has tapped into a lot of legitimate anger Americans are feeling about their lot in this country at this point in their lives.

That is something the Democrats are refusing to deal with, and it may well cost them, big-time, in this election.

The middle class in this country is being squeezed into extinction by the continuing offshoring/outsourcing of American jobs to cheaper labor pools, and Americans are hurting because of this.

They are also hurting because of the problems caused by illegal immigration, which is driving down labor costs here at home.

Hillary Clinton is the uber-globalist sociopath who has never, in her professional life, seen a US government-instigated war as something she didn't love, particularly if such a war potentially benefited Israel.

I would definitely be willing to take my chances with a Trump presidency, over a Clinton presidency; this office is not supposed to be a dynasty in this country, but a choice about where We the People want this country to go.
And this presidential election seems to be a choice between smart nationalism, and globalism, which to date, does not seem to have served the American people well at all.

I think that there can be such a thing as smart nationalism when it comes to the US economy, which can engage the world by producing intelligently thought out and competitive products.

Jun 28 12:30

Anti Neocon Gear

Only three days left https://teespring.com/realnews

Jun 28 12:27

FBI spending over $600M yearly to target Americans

The science and technology branch is the most funded sector of the FBI, garnering a yearly budget of between $600M and $800M that is directly spent to target Americans both domestically and abroad.

Jun 28 12:25

FLASHBACK - Benghazi Victim’s Mother: ‘Special Place In Hell’ For People Like Hillary, “I Hope She Enjoys It There’

Patricia Smith, whose son Sean was killed in the 2012 terrorist attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, responded to Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s statement about her being “absolutely wrong” by saying there’s “a special place in hell” for people like Clinton “and I hope she enjoys it there” on Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Intelligence Report with Trish Regan.”

Smith said, “She lied to me. She told me it was a fault of the video. … And she knew full well it wasn’t at that time. And then she says, she was going to check, and if it’s any different, she would call me back. She would let me know. She has never once spoken to me, or her office. The only thing I ever got out of them is that I am not a member of the immediate family, and I don’t need to know.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The House Committee report confirms that Hillary and Obama lied when they blamed the attack on the video. I hope Patricia Smith is feeling vindicated.

Jun 28 12:17


The US military has tested an Israeli short-range missile for possible use in its European network of missile systems to deter Russia, says a US Army general.

Major General Glenn Bramhall of the US Army’s Air and Missile Defense Command made the comments on Monday, as he visited the occupied Palestinian territories.

Bramhall said his units needed a reliable system to counter less powerful missile threats as a third tier beside the Army’s array of midrange Patriot and THAAD missile systems.

“Patriot and THAAD are great systems that do what they were designed to do. But I don’t think we would want to waste a Patriot or a THAAD missile on something that can be affected by something that’s lower cost and is actually designed for that job itself,” the general told Reuters.

For that purpose, he said the US military has test-launched a variant of the Israeli “Tamir” rocket which is incorporated to the Tel Aviv regime’s so-called Iron Dome missile system.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

WHAT Russian "...military buildup in Europe." ?!?!?!?

It has been the US and NATO which have been doing a huge military buildup on the borders with Russia, not the other way around.

Folks, we are being fed this codswallop to "groom" the American public toward accepting a shooting war against Russia; this is a war the US military may well not win, because the US military doesn't have the weaponry, the troop strength, the money, or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war against Russia.

The weapons procurement system is nothing short of incestuous in this country, because those Congressional representatives who hand out contracts for weapons are, themselves, funded by those same weapons companies.

So the end of the day, most of what our military gets in terms of weaponry is frightfully over budget; obsolete even before it is field-deployed; and rarely functioning as they are supposed to function.

A brilliant example of this problem is the tale of the F-35, consistently embroiled in a string of terrible problems which appears to be never-ending. As reported by Claire Bernish at activistpost.com in February of this year:

As is typical for the Pentagon’s continuous mismanagement of its enormous budget, the F-35 fighter program — with its $1.5 trillion cost to taxpayers so far — continues to be fraught with complications and failures. According to an 82-page report released Monday, myriad flaws still plague the Pentagon’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft, including an ejection system likely to break the necks of pilots under 136 pounds. “Testing showed that the ejection seat rotates backwards after ejection. This results in the pilot’s neck becoming extended, as the head moves behind the shoulders in a ‘chin up’ position,” the report states.

