Sep 18 10:35

Antifa claims responsibility for some of the wildfires, says arson proves “climate change”

A Twitter account that claims to represent various chapters of the fascist group Antifa admitted in a tweet that some of the wildfires blazing across Oregon were deliberately started by protesters in order “to draw attention to the #climateemergency.”

The “Scarsdale NY Antifa” Twitter account, which one Abrupt Earth Changes commenter contends is fake, says that it and several other Antifa chapters across America “collaborated to ignite fires” throughout Oregon to show that “climate change” and “global warming” are real.

Law enforcement in Oregon have likewise confirmed that Antifa terrorists are indeed lighting fires in protest and, in some cases, using advanced methods and tactics to accomplish their agenda.

During a recent meeting of the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners, law enforcement stated that Antifa “is staging full gas cans” all around the county, which includes the southern portion of Portland, in order to light even more fires in the coming days and weeks.

Sep 17 05:07

Jane Fonda making Thunberg-esque doomsday predictions is a ‘serious issue’

Sep 16 11:10

Driving up emissions: Polluting plug-in hybrids are the car industry’s 'wolf in sheep’s clothing' spewing out two and a half times more CO2 in real life than reported from lab tests

Hybrid cars run off of a battery which can be charged either from the electricity grid, or via their conventionally-fuelled onboard engine.

While they are often marketed as low-carbon alternatives to traditional vehicles, the groups' analysis suggests that a typical hybrid emits 188.3 grams of CO2 per mile.

This is compared with the figure of 70.8 cited from laboratory examinations — a discrepancy that the groups blame on the vehicles' limited range.

In addition, they said, hybrid owners do not recharge their vehicles' batteries often enough — increasing their emission levels when driven in reality.

Sep 16 06:21

Renewable Energy is The Scam We All Fell For

Sep 15 07:19

Killer sized asteroid discovered by astronomer just days before it passed Earth

An arena-sized asteroid capable of destroying large amounts of life on Earth was spotted by an amateur astronomer just days before it safely flew by at about 10 moon distances.

The object officially dubbed 2020 QU6 was first discovered by an amateur astronomer in Brazil named Leonardo Amaral.

Sep 14 06:45

Tucker: Democrats, fires and the climate misinformation campaign

Sep 12 05:10

Yellowstone extremely active, over 90 Earthquakes on Thursday alone

The southwest quadrant of Yellowstone Lake started to become extremely active on Thursday raising questions that the massive caldera may soon be ready to blow.

U.S. Geological Survey data shows the massive uptick in earthquake activity on Thursday which was about 30 days worth of activity packed into just one day.

Sep 10 07:00

In 48 Hours, Colorado's Wild Weather Sets Records For Both Heat And Snow

Some Colorado residents woke up to something that felt crazy after sweltering through the Labor Day weekend: snow.

This roller coaster forecast was "truly something that I've never seen," says assistant state climatologist Becky Bolinger.

In Fort Collins, the Colorado Climate Center at Colorado State University measured 0.3 inches of snow Tuesday morning, tweeting "the earliest accumulating snow ever observed in over 130 years of records!"

That followed Sunday's high of 99 degrees, the highest temperature ever observed so late in September. The National Weather Service says Fort Collins hit 100 degrees on Saturday.

Sep 09 05:35

Crazy Weather in Colorado: Roasting Yesterday, Snowing Today

Temperatures plunged more than 50 degrees overnight as an Arctic air mass drove into the Denver area, bringing a very early winter storm on Tuesday.

Sep 08 11:20

Colorado prepares for SNOW with temperatures plummeting up to 70F in 24 hours – the biggest single-day drop in 150 years - after 100F weekend that sparked raging wildfires across the state

Denver is set to experience the biggest temperature drop for nearly 150 years as raging wildfires turn to snow overnight in Colorado.

Snow is expected on Tuesday in Fort Collins, the Denver metro area and along the Interstate 25 corridor.

The National Weather service says Denver's temperature is set to drop up to 70 degrees within one day.

