Sep 17 08:26

Stillbirths have surged up to 50 percent amid lockdowns in the coronavirus pandemic as pregnant women avoid seeking care, global research reveals

Stillbirth rates have spiked with alarming intensity amid the pandemic and lockdowns intended to slow the spread of coronavirus, according to research from multiple nations.

Sep 17 08:25

Parents are arrested for murder after their newborn daughter died from catastrophic injuries at two days old

A baby girl's parents have been arrested on suspicion of murder after doctors switched off her life support, five months after she had been brought into hospital with catastrophic injuries.

Sep 17 07:45

Oracle's Bid To Serve As The 'Trusted Technology Provider' Of Chinese-Owned TikTok 'Falls Short Of Addressing Trump's National Security Concerns'

Oracle's bid to buy TikTok from Chinese parent ByteDance has reportedly fallen short of requirements from the Trump administration to resolve concerns that the video-sharing app represents a national security concern.

Sep 17 07:44

Patagonia Sparks Controversy By Stitching 'Vote The A**Holes Out' On The Inside Of Its Clothing Tags

Patagonia sparked controversy by hiding the phrase 'Vote the a**holes out' on a tag inside its latest line of shorts.

Sep 17 07:42

Satire sure is fun (Picture)

Sep 17 07:42

Another race-faker unmasked: Teacher admits lying about being black and resigns from University of Wisconsin-Madison

A University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate student has resigned from a teaching role after admitting to lying about being black.

Sep 17 07:39

Be careful where you sit: Elderly woman is thrown into the air after the mechanical arm of a garbage truck ripped up the bench she was sitting on

The Rochester local - who has not been identified - was waiting on the seat in the city's downtown area on July 29 while the truck tried to retrieve items from a nearby trash can.

Sep 17 07:37

Driving into hell: Helmet footage shows firefighters tackling the Creek Fire then escaping through a wall of flames

This is the incredible moment firefighters rushed into a California neighborhood as flames ravaged homes then had to drive through a wall of flames when the Creek Fire became too dangerous to fight.

Sep 17 07:27

EXCLUSIVE: 'When I jump, I feel free.' Meet the real life Spider-Man, 30, who turns NYC rooftops and streets into his personal playground, as daredevil video of him leaping over subway platform has gone viral

Byron Sterling, a 30-year-old medical transportation driver, was seen in a video last week jumping across a subway platform in New York City
Sterling, who goes by Kiing Spiider, made it look easy and added a front flip for good measure before hopping aboard a Manhattan-bound L train
'I landed it perfectly,' he boasted to 'When I jump, I just feel this adrenaline rush. It just gives me such a happy feeling. I feel free'
Sterling describes himself as a professional hardcore freerunner, which is also known as Parkour
He said: 'I grew up liking Jackie Chan movies. That's what got me interested in all of this. I found out the sport had a name. I looked it up and that's where I began'
Sterling started working on his craft 10 years ago at the Linden Park playground in his hometown neighborhood of East New York
One video posted on July 4 shows him taking a back flip off a rooftop in Coney Island, as spectators cheer

Sep 17 07:25

Teenager is gang-raped by at least 11 men and thrown to her death off a six-floor building in Somali capital Mogadishu

Hamdi Mohamed Farah, 19, was raped and thrown from a a six-floor building
Police say 11 suspects have been arrested, efforts to track others are ongoing
The incident has sparked outrage and protests in Somalia

Sep 17 07:23

Bill Barr compares national coronavirus lockdown to SLAVERY: AG says it is one of the 'greatest intrusions on civil liberties in American history' - as he encourages sedition charges for violent BLM protesters

US Attorney General Bill Barr compared US coronavirus lockdowns to American slavery on Wednesday night as it was revealed he is encouraging prosecutors to charge police brutality and racial injustice protesters with sedition whenever possible.