Forgive me, but did none of the engineers at Lockheed-Martin see this coming?!?

As those of you know who occasionally read my posts on this blog, I hate the concept of war as being the US government's answer to geopolitical disputes; but that having been said, should the US government go to war, I want our military to have the best of the best.

And because of the way our weapons procurement program is structured, getting weapons that work, and are delivered on time, and within budget, is just about as rare as is a unicorn.

Jun 28 12:09


The latest Marketplace-Edison Research poll shows Americans’ stress over their personal financial situation building even before Brexit. We asked basic questions about, for example, household budgets, family vacations and paying bills. Americans’ responses showed that, in May, our country’s anxiety level climbed to its highest point since the beginning of our poll.

Jun 28 12:08

Top 11 'conspiracy theories' we all found out were TRUE and hugely destructive to our health and safety

It's funny how so many people try to discredit natural health enthusiasts when they hear about food or medicine they've been consuming or taking for years – mainly because they just don't want to find out that they've been "doing it wrong" for so long. Then, when undeniable proof comes along, they still make a last ditch attempt to deny the truth; however, slowly but surely, they start asking questions, and verifying answers for themselves, and then it happens: Some bad health "event" comes along, and they decide to try to "get healthy" and turn over a "new leaf." In that process, they must face themselves in the mirror and ask the all important question: "Have I been wrong all these years?"

Jun 28 12:07

#KeepCorbyn! Grassroots Protest To Defend Labour Chief Amid Mass Cabinet Resignations (VIDEO)

As Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn fights off attempts by his own MPs to dethrone him, thousands of his grassroots supporters across Britain are rallying in his defense.

Jun 28 12:06

Armed Shoppers Help Detain Suspects in Augusta Wal Mart Shootout

Four people were arrested in connection with a shootout last night in the Augusta Wal Mart parking lot.

Police say two armed citizens stepped up to diffuse a dangerous situation.

Jun 28 12:03

Big Food seeks to exempt itself from the Freedom of Information Act

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” the famous quote attributed to Hippocrates, is probably more important today than ever before as a handful of corporations, dubbed Big Food, gain more control over the food industry. Hippocrates’ statement brings up a very complex question:

Jun 28 12:03

Cultural Enrichment: Muslim Smashes Up Swedish Church, Italian Saint Defaced With “Allahu Akbar” Graffiti

Europe got another taste of the cultural enrichment it is currently importing when a Muslim man screaming “Allahu Akbar” smashed up a Christian church in Sweden, while the statue of a Saint in Italy was defaced with the same words scrawled in graffiti.

Jun 28 11:57


That 51 US diplomats reproached President Obama’s Syria policy by calling for greater American military force deployed against the Damascus government was itself a remarkable sign of official dissent within Washington. But the president’s authority was further brazenly undermined when a few days later the Saudi rulers endorsed the dissenting US diplomats – while being received at the White House.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would strongly suggest to Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to the US, Prince Abdullah bin Faisal bin Turki Al Saud, that there is an elephant in the room, snoozing on the Bosendorfer, which no one in power in the US or Saudi Arabia wants to address, in terms of this kind of action by the US military, and that is the presence of the Russian military, at the invitation of the Syrian government.

A attempted decap strike by the US military may well devolve into a shooting war with Russia; is that what the Saudi Arabian government and House of Saud would like to see happen?!?

Such a war could prove not only a military disaster for the US, because our military doesn't have the weaponry, the troop strength, the manufacturing, or the money to ensure a successful outcome; but also, it could be a complete train wreck for the US economy as a whole.