Sep 08 08:13

World's oceans soak up 900 million tonnes of CO2 a year MORE than previously thought — the amount emitted by 2.2 billion petrol cars

The world's oceans are better at soaking up carbon dioxide than most scientific models have previously found, according to a new study.

Although emissions of carbon dioxide are easily quantifiable, how much goes into the atmosphere and how much is absorbed by bodies of water is hard to calculate.

Due to a previous oversight, the oceans may actually soak up an extra 0.9 petagrams of CO2, the same as 900 million metric tonnes.

Sep 08 07:05

One of the Earliest Snowstorms on Record to Blanket Front Range of Rockies With September Snow, Including Denver

An unusually early September snowstorm will continue to blanket the Rockies and Front Range through Wednesday from Wyoming to northern New Mexico, including Denver, followed by an abrupt change to widespread record cold through the Plains following searing record heat this past weekend.

A deep southward plunge of the jet stream is bringing a sharp drop in temperatures to the Rockies and Plains. There is a disturbance diving through that jet stream, which is causing snowfall or a mix of rain and snow to spread through the Rockies and Front Range now through Wednesday.

Sep 08 06:36

Hard Freeze Warnings Now! Temps to Plunge 60 Degrees/CO.

Sep 07 07:14

Man hiding inside room at work leaks disaster preparedness bulletin on air

man who claimed to be hiding inside a closet at his workplace called into The Shepard Ambellas Show on Friday where he leaked the grim details of an internal employee bulletin which reveals that the U.S. government is currently engaged in heightening awareness with all its working partners.

The caller, a man who goes by the name of David, explained to Shep that a bulletin at his place of employment was sent out to employees that reiterates the fact that “September is National Preparedness Month.”

“Make your plan today… September is National Preparedness Month… build a supply kit for everyone in your home… educate yourselves on the warning signs and risks… communicate your plans with your family, neighbors, and friends,” he briefly read aloud from the bulletin. “Emergency response efforts can impact our service.”

Sep 06 06:38

Early Blast of Cold Air Could Drop Significant Snow in the Rockies Following Heat Wave

The first significant snowfall of the season is possible for parts of the Rockies during the first part of the week ahead, following temperatures near the century mark.

A deep southward plunge of the jet stream will bring in a sharp drop in temperatures to the Rockies and Plains over the next few days.

Sep 02 07:10

First snow grazes mountains across Colorado, from Loveland down to Telluride

Here are the words skiers and snowboarders long to hear at the outset of September: It snowed last night at the Breckenridge and Loveland ski areas.

So the countdown begins. Loveland tentatively plans to begin making snow in 31 days, according to a news release from the resort. Also reporting fresh dustings of snow overnight were Telluride, Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands and Snowmass. Purgatory reported snow on high peaks near the resort the day before.

Aug 26 06:24

Growing underwater heat blob speeds demise of Arctic sea ice

In March, soon after arriving aboard the Polarstern, a German icebreaker frozen into Arctic sea ice, Jennifer Hutchings watched as ice broke up around the ship, weeks earlier than expected. Even as scientists on the research cruise scrambled to keep field instruments from plunging into the ocean, Hutchings, who studies ice deformation at Oregon State University, Corvallis, couldn’t suppress a thrill at seeing the crack up, as if she had spotted a rare bird. “I got to observe firsthand what I studied,” she says.

Aug 25 08:03

CO2 SAVES THE PLANET: Research confirms that high levels of carbon dioxide result in “global greening” as forests and food crops flourish

Plants were efficient absorbers of carbon dioxide during the early Miocene – a period with high levels of carbon dioxide, found a study published in the journal Climate of the Past.

Researchers from New Zealand analyzed plant fossils from a former lake and discovered that the levels of carbon dioxide at the time exceeded those recorded today. They added that Miocene plants had features that equipped them to grow in drier and hotter climate. With such enhanced plants, the high carbon levels provided a “forest fertilization effect.”

These findings are useful in the context of today’s rising levels of carbon dioxide. With the study’s reconstruction of early Miocene as an analog, they provide a picture of the world several years from now.

Aug 25 06:46

Greta Thunberg back in school after taking 1-yr sabbatical to crusade against climate change

Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg has resumed her studies, a year after the 17-year-old left school to pursue her globetrotting climate change activism.