Sep 17 07:22

Military police considered using a 'heat ray' and a 'sound cannon' on protesters who were cleared out of Lafayette Square before Trump visit

A military whistleblower says federal officials sought some unusual crowd control devices - including one that´s been called a 'heat ray' - to deal with protesters outside the White House on the June day that law enforcement forcibly cleared Lafayette Square.

Sep 17 07:18

Top HHS official Michael Caputo reveals he has 'lymphatic issues' and will take a leave of absence a day after he apologized for likening government scientists to a 'resistance' against Donald Trump

Trump health appointee Michael Caputo announced Wednesday he is taking a 60-day medical leave of absence from the department after discovering a 'lymphatic issue' last week.

Sep 17 07:17

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump reveals a White House staff member has tested positive for coronavirus but aides say person didn't go to deal signing attended by Middle East leaders and hundreds of guests

President Donald Trump confirmed on Wednesday that another White House staffer has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Sep 17 07:15

REVEALED: The sick messages a paedophile teacher sent to 17-year-old student he had sex with - as the victim bravely stares him down in court

Elite Sydney private school teacher Ben Fenner had sex with a student, 17
He sent her explicit WhatsApp messages then had sex with her several times
'I feel you have taken so much away from me,' the brave victim said in court

Sep 17 07:14

Donald Trump contradicts his own CDC boss and calls him 'confused' and 'mistaken' for saying under oath that masks work BETTER than vaccines and that vaccines will NOT be available to all within weeks

President Donald Trump contradicted his Centers for Disease Control and Prevention head Tuesday saying he was 'confused' and 'made a mistake' when he told Congress a coronavirus vaccine wouldn't be widely available until the second quarter of next year.

Sep 17 07:14

'You let the pandemic come in': Chris Rock slams Democrats for focusing on Donald Trump's impeachment trial as coronavirus spread to the US

Comedian Chris Rock hit out at Democrats for being so focused on impeaching President Trump earlier this year that they allowed the coronavirus pandemic to hit the United States.

Sep 17 07:12

Parkland cop who was fired for taking cover behind his truck and then driving away during school massacre in 2018 is reinstated - with back-pay

A sheriff's deputy who was fired for hiding behind his truck and then driving away during the Parkland school shooting that killed 17 people in 2018 has been reinstated by an arbitrator - the second cop to get his job back in recent months.

Sep 17 07:11

Another race-faker unmasked: Teacher admits lying about being black and resigns from University of Wisconsin-Madison

A University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate student has resigned from a teaching role after admitting to lying about being black.

Sep 17 07:09

Farmer who kidnapped and raped a Belgian backpacker he kept prisoner in a pig shed loses appeal against his convictions

Gene Charles Bristow held a 24-year-old backpacker captive for two days in 2017
He was jailed for 18 years for aggravated kidnapping, rape and indecent assault
Bristow lost in his bid to have his convictions overturned on Thursday

Sep 17 07:05

Man South Dakota AG ‘thought was a deer’ totally destroyed his car's windscreen when he hit and killed him - as victim’s cousin says cops stopped him taking pictures of the vehicle and crash scene

The cousin of a man who was hit and killed by South Dakota AG Jason Ravnsborg has said police would not let him take pictures when he showed up to the scene two days after the Saturday night accident.

Sep 17 07:02

Aldi urgently recalls popular children's toy over fears kids could choke to death

Aldi has recalled its Jack 'N' Jill Wooden Block Sets (Farm, Jungle and Ocean)
Affected products were sold at Aldi stores from 10th June to 9th September
Parts may detach posing a risk of choking, suffocation, or death for young kids
The product should stop being used immediately and be returned for a refund

Sep 17 06:58

German shepherd ‘cries’ after being forced by its Chinese owner to eat chillies during live-stream amid disturbing new social media trend

Shocking footage shows the hound obediently chomping down a bowl of chillies
Tears were seen coming down from the pet's eye as it struggled to finish the food
A disturbing genre of animal binge-eating videos has emerged online in China
Other clips see dogs forced to consume a range of human snacks and drinks