As reported at money.cnn.com in May of this year:

Saudi Arabia stockpiled $116.8 billion of U.S. Treasuries as of March, the Treasury Department announced on Monday, ending four decades of keeping the figure secret. That makes Saudi Arabia the 13th largest foreign holder of U.S. debt, though well behind the $1 trillion-plus owned by China and Japan each. The Saudi figure was first reported by Bloomberg News based on a Freedom of Information Act request. Unlike with most other major owners of U.S. debt, the Treasury Department kept Saudi Arabia's precise holdings secret since the 1970s. Saudi's holdings were lumped together with that of other oil exporting nations, including Venezuela and Iraq. But that policy ended on Monday as the Treasury Department disclosed precise holdings by specific countries that were previously grouped together. A Treasury official told CNNMoney the move was made following a review aimed at trying to provide more

Does the Saudi government want to see its investment in US Treasuries be placed in a situation from which that investment cannot recover?!? I would, frankly, have a hard time believing that it would.

So, if this is not the case, I would strongly caution the Saudi government against lobbying for a direct decap strike against Al-Assad; the ultimate outcome of such a strike could backfire, big-time, on Saudi Arabia's already precarious financial position, with the price of oil as low as it is right now.

Jun 28 11:44

Orlando Massacre: 911 Logs Tell Story of Horror Inside Pulse Club

Police released logs from the Orlando massacre on Tuesday, providing a stripped-down, staccato narrative of the horror that unfolded over three hours inside the Pulse nightclub two weeks ago.

(*That only took a little more then two weeks to cut , paste , delete , fudge , doctor , and , in this article's own words , 'strip down' .)

Jun 28 11:35


What is happening in the UK, in Europe, and in the US, is nothing less than a breakdown of the entire system. The EU was meant to be a customs union where post-World War II Western Europe could rebuild itself through free trade and a reduction in bureaucracy. Through corruption and political ambition it became an unelected bully government in Brussels, where the well-connected were well compensated and insulated from the votes of mere citizens.

Whatever happens in the near future – and it is certainly not assured that the vote to “Brexit” will actually end in the UK’s departure from the EU – a line has been crossed that supporters of more personal liberty should celebrate. Rule from London is preferable to liberty-minded Britons than rule from Brussels. Just as Texans should prefer rule from Austin to rule from Washington. That doesn’t make either option perfect, just more likely to produce more freedom.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well said, Dr. Paul; well said!!

Jun 28 11:33

Pentagon’s ‘revised’ $416mn program trained fewer than 100 Syrian fighters – reports

Fewer than 100 Syrian fighters have been trained under a revamped train-and-equip program run by the Pentagon, US media report. The new focus is on training rebel leaders as “spotters” of Islamic State targets for US-led coalition airstrikes, officials say.

The additional 100 Syrian rebel leaders have been trained to fight Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) under a new Pentagon-run train-and-equip program since March, US officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity told reporters on Monday.

Jun 28 11:26

A Top Official Scheduled To Testify Against Hillary FOUND DEAD!

There are major questions being raised about the suspicious death of former United Nations (U.N.) official John Ashe. Was foul play involved?

A bombshell report shows that Ashe, who was found dead last week, supposedly due to a heart attack, is having the reason for death brought into question.

Police officers in the city of Dobbs Ferry, New York have claimed he instead died by a crushed throat in a “workout accident.”

Ashe was scheduled to testify in court today, along with Ng Lap Seng – a Chinese businessman and co-defendant – who received more than $1 billion during his term as president of the U.N. in donations.

Sing also found ways to illegally funnel money to Democrats during President Bill Clinton’s term in office.

Could this be Hillary Clinton silencing people who “know too much?”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Is this a trick question?!?

Jun 28 11:24


Abandoning Palestinians and its pledge to fight Israel's protracted blockade of Gaza, the Turkish government on Monday announced an agreement to normalize relations with the Middle East powerhouse—reportedly just in time for a new, lucrative natural gas deal.

The two countries have been engaged in a bitter dispute since 2010 when the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) attacked the Turkish-owned Mavi Marmara, which was carrying humanitarian supplies to the people of the Gaza Strip, killing nine people at the time and and fatally injuring a tenth.

In response, Turkey imposed unprecedented military sanctions on Israel and demanded that its former ally issue an apology and compensation for the attack, as well as end the siege of Gaza. According to the Electronic Intifada's Ali Abunimah, Monday's "breakthrough apparently came when Turkey dropped the third and biggest of these demands and accepted that Israel would maintain its blockade."

Reuters reports:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Congratulations to Erdogan for having thrown the Palestinian people under the bus of continued Israeli occupation; he must feel so proud of himself right now!!