In a tweet, the climate campaigner expressed joy at returning to normal teenager activities.

“My gap year from school is over, and it feels so great to finally be back in school again!” Thunberg wrote, attaching a smiling photo of herself with a backpack.

Aug 25 03:57

Climate Alarmists’ Fraud Exposed

Aug 20 06:41

Green California has the nation's worst power grid

More than a million Californians suffered power blackouts last Friday evening. When high temperatures caused customer demand to exceed the power available, California electrical utilities used rotating outages to force a reduction in demand. The California grid is the worst in the nation, with green energy policies pursued by the state likely furthering reduced grid reliability.

At 6:30 p.m. on Friday, Pacific Gas and Electric, California’s biggest utility, began shutting off power in rolling outages to force a reduction in demand. Southern California Edison also denied power to homes, beginning just before 7 p.m. Shutoffs impacted a rotating group of up to 2 million customers until 11 p.m.

The California Independent System Operator declared a Stage Three Electrical Emergency, the first such emergency since 2001. Spot electricity prices soared to more than $1,000 per megawatt-hour, more than 10 times the usual price.

Aug 19 15:21

Big shocker: Newsom admits that “green” energy is why California is suffering through blackouts

In a rare admission of guilt and complicity, California Gov. Gavin Newsom now says that so-called “green” energy has failed his state, and is directly responsible for the energy deficit that led to energy providers having to implement rolling blackouts.

Relying on solar and wind instead of nuclear and coal has made it so that things like cloud cover and non-moving air interfere with the ability of Californians to power their homes. Along with unexpected heatwaves, these unstable energy sources are simply not sustainable in the long run, Newsom now admits.

Aug 18 11:12

Andrew Cuomo Brags About New York’s Pandemic Response In New Book

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is writing a book about the coronavirus pandemic after he oversaw the response of one of the worst-hit states in the U.S.

Aug 18 11:12

NASA says Earth’s magnetic field weakening, splitting into two lobes

Researchers at the National Aeronautics Space Administration have been tracking a slow-moving anomalous dent in the Earth’s magnetic field over South America that is now splitting into two lobes and is expected to pose major challenges for orbiting satellites and GPS systems.

Jul 31 11:10

UK Academics Advocate Silencing Dissent on Climate Change and Covid-19

According to Edge Hill University Professors Geoff Beattie and Laura McGuire, the way to prevent people ignoring climate change and Covid-19 messages is to “avoid presenting both sides of the argument”.

Jul 29 05:59

Japanese Scientist Reveals When New Ice Age is Set to Begin on Earth

The climate of Earth is known to vacillate between greenhouse periods and ice ages, with the latter bringing millennia of temperature reductions on the surface and in the atmosphere, resulting in the appearance of sheets of continental ice and alpine glaciers. Currently, the Earth is in the Holocene age, and is believed to be between ice ages.

Japanese scientist Masayuki Ikeda estimates that the next ice age pefriod on Earth will start in 100,000 years. However, pointing out that there are other factors that could influence the likelihood.

Jul 29 05:28

London Council First Elected Body in UK to Ban Meat to Save Planet

Enfield Council is believed to be the first elected body to ban meat at its events in order to combat so-called manmade climate change.

First reported by political news site Guido Fawkes on Tuesday, the Labour council’s climate action plan published this month pledged that from December, “all events held by Enfield Council where catering is provided [must] offer only vegan or vegetarian options.”

The move is part of the authority’s action plan to “influence the behaviour of Enfield’s key partners, suppliers, and the wider economy to transition to low or zero-carbon.”

Jul 25 04:22

Joe Biden's 'radical' climate plan an 'electoral suicide note': Devine

Jul 24 08:02

Mediterranean Sea was 3.6°F hotter during the time of the Roman Empire - the warmest it has been for the past 2,000 years, study shows

The Mediterranean Sea was 3.6°F (2°C) hotter during the Roman Empire than other average temperatures at the time, a new study claims.

The Empire coincided with a 500-year period, from AD 1 to AD 500, that was the warmest period of the last 2,000 years in the almost completely land-locked sea.