Sep 17 06:57

Drug-dealing rapper who gave Holby City star's daughter 2-CP then filmed her overdosing at Bestival will remain out of jail after CPS refuse to appeal quashing of manslaughter conviction

CPS is refusing to appeal decision to quash rapper's manslaughter conviction
Ceon Broughton, 31, provided Louella Fletcher-Michie with 2-CP at Bestival
He then filmed the Holby City star's daughter overdosing and left her for dead
Decision is 'just another hammerblow' to actor John Michie's family, source said

Sep 17 06:48

VIDEO: Grandma Confronts Teacher For Telling Student Her Opinion Doesn't Matter Because She's White

This is what institutional racism looks like.

Sep 17 06:45

Moment paedophile hunters confronted trainee chef, 24, after he posted sexually explicit messages to undercover investigator posing as 13-year-old girl on Facebook

Joe Davitt thought he was exchanging explicit messages with a 13-year-old girl
Instead, the trainee chef was talking to a Catching Online Predators investigator
Davitt sent pictures and a video of his private parts to who he thought was 'Lucy'
He admitted attempting to cause a child to look at images of sexual activity and trying to get a child to engage in sexual acts and was jailed for 30 months

Sep 17 06:44

Alabamans film 12ft 'monster' alligators swimming through their front yards as Hurricane Sally dumps four months of rain in four hours

Tina Bennett spotted an alligator outside her home on Old Plash Island Road
Wildlife has been displaced as Hurricane Sally continues to batter the area
Hurricane Sally swamped streets and homes in Florida and Alabama yesterday

Sep 17 06:36

Mother, 31, and father, 38, arrested for murdering their newborn daughter who died four months after suffering 'catastrophic injuries' at two days old are released on bail

Police were called to Barnsley Hospital on May 16 after reports of baby's injuries
Keira-Mae never recovered and doctors switched off her life support on Monday
South Yorkshire Police said Aimee, 31, and Alex, 38, released on bail last night
Both were arrested on suspicion of murder and in police custody for questioning

Sep 17 06:35

Texas sheriff's deputy is arrested and charged with murdering his girlfriend and tampering with evidence after calling 911 claiming she shot herself in the head with his gun as they hugged

A North Texas sheriff's deputy has been arrested and charged with murder and evidence tampering for allegedly killing his girlfriend after claiming she died by suicide.

Sep 17 06:34

Man, 30, admits to killing and dismembering his girlfriend before carrying her body parts in a suitcase on a Greyhound bus from Kentucky to his parent's house in Illinois

Melvin Martin Jr., 30, was arrested on Tuesday in Markham, Illinois
Police said Martin admitted to killing his 31-year-old girlfriend in Louisville before dismembering her body
Martin allegedly told police he stashed the parts in a suitcase and boarded a Greyhound bus from Louisville, Kentucky to his parent's home in Illinois
Relatives later told investigators that Martin never unpacked the bags and they came suspicious when a foul odor started coming from his luggage
A relative opened one of the bags and discovered the body parts when Martin was at a public library
Police said the woman's death resulted from a domestic assault but they are withholding her name until her next of kin are notified

Sep 17 06:31

Pentagon's missile chief photographed female employee's buttocks and massaged another woman's neck, according to Inspector General's probe into seven years of sexual harassment claims

The former civilian head of the Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency sexually harassed two female employees over the course of seven years, a report released on Wednesday says.

Sep 17 06:30

Donald Trump says the House might decide the election as he paints doomsday scenario of North Korea forging ballots, mass fraud, results off by 15% and protests which will be 'put down'

President Donald Trump railed about mail-in voting, which he cast as vulnerable to foreign interference – and raised the prospect Wednesday that a contested presidential election could be thrown to the House.