His party's title as the "Justice and Development" party has just become darkly transmogrified into AFAB (Anything for a buck!)

Jun 28 11:22

EU Hints It May Stop Speaking English To Spite UK

It has now become abundantly clear that the bureaucrats at the EU are doing everything they can to punish the UK for voting to leave the EU.

Even before the referendum, German finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble threatened the UK and claimed it could never get single-market access to the EU. In other words, the UK would never be granted the sort of access that non-EU members Norway and Switzerland already have.

Following the election, EU Parliament President Martin Schulz raged at the UK declaring he wanted the UK out as soon as possible, claiming that the UK was holding the EU "hostage." Schulz, of course, is the same person who condemned the Poles for daring to elect someone that Schulz doesn't like. Soon after, Brussels launched a probe against the Poles, and other Europhile politicians called for sanctions against Poland for not electing the correct people.

Jun 28 11:22

EU’s Juncker under pressure to resign after Brexit vote

Pressure is building on Jean-Claude Juncker to resign as President of the European Commission following the UK referendum, with the Czech Republic leading calls for him to “change the habits” of the executive after last week’s Brexit referendum in the UK.

Jun 28 11:21

Good-Bye, Europe! Ukrainians Don't Want to Be in the EU Anymore

Many Ukrainians are already talking about the fact that the EU does not need Ukraine. The number of people dissatisfied with the European Union is increasing every day.

Today the political elite continue to actively discuss the question of what will happen to Ukraine and how it will be affected by the outcome of the will of the British people.

Many are sounding that the EU will never take Ukraine in its composition, so as to solve their internal problems, in order not to disintegrate completely. And Ukrainians should not think about the visa-free regime in the near future. As it turns out, the sounds are not groundless.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, that whole US-backed coup and subsequent war was all for nothing!

Jun 28 11:16

Explosion, blaze at Pascagoula Gas Plant in Mississippi, US

An explosion has occurred at the Amoco BP Gas Plant in Jackson County, Mississippi, local News5 channel reports. Witnesses say the blast occurred around 11:40 pm local time and reported a large plume of fire rising from the area around the plant.

Jun 28 11:14

America’s One-Party Government

Today’s United States is a more realistic version of the type of society that George Orwell fictionally described in his allegorical novel 1984.

Jun 28 11:13

Die Welt Calls For Merkel's Resignation, Slams "EU's Gravedigger"

"Britain Votes Merkel Out Of Office, Too" is the astonishing headline from Germany's 3rd largest newspaper Die Welt. Pinning the blame for The Brits' vote, the op-ed lambasts The EU's political failure, "The British do not leave the EU as narrow-minded snobs that had not meant it to happen that way, but as proud democrats that no longer wanted to put up with the snags and political failures of the EU;" and puts the blame squarely on the sagging shoulders of Angela Merkel (and her solo attempts at refugee policy)... "voters in Britain basically also voted Angela Merkel out of office. Before she becomes the EU's gravedigger for good, she should follow David Cameron's example."

Jun 28 11:11

Federal Judge: U.S. Constitution Is Outdated, Judges Should Stop Studying It

According to 7th Circuit Judge Richard Posner in a post published to Slate, U.S. judges should stop studying the Constitution.

“I see absolutely no value to a judge of spending decades, years, months, weeks, day, hours, minutes, or seconds studying the Constitution, the history of its enactment, its amendments, and its implementation,” Posner argued.

“Eighteenth-century guys, however smart, could not foresee the culture, technology, etc., of the 21st century,” he continued. “Which means that the original Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the post–Civil War amendments (including the 14th), do not speak to today.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF the Constitution and Bill of Rights are "meaningless", then the USA is no longer a "nation of laws"; these historical documents are the original "Contract with America", and the fact that this reality has seemed to elude Judge Posner is deeply worrying.

Jun 28 11:10

Bravo Brexit!

At long last the tyranny of the global financial elite has been slammed good and hard. You can count on them to attempt another central bank based shock and awe campaign to halt and reverse the current sell-off, but it won’t be credible, sustainable or maybe even possible.