Jul 20 12:02

Claim: FEMA engineer confirms numerous Earthbound asteroids may pose major threat to inhabitants of Earth

(INTELLIHUB) — The voice behind the popular Israeli News Live YouTube channel claims that he established contact with a FEMA engineer who wishes to remain anonymous but nevertheless has warned in private communications that a major space-based Earthbound threat may be on the way over the next few months dovetailing with bombshell information that Intellihub founder Shepard Ambellas reported back in late-March and early April.

The channel operator Steven Ben-Nun said he was told by a high-level source who the underground news guru claims got the information from White House and Pentagon sources.

“I can’t personally guarantee this information to be one hundred percent accurate,” the YouTuber explained.

Jul 10 05:58

In Parched Southwest, Warm Spring Renews Threat of ‘Megadrought’

Here at 12,000 feet on the Continental Divide, only vestiges of the winter snowpack remain, scattered white patches that have yet to melt and feed the upper Colorado River, 50 miles away.

That’s normal for mid-June in the Rockies. What’s unusual this year is the speed at which the snow went. And with it went hopes for a drought-free year in the Southwest.

“We had a really warm spring,” said Graham Sexstone, a hydrologist with the United States Geological Survey. “Everything this year has melted really fast.”

The Southwest has been mired in drought for most of the past two decades. The heat and dryness, made worse by climate change, have been so persistent that some researchers say the region is now caught up in a megadrought, like those that scientists who study past climate say occurred here occasionally over the past 1,200 years and lasted 40 years or longer.

Jul 05 17:32 censors climate scientist who apologized for using 30 years of scare tactics to sell climate change hoax

A high profile environmental activist named Michael Shellenberger came clean about his role in helping exacerbate the climate scare for thirty years. For years, he wrote about energy and the environment, inciting fear about climate change and the end of the world. Now he’s speaking out about the manipulation and the political agendas driving the cult-like climate change hoax. In fact, he penned an eye-opening apology that was published in

But apparently wasn’t allowed to publish his apology, and it was promptly taken down and censored. The apology, preserved here (PDF), admits the climate scare was manufactured over the past thirty years. While he notes that the climate naturally changes, “it’s not the end of the world,” he confesses. Shellenberger admits that climate change is not even the most serious environmental problem that humans face.

Jul 03 11:34

Trudeau's buddy Gerry Butts wants Facebook to censor your climate change posts

Justin Trudeau's BFF and former advisor Gerald Butts, along with a group of 14 other non-scientists wrote a letter to the former Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and the Facebook Oversight Board asking them to “take action” by kicking climate change unbelievers off of Facebook.

Jul 01 06:39

Phony Experts with Veiled Conflicts of Interest Polluting Debates on GMOs, Glyphosate, Endocrine Disruptors

One of France’s leading daily papers, Le Monde, just published an article on how “a group of toxicologists with tenuous expertise and veiled conflicts of interest are working to derail the implementation of European regulations” on endocrine disruptors – synthetic chemicals that are toxic at very low doses.

Chief among the phony experts that the paper suggests are polluting the scientific record is a Monsanto consultant who led the company’s efforts to defend glyphosate via science publications. And Helmut Greim is not the only one of the group currently defending endocrine disruptors to have featured heavily in the debates over the safety of glyphosate and GMOs.

Jun 30 07:51

Forbes Censors Award-Winning Environmentalist's Apology Over Three-Decade 'Climate Scare' - So Here It Is

Forbes has decided to unpublish an article by award-winning climate activist Michael Shellenberger, in which he apologizes "for the climate scare we created over the last 30 years."

Schellenberger, a progressive, was named one of TIME's "Heroes of the Environment," while his book Break Through was heralded by WIRED as potentially "the best thing to happen to environmentalism since Rachel Carson's Silent Spring."

His book Apocalypse Never was widely praised as an 'eye-opening, fact-based approach' to climate science and 'engaging and well-researched.'

Now that he's apologized for three-decades of climate alarmism, Forbes has now blocked Shellenberger's article without explanation.

