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"The Government needs to be changed, like diapers..."

Ukrainian public organization "Uspishna kraina" conducted a nationwide survey to find out the mood of the citizens on the eve of local elections. And although quite a lot of respondents (60%) stated their strong desire to participate in the upcoming local elections, experts note that Ukraine has also a lot (about 13 million) of those who could be counted among the disappointed. "Where a national leader for whom to vote?", "Power gives birth to parasites", " don't believe in fair elections!", "Everything will be decided for the money" "As not ashamed to look into the eyes of the mothers!", "Nothing will change for the better — will be worse." One of the respondents said that "the government needs to be changed, like diapers". Local elections will be held in Ukraine on October 25. Earlier it was reported that in Odessa city Council running for 44 of Darth Vader, one of them a woman. Also in the electoral list of "Darth Vader" there is one candidate named Master Yoda. In all, "dark side of the force" nominated to the Odessa city Council 48 candidates.