The central bankers and their compatriots at the EU, IMF, White House/Treasury, OECD, G-7 and the rest of the Bubble Finance apparatus have well and truly over-played their hand. They have created a tissue of financial lies; an affront to the very laws of markets, sound money and capitalist prosperity.

After all, what predicate of sober economics could possibly justify $10 trillion of sovereign debt trading at negative yields?

Jun 28 11:09

White House refuses Benghazi questions for Obama

The White House and the House Select Committee on Benghazi are at a standoff over whether President Barack Obama should answer a series of questions about the 2012 terrorist attack in Libya that left four Americans dead.

Neil Eggleston, counsel to the president, blasted the committee for sending the president a list of questions about the attack — an inquiry the administration deemed inappropriate and a partisan attempt to frame the White House as uncooperative.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The White House isn't cooperating!

Jun 28 11:08

Austrian far-right figure warns of 'Auxit' vote within a year

The European Union should avoid any moves towards political "centralization" or else Austria could hold a referendum on membership of the bloc within a year, a far-right candidate who almost won the country's presidential election said.

Jun 28 11:08

Slovakia anti-immigrant party seeks referendum on EU membership withdrawal

Anti-immigrant party Our Slovakia wants out of the EU and intends to gather signatures to trigger a referendum on the issue.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jun 28 11:07

Corbyn defiant despite losing no confidence vote

Jeremy Corbyn refused to step down as leader of the Labour party even after an overwhelming vote of no-confidence — by 172 to 40 votes — and a wave of resignations from his front bench.

Mr Corbyn has insisted that he will not give up despite the resignations of about 50 MPs from senior positions as front bench spokespeople over three days.

“I was democratically elected leader of our party for a new kind of politics by 60 per cent of Labour members and supporters, and I will not betray them by resigning,” said Mr Corbyn.
Rebels are expected to rally behind one single challenger, expected to be either Angela Eagle, former shadow business secretary, or Tom Watson, the deputy leader.

Jun 28 11:06

Russian State Duma Passes Total Ban on GMO Crops and Animals

Russia’s State Duma adopted Friday the third and final reading of a government bill that introduces a total ban on the cultivation and breeding in Russia of genetically modified (GM) plants and animals, except for scientific research purposes.

Jun 28 11:05

The Dearth of Ethics and the Death of Lehman Brothers

In an unprecedented move that rocked the financial industry to its core, on Sept. 15, 2008, Lehman Brothers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Not only was it the largest bankruptcy case in United States history, but it also came after repeated assurances from the company’s chief executives that finances were healthy, liquidity levels were high, and leverage was manageable. The implosion of this Wall Street institution shattered consumer confidence during a time of fragility, and in the aftermath of its collapse, a number of questionable decisions came to light. This analysis will proceed in two parts: First, a recap of the series of events leading to Lehman Brothers’ failure, followed by the identification of several dubious choices made by its executive management team and how the consequences led to the bank’s ultimate demise.

Jun 28 11:04

Merkel puts brakes on Brexit as Brussels accelerates

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told German public TV ARD on Saturday that he would "like to get started immediately" on Britain's exit negotiations, implicitly criticizing Prime Minister David Cameron's decision to resign - but perhaps not till October - and pass on the task of untangling the UK from the European Union to his successor.

At the same time, EU Parliament President Martin Schulz demanded that London deliver "by Tuesday" the formal withdrawal notification needed to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and start formal two-year exit proceedings.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have a faster way to do it.


Jun 28 11:02

Senate Agrees On “DARK Act” GMO Labeling Bill

On Thursday, the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry agreed on a new bill aimed at labeling foods with genetically modified ingredients. The committee has been trying for several months to get a bill passed before Vermont’s labeling law goes into effect on July 1.

U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts and Ranking Member Debbie Stabenow released a statement, calling the bill “an important path forward that represents a true compromise. Since time is of the essence, we urge our colleagues to move swiftly to support this bill.” Roberts said if his colleagues do not act on the bill now Vermont’s law will cause confusion in the marketplace. The bill would give the U.S. Department of Agriculture two years to write the labeling rules.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, for the next two years (if not longer) the GMO companies can sell you whatever they want, and you are not allowed to know!