May 26 03:39

Now Climate Change is Cause of Death!

May 24 11:58

Doctors Push for ‘Climate Change’ to Be Recorded on Death Certificates

Researchers at Australian National University (ANU) have called for ‘climate change’ to be recorded as a cause of death on death certificates. They claim that in Australia, the rate of people dying as a result of global warming may be 50 times higher than is officially acknowledged.

May 22 10:18

Is This Controlled Demolition All Over Again?

For years Eco-Enthusiasts, both activists and scientists, have been telling us that the ‘party’ will come to an end. The planet we are stuck on can’t take it for much longer, it is getting too crowded and unbearably warm. Most people didn’t take any real notice of the situation and for a reason. This planet, we tend to think, isn’t really ‘ours,’ we were thrown onto it and for a limited time. Once we grasp the true meaning of our temporality, we begin to acknowledge our terminality. ‘Being in the world’ as such is often the attempt to make our ‘life-time’ into a meaningful event.

Most of us who haven’t been overly concerned with the ecological activists and their plans to slow us down knew that as long as Big Money runs the world, nothing of a dramatic nature would really happen. In the eyes of Big Money, we tended to think, we, the people, are mere consumers. We understood ourselves as the means that make the rich richer.

May 20 07:20

Mid-May winter storm brings fresh snow to Lake Tahoe

Snow in Lake Tahoe in May? ABC7 News Meteorologist Drew Tuma is tracking fresh snow falling in the Sierra Monday.

"Flakes are flying," said Tuma. "While it's weird that we are talking about snow this late in May, it's not unusual to get these light storms moving through the Sierra as we end our snow season."

There's a Winter Storm Warning in effect until midnight Monday with snow levels dropping to about 6,000 feet.

May 12 18:16

Delingpole: Michael Moore Has Become a ‘Hero’ to ‘Climate Deniers’, Complains Guardian

“How did Michael Moore become a hero to climate deniers and the far right?” asks a disturbed and tearful George Monbiot in the Guardian.

Simple: by speaking the truth, for a change.

Unlike almost every other prominent leftist you could name in the world, Moore has finally admitted that the renewable energy emperor is wearing no clothes. Far from being “clean” energy or “green” energy, renewables are in fact a dirty, ugly, planet-destroying fail.

Planet of the Humans, the environmental documentary executive-produced by Moore and directed by and starring his fellow leftist Jeff Gibbs, has now had more than 7 million views on YouTube.

May 12 07:52

Michael Moore's documentary 'has exposed green energy as a fraud'

May 11 06:10

Polar vortex unleashes rare May snow, shatters historic low temperature records

The popular saying "April showers bring May flowers" might not be the case this year. The northeastern United States experienced an unusual Mother's Day weekend as most restaurants remained closed amid coronavirus concerns and a historic polar vortex packing snow shattered temperature records.

Freeze watches and warnings along with frost advisories were put into effect Friday night for many places across parts of the Midwest, down into the Southeast and into the Northeast. Cities like Atlanta ended up being colder than parts of Alaska on Saturday morning.

May 11 02:52

Freak MAY snow storm compounds lockdown misery for New Yorkers with thousands taking to Twitter in disbelief as flurries fall in Central Park and parts of the state seeing more snowfall than all of February(20 Pics)

A freak May snow storm compounded lockdown misery for millions of New Yorkers over the weekend, with many taking to Twitter in disbelief after snowfall in Central Park.
Mother's Day weekend got off to a chilly start Saturday thanks to the polar vortex bringing cold air down from the north.

May 10 06:57

Snow and Cold in May: A ‘Nerve-Racking’ Time for Growers

Across New York and New England, farmers and growers watched with worry on Saturday morning as a late season blast of Arctic air and even snow descended on fragile fruits and vegetables that had just begun to poke through.

Workers at Westwind Orchard in Accord, N.Y., about 70 miles south of Albany, on Friday night sprayed water, molasses and kelp mineral on budding apple blossoms to help protect them against the cold.

By 5 a.m. on Saturday, growers were on the phone with each other to learn what kind of damage the unseasonable weather had unleashed.