Sep 17 06:29

I'll sleep hair! Kitten takes a catnap on its owner's HEAD as she tries to work from home

The eight-week-old kitten named Bobble balances himself on his owner's head
Owner Kellie Anne Lacey, 44, was working from home in Heywood, Rochdale
Feline slowly closes his eyes while sat on owner's head and begins to fall asleep

Sep 17 06:28

Donald Trump says he is still to sign off on TikTok deal over national security concerns then says he demanded a 'chunk of money' for government for 'making it happen'

President Donald Trump said Wednesday he was not ready to sign off on a deal for Oracle to buy TikTok from a Chinese parent company, citing both national security concerns and wanting to ensure the U.S. government gets its cut.

Sep 17 06:28

EXCLUSIVE: 'Unlike the president I DON'T make sexual remarks about my daughter.' Michael Cohen says he has nothing to apologize for after audio revealed him laughing as business partner leered over his teen daughter's Victoria's Secret shoot

Michael Cohen has defended himself after he was heard on tape laughing while a friend praised his daughter Samantha's body and tried to guess the size of her breasts - saying he has nothing to apologize for.

Sep 17 06:25

Shocking moment gangs of rival thugs wielding bats and brooms brawl in the street outside a Wetherspoons pub as others throw missiles from distance

Two dozen yobs last night ran riot on the street in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
Two men were taken to hospital with non-life threatening head injuries
Dramatic footage from outside The Wheatsheaf pub shows the frenzied violence

Sep 17 06:25

EXCLUSIVE: 'My dad has never been abusive. He loves us.' Jon Gosselin's daughter Hannah jumps to his defense after shocking claims he kicked and punched his 16-year-old son Collin

Jon Gosselin's daughter has jumped to her father's defense in the wake of shocking claims he beat his son up, saying: 'My dad loves us... he's never been abusive.'

Sep 17 06:22

Detectives investigating murder of 23-year-old man 28 years ago urge writer of anonymous letter sent to police to make contact - after his elderly parents were arrested following cold case review

Steven Clark, disappeared while on a family walk near Saltburn Pier in Cleveland
The 23-year-old went to visit the toilet but never returned in December 1992
His parents Doris and Charles were arrested this week on suspicion of murder
Police are now asking a person who sent an anonymous letter in 1999 to get in touch again - though they are refusing to reveal content of the letter

Sep 17 05:46

'He's the best thing that has ever happened to me': New Netflix trailer shows Chris Watts’ tragic wife in home video footage - before he murdered her and their two young daughters

A new Netflix documentary trailer has shown killer Chris Watt's smiling wife talking about their happy family life in home video footage before he murdered her and their two daughters, 4 and 3, and stuffed the little girls' bodies in an oil tank.

Sep 17 05:46

'The Karen' is set to be the most popular Halloween costume of 2020: Party-goers splurge on blonde wigs, 'I Want To Speak To The Manager' t-shirts and $180 face masks to transform into enraged white woman

With Halloween 2020 less than two months away, many Americans are beginning to plan topical outfits to celebrate the occasion.

Sep 17 05:45

US student who 'stabbed an Italian cop to death' during cocaine bust in Rome weeps in court as he apologizes to the officer's family and says: 'I will never be able to forgive myself'

A US student who 'stabbed an Italian cop to death' during a Rome drug bust wept in court today as he apologised to the officer's family, saying 'I will never be able to forgive myself.'

Sep 17 05:45

'Why not Pat's or Geno's?' Trump ignites fierce Philly's cheesesteak debate after ordering one from Dalessandro's restaurant - and NOT the city's two most famous spots

Donald Trump capped off a town hall broadcast in Philadelphia last night by uploading a celebratory snap to Instagram of him enjoying one of the city's world-famous cheesesteaks aboard Air Force One.

Sep 17 05:45

Banksy Is Stripped Of Copyright For His Famous 'Flower Thrower' Artwork - After He Refused To Reveal His True Identity To Judges

Banksy has been stripped of a trademark for his most famous artwork - because he refused to reveal his real identity to judges.