Jun 28 11:01


Hawaii is an odd place. Smack dab in the middle of the world’s largest ocean it has been said that Hawaii is as close to the developing world as one can come (in some respects) and still be in the 50 United States. It has weird politics. (From which our current president politically sprouted it should be noted.) It has a strong Leftward tilt in many ways. The Communist Party of Hawaii of the 1940s and 1950s was arguably the strongest of the communist parties in the USA. The flag has the Union Jack on it with American stripes. It’s the home of surfing. (My first love.) It’s the only state which is wholly tropical. It has active volcanoes. Hawaii is an outlier in practically everything. I guess putting perfectly law abiding gun owners on an FBI list is just another one of these weird things. Let’s hope this sort of over the top statism just stays out in the deep blue of the North Pacific.

Jun 28 10:59

CROOKED HILLARY EVERYONE! ???? CORRUPT TO THE CORE! Typical 5-year old behavior when they're caught in a lie!

Hillary Clinton getting asked by a reporter if Bill Clinton's support of the Columbia Free Trade Agreement is a conflict of interest. Hillary Clinton answers with her famous cackle. Her chief advisor, Mark Penn, was caught lobbying to get the Columbia Free Trade Agreement that the Bush Administration supports to be passed in Congress.

Jun 28 10:58

Poroshenko Calls to Ignore the Outcome of the UK Referendum

Supporting the idea of a Brexit in the UK referendum became an information bomb for Petro Poroshenko, who came to power under the slogan of Ukraine joining the EU. London was seen as one the main lobbyists of Ukrainian interests in the EU. Another lobbyist, Poland, is not such a powerful foreign policy player as the UK. Another reason for the frustration is the blow struck to the attractiveness of the European Union. Until now, European countries have sought to enter the Union and not come back. Therefore, the decision of the British people expressed in the referendum is perhaps the strongest foreign policy defeat of the Poroshenko regime.

Jun 28 10:57

House Democrats mistakenly release transcript confirming big payout to Clinton friend

The Democrats on the House Benghazi committee released their final conclusions from the inquiry into attacks on Americans in that Libyan city in 2012, and in the report they say, once again, that the investigation is a politically motivated sham aimed at damaging the reputation of Hillary Clinton.

Jun 28 10:57

Germany says 'won't let anyone take Europe from us'

“I am confident that these countries can also send a message that we won’t let anyone take Europe from us,” he said heading into a meeting in Berlin of his counterparts from the EU’s six founding members.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If you are going to make comments like that, at least have the decency to wear a Swastika!

Jun 28 10:57

Rush to exit? Politicians clamor for EU membership referendums at home

Euroskeptic parties across the EU have been inspired by the British ‘Leave’ vote with right-wing politicians in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and France all calling for referendums on their countries’ membership in the bloc.

Jun 28 10:57

Man fights eviction after rent increase from $1,800 per month to $8,000

A San Francisco man is fighting to stay in his apartment, after his landlord suddenly hiked his rent from $1,800 a month to $8,000.

The tenant has appealed this incredible rent hike to the city, but it may be too late. He may find himself out of his apartment before the city's rent board decides if it's legal or not. One thing is certain -- it's one of the highest rent increases in recent history in San Francisco.

Jun 28 10:55

FSB raids 14 Scientology offices in Russia in money laundering probe

The Federal Security Service has conducted 14 simultaneous raids on the Church of Scientology offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It seized documents that could shed light on the organization’s illegal financial dealings in Russia.

The simultaneous raid across the two cities follow the November 2015 court decision in Moscow that ruled that the Church of Scientology did not comply with federal laws on freedom of religion, as it used its trademark for financial gain.

Jun 28 10:49


Mark Zuckerberg attacked the "fearful voices calling for building walls" and opposing illegal immigration earlier this year, yet he himself insists on living in walled off compounds.

As the Gateway Pundit highlights, Zuckerberg built a giant wall around his own fortified $10 million mansion in Delores Heights, San Francisco just two years ago.