May 08 06:55

Potentially historic May snowstorm headed for Northeast and New England

A May snowstorm is in the making for this weekend, and it could bring historic snow totals to parts of the interior Northeast and New England.

On Friday, a storm system moving into the Northeast will clash with bitter cold Arctic air courtesy of the polar vortex, bringing the potential for heavy, wet snow to the region. Heavy rain is possible along the I-95 corridor.

May 01 06:27

Michael Moore’s latest film targeted ‘renewables’ & accused ‘green’ groups of being in Big Energy’s pockets. It hit a nerve

The Climate Industrial Complex is calling for filmmaker Michael Moore’s head after his latest film skewered the hypocrisy of the “renewable energy” industry, exposing its leaders’ cozy relationship with the fossil fuel bogeymen.
Moore’s climate change polemic ‘Planet of the Humans,’ directed by Jeff Gibbs, has been viewed over four million times on YouTube in just over a week. But just two days after the film’s release, timed for Earth Day, filmmaker Josh Fox led the charge to have Moore – once a “hero” of his – deplatformed over alleged disinformation. In an earnest letter, Fox demanded not only a “retraction and an apology” from Moore but for the film to be yanked from distribution entirely.

May 01 06:22

Climate expert calls for Michael Moore’s ‘shockingly misleading’ new doc to be taken down

Planet of the Humans, the brand new Michael Moore-produced climate change documentary, has become the subject of widespread controversy after being accused of being “riddled with falsehoods and misinformation” by a leading climate change activist calling to have the film removed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 29 07:38

Coronavirus recovery plan 'must tackle climate change'

Tackling climate change must be woven into the solution to the Covid-19 economic crisis, the UK will tell governments next week.

Apr 22 04:37

It’s time to get turkey scouting, whether it’s snowing or not

It began to spit snow just as I turned onto the gravel late last week. It was one final Maine-ish reminder that although the calendar might say it’s springtime, Mother Nature will always get the last word in these parts.

Apr 15 06:07

Nearly 60 Vehicles Involved in Pile-Up Crashes on Kennedy Expressway, Officials Say

Nearly 60 vehicles were involved in pile-up crashes on the Kennedy Expressway Wednesday morning, officials said.

The Chicago Fire Department tweeted at around 5:45 a.m. that emergency services were responding to the expressway near North Avenue for the crashes.

Low traction on the expressway due to overnight snow and icy conditions caused multiple collisions, authorities said.

Apr 15 04:13

Snow expected to fall within 60 miles of the District on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning

On Monday, the Washington region had 80-degree temperatures and tornado warnings. A little more than 24 hours later, some wet snow is likely in the high elevations of its west and northwest reaches.

Yes — snow in mid-April in the Washington region.

Apr 14 04:28

People digging out after April snow storm blankets parts of Northwoods

A spring storm blanketed parts of the Northwoods with snow.

In Marinette County, some people spent Monday morning digging out and cleaning up.

On a side street in the Village of Wausaukee, Steve Stumbris says nearly nine inches of snow fell Sunday night into Monday morning.

"It wasn't too bad last night, even when I went to bed. But I got up in the middle of the night and I looked out the upstairs window, and you couldn't hardly see the home next door. It was snowing so hard," said Steve Stumbris, Wausaukee.

A few blocks away, Bart Stafford is working to clear his driveway.

Apr 09 05:29

Delingpole: Coronavirus Is Killing the European Union’s Carbon Trading Market.

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned Europe’s carbon price upside down, with prices dropping by 40% since early March when they were still trading at about €24 ($26) per metric ton, analyst IHS Markit said.

The current trading levels of between €16-18 per metric ton are roughly two thirds of the level of the high of 2019 of €29 per metric ton.

“This is a perfect storm for Europe’s carbon market, and it may well lead to some challenging questions about its role in Europe’s decarbonisation strategy once the COVID-19 crisis has passed,” said IHS Markit director Coralie Laurencin.

Apr 06 15:39

World's oceans are capturing twice as much carbon as previously thought thanks to microscopic carbon-loving plankton that float down to the ocean depths, study claims

US scientists say that the level of carbon that is distributed to the ocean floor depends on how much sunlight a microscopic type of plankton gets.