Sep 17 05:44

Ofcom will NOT investigate Diversity's BLM Britain's Got Talent dance despite more than 24,000 complaints - and claims the controversial performance was 'symbolic of global events'

Ofcom confirmed to MailOnline no further action will be taken
On Wednesday viewer complaints to media watchdog Ofcom soared to 24,041, making it the second most complained about TV moment ever

Sep 17 05:42

Rat attack! Trapped rodent goes after a cleaner who was trying to HELP it escape from a skate bowl

Zay Shaeffer, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, filmed unexpected encounter at skate park
Rodent charges toward a fully-grown male who is attempting to clean the area
The man is sent tumbling to the ground in a panic before getting back to his feet

Sep 17 05:34


Sep 17 05:33

'My wandering ways were too much': Willie Nelson admits his cheating ways ruined his marriages and reflects on how he finally found lasting love with wife No. 4

Willie Nelson opens up about his past marital infidelities in his new book Me and Sister Bobbie.

Sep 17 05:32

'Take off your mask!': Florida protesters sporting MAGA t-shirts and hats defy COVID rules and march maskless through a Target store singing 'we're not gonna take it'

Florida protesters sporting MAGA t-shirts and hats defied COVID safety rules and marched maskless through a Target store shouting 'take off your mask!' during a demonstration this week.

Sep 17 05:24

'This man is crazy': Secret diary of black man who died of overdose at Ed Buck's apartment reveals how the Democratic donor got him addicted to drugs, injected him and how he wanted to kill himself

A man who died of a drug overdose in the apartment of Ed Buck left behind a diary in which he blames the Democratic donor for his descent into methamphetamine addiction.

Sep 17 05:23

Cop is charged with assault after bodycam footage caught him ordering K-9 to attack black man who was on his knees with his hands in the air in his back yard

A Utah cop has been charged with aggravated assault after bodycam footage emerged of him ordering a K-9 to attack a black man who was on his knees with his hands in the air in his back yard.

Sep 17 05:21

'Being black is a crime in and of itself': Michelle Obama recalls Chicago cops accusing her brother Craig of stealing his OWN bike when he was 10 - and how their mother had to step in

Michelle Obama's revealed on her podcast this week that her brother Craig Robinson was grabbed by police and accused of stealing his own bike when he was 10 — and they didn't believe he wasn't a thief until they took him home and checked with his mother.

Sep 17 05:20

Hurricane Sally dumps up to three feet of torrential rain on Alabama and Florida with 'historic and catastrophic flooding' on the way after 105mph winds knocked out power for 570,000 people

Hurricane Sally lumbered ashore near the Florida-Alabama line Wednesday with 105 mph winds and rain measured in feet, not inches, swamping homes and forcing the rescue of hundreds of people as it pushed inland for what could be a slow and disastrous drenching across the Deep South.

Sep 17 05:10

White House says coronavirus vaccines will ship within 24 HOURS of FDA approval as it unveils 'playbook' to start giving FREE coronavirus immunizations to all Americans by January (all we need now is a vaccine!)

The Trump administration plans to start shipping coronavirus vaccines within 24 hours of approval from regulators, the government announced Wednesday in its 'playbook' to make vaccines for COVID-19 available for free to all Americans as early as January.

Sep 17 05:10

Paul Sperry: Obama Has Trained Tens of Thousands of Leftist Organizers at Alinsky Camps

Sep 17 05:07

Do eyeglasses lower COVID-19 risks? Study finds spectacle-wearers are FIVE TIMES less likely to be diagnosed with coronavirus than the general public

Wearing eyeglasses daily may reduce the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus, a new study suggests.

Sep 17 05:07

Joe Biden says 'I trust vaccines. I trust the scientists, but I DON'T trust Donald Trump - and the American people can’t either' as he demands 'transparency' on White House vaccine plan

Democratic nominee Joe Biden demanded 'transparency' from President Donald Trump in developing and distributing a coronavirus vaccine, as the White House has continued to push that one would be available to every American by the end of the year.

Sep 17 05:06

Supporters raise more than $300K for salon owner who ousted Pelosi