For years, Kilauea, Kauai resident Gy Hall has enjoyed the view of the ocean and the breeze along Koolau Road. Then, a few weeks ago, a crew started to build a wall which happens to belong to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

"The feeling of it is really oppressive. It's immense," Hall said. "It's really sad that somebody would come in, and buy a huge piece of land and the first thing they do is cut off this view that's been available and appreciative by the community here for years."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning!!

Jun 28 10:49

Flint Water Criminal Investigation Costs Triple — And May Hit $5 Million

Mchigan Attorney General Bill Schuette’s wide-ranging probe into the Flint water crisis could cost as much as $4.9 million, more than triple the amount allocated by the state in a contract in March, according to a posting on the state Administrative Board website.

Jun 28 10:36

BREAKING: Texas Gov. Makes Announcement About Secession

On Friday, Texas Gov.Greg Abbott spoke with Fox News’ host Sean Hannity on Hannity’s radio show about the secession movement in Texas — and the state of politics in the United States in general. His answer might surprise partisans on both sides of the issue..

“Candidly, Sean, what I think is that what Texans believe in is that we need the United States to be more like Texas. In fact, I believe America longs to be the way the Texas is,” Abbott said.

Abbott explained how crucial it is for nations and states to assert their sovereignty.

Jun 28 10:36


Looking at the British poll to exit Europe, we cannot just say “we told you so”. We cannot feel happy seeing Europe collapse even though we here in Palestine suffered and continue to suffer from European colonization (yes Zionism that created Israel is European colonization).

Jun 28 10:33

Open Letter From Politicians Demand Corporations Reveal Tax Deals

European MPs have signed an open letter that presses governments across the Continent to publish their complex tax agreements with multinational companies on a country-by-country basis.

Jun 28 10:29


There is a term of craft in Propaganda called a "Limited Hangout." This refers to admitting to a smaller scandal as a distraction from the larger scandal that must remain hidden.

See how it works?


Because it appears we are in the middle of yet another limited hangout, in which the public furor over the questionable use of a private email server by Hillary Clinton may be concealing far greater and darker secrets!

Let us start with the email server issue itself.

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WRH Exclusive
Jun 28 10:20


In 1987, seventeen-year-old Kevin Ives and sixteen-year-old Don Henry were murdered in a rural part of Arkansas, south of Little Rock.

Kevin and Don had inadvertently witnessed a drug drop that was part of the international drug smuggling operation out of Mena, Arkansas. (Kevin Ives and Don Henry)

There have been allegations that the Clinton family are linked to the CIA and organised crime and murder.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

First Lady Hillary Clinton posed before the White House Christmas tree with known cocaine smuggler and Clinton donor Jorge Cabreras!

Jun 28 10:18


Hawaii is an odd place. Smack dab in the middle of the world’s largest ocean it has been said that Hawaii is as close to the developing world as one can come (in some respects) and still be in the 50 United States. It has weird politics. (From which our current president politically sprouted it should be noted.) It has a strong Leftward tilt in many ways.

Jun 28 10:17

Benghazi report shows Clinton pushed own version of attack

The report states that US officials did not order military assets to be deployed to help the Americans under attack in Libya.

The Sept.,11, 2012, attack by Islamic militants killed Ambassador Chris Stevens, Foreign Service officer Sean Smith, and CIA contractors Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty.

Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, the panel’s chairman, said: “Nothing was en route to Libya at the time the last two Americans were killed almost eight hours after the attacks began.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jun 28 10:06

Where Are The Indictments?

Now note that the so-called "TWP" folks are, by their own admission, "white nationalists."

So what?

We have a First Amendment in this country. The "counter-protesters" intent was to prevent these people from being able to exercise their First Amendment rights, they initiated violence for that purpose which ultimately resulted in several serious knife wounds and they succeeded in destroying the TWP's First Amendment right to free speech.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Any time anyone tries to block Freedom of Speech, it means they have something to hide or know they cannot prevail in open debate on the issues. This is true whether it is counter-protesters disrupting a rally, hired mobs violently disrupting Trump's campaign stops, Israel trying to criminalize criticism of their policies, or hackers trying to wreck websites critical of Hillary Clinton. Now, I am certain the people who do such things go to bed at night assuring themselves they serve some higher purpose that transcends the Bill of Rights, but the truth is they are all traitors to the founding principles of this nation. It is easy to support freedom of speech when you agree with the speaker. The true test of your commitment to freedom of speech is when you allow someone you don't agree with to have their fair say.

Jun 28 09:56

Death to All Zombies!

When things fall apart in stressed complex systems, they tend to fall apart fast. It’s called phase change. Too many things in 21st-century life have depended on sheer trust that the people-in-charge know what they are doing. That trust has subsisted on the doling out of money-from-nothing: debt, reckless bond issuance. TARP, QEs, bail-outs, bail-ins, Operation Twists, Ponzi schemes… the whole sad-ass armamentarium of banking necromancy. The politicians let it get out of hand. Things that can’t go on don’t, and now they won’t.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jun 28 09:41

Hillary and Obama administration lied about Benghazi 'video' story at every turn because they were 'just 8 weeks before an election,' says GOP congressman as Republicans release scathing report on 2012 terror attack

Republicans on the House Benghazi Committee claimed Tuesday that the Obama White House and Hillary Clinton lied repeatedly to the American people about the nature of and reasons for the 2012 terror attacks in Benghazi, Libya, even as they privately acknowledged what caused them.

A scathing report provides new ammunition against Clinton, then the secretary of state, and turn the assault on an under-protected U.S. diplomatic compound and a nearby CIA facility into the election-year issue it was always destined to be.

Republicans' central argument is that the Obama White House chose to deceive Americans rather than risk the public relations nightmare of admitting terrorists had struck Americans overseas, less than two months before Obama's re-election day.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jun 28 09:39

Yes, There IS EU Propaganda In Schools, And It’s Worse Than You Think

Okay, so maybe the framing of the assertion wasn’t great – using colouring books as an example of how youngsters of voting age might be unfairly impacted by EU propaganda was a hit job waiting to happen. But the truth is that this situation has been going on for years, and it isn’t a stretch of the imagination to say that those turning 18 in the next year, before the European referendum, may well have encountered the infamous colouring books.

Well, they will only have been born in 1998. The days of Tony Blair, and well into the European project’s most recent expansionist growth spurt.

But I can confirm to you, dear reader, that not only is this the case, which I’m sure you never doubted. But its also getting worse.

Jun 28 09:29

The First Casualty Of Brexit: Italy Prepares €40 Billion Bank Bailout

Barely has the market had time to digest last week's Brexit vote by the UK, a vote which may never actually be implemented if the "sturm und drang" campaign unleashed by the EU and the ECB on UK capital markets succeeds in changing the mind of enough "Leavers" to the point that the entire referendum is called off and Boris Johnson never triggers the Article 50 clause, and already Europe's most financially troubled nation, Italy, is using Brexit as a pretext to unleash a €40 billion ($44 billion) bailout of its insolvent banks.

Jun 28 09:23

US public education: Bullshit to train stupefied work animals. ‘Economics’ as limited and flawed models while ignoring criminal looting fraud to call debt as ‘money’ and ‘good,’ ignoring game-changing reforms (4 of 12)

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

I’ve participated with Advanced Placement Macroeconomics teachers on our discussion board available to ~2,000 teachers since 2008. No colleague has ever found any factual errors or omissions in the game-changing facts of monetary and banking reforms; with prima facie benefits of $1,000,000 per US household. Moreover, this topic has real-world success documented by Ben Franklin and endorsed by Thomas Edison (among many of our nation’s brightest minds).

This, of course, opens a new era in economics that in a non-bullshit environment would be excitedly embraced, explored, and introduced into policy consideration for real-world case studies.

Jun 28 09:10

US Destroyer Committed ‘Gross Violation’ in Encounter With Russian Ship

A US destroyer violated international and bilateral agreements by approaching a Russian ship dangerously close this month, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jun 28 09:08

Dow Chemical to cut 2,500 Jobs

Jun 28 09:08

Select Committee on Benghazi Releases Proposed Report

Rep. Mike Pompeo (KS-04) released the following statement regarding these findings:

“We expect our government to make every effort to save the lives of Americans who serve in harm’s way. That did not happen in Benghazi. Politics were put ahead of the lives of Americans, and while the administration had made excuses and blamed the challenges posed by time and distance, the truth is that they did not try.”