This phytoplankton, which consumes carbon dioxide and releases oxygen just like plants, is present in the ocean’s sun-lit surface area – known as the 'euphotic zone'.

Phytoplankton then enters the food chain or falls as organic dead matter, indirectly distributing carbon to the ocean depths.

But variations in the depth at which the euphotic zone ends means differences in how much carbon is being distributed to the bottom.

By measuring the actual depth of the euphotic zone – which is usually said to span from the very surface to 650 feet (200 metres) down – scientists say global carbon estimates may be inaccurate.

Apr 03 04:25

Delingpole: UN Climate Summit Tragically ‘Postponed’ Because of Coronavirus

The United Nations’ next big climate conference COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland has been ‘postponed’ for a year.

Apr 02 10:14

Weatherwatch: Tokyo experiences rare late-March snowfall

Tokyo experienced a rare late-March snowfall last Sunday as a deepening area of low pressure off the coast brought snow to the centre of the Japanese capital. The official observation of 1cm marked the first time in 32 years that central Tokyo witnessed such a snow accumulation. The snowfall was a significant contrast to the newly-blossoming cherry trees, with the cherry blossom season officially starting in Tokyo on the 14 March, the earliest on record.

Mar 30 04:43

EU leaders to consider climate in coronavirus recovery plan

European Union leaders have agreed that the bloc’s coronavirus economic recovery plan should take heed of its aim to fight climate change. Following a six-hour video conference, the 27 EU leaders agreed late on Thursday to coordinate a coronavirus economic recovery plan.

Mar 22 03:52

Prager issues warning: If we can shut down America for COVID-19, Dems can shut it down for climate change

“The dam has been broken,” author and nationally syndicated radio host Dennis Prager warns. “Maybe it was necessary. But when dams break, flooding follows.”

In a Tuesday piece for American Greatness, “Why the Remedy May Be Worse Than the Disease,” Prager issues a dire warning for a country reeling from a self-imposed shutdown.

Mar 20 04:53

Europe braces for intense Arctic cold outbreak after unusually warm winter

A significant Arctic cold outbreak is forecast to spread across much of Europe in the days ahead, ending unusually warm winter season. The cold is expected to last through the end of March, with another blast expected at the beginning of April. Prolonged, dangerous frost conditions are likely in many parts of the continent.

Mar 12 09:51

29 Bullet Points PROVING the Sun causes Global Warming, not CO2: by a GEOLOGIST, for a change (Dr Roger Higgs)

Dr Roger Higgs, Geoclastica Ltd, Technical Note 2019-11, 6th April 2019, amended 7th March 2020 on ResearchGate (LINK HERE).

We urgently need to expose the ‘CO2 = pollutant’ fallacy being forced upon your children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces by schools, universities, governments and mainstream media worldwide, and to denounce it in scrupulously truthful terms easily understood by the public, including those youngsters themselves.

Here are the 29 bullet points proving CO2’s innocence:

Mar 05 06:24

Vatican Praises UK Jesuits’ Divestment of Fossil Fuel Stocks

The Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano has held up British Jesuits as an example of an effective commitment to combating climate change, which it calls “the most urgent challenge” we face.

As Breitbart News reported, in late February the UK Jesuit order announced they were dumping all fossil fuel stocks from their half-billion-dollar investment portfolio because of the fuel companies’ complicity in the “climate crisis.”

“Our trustees took the decision to completely divest from oil, gas and coal-producing companies because they felt these companies were not making enough progress towards better solutions,” declared Jesuit Brother Stephen Power, the order’s British Province Treasurer.

Mar 04 16:54

‘I don’t want to shame Greta Thunberg, but…’: Activist dubbed ‘anti-Greta’ by media RIPS INTO ‘climate alarmism’

The media have invented the ‘anti-Greta’ label to portray her as an “evil Right antichrist,” but it only attracted more people to her ideas, Naomi Seibt, who says the human effect on climate change is vastly exaggerated, told RT.

Seibt calls herself a “climate realist” and bluntly rejects the term “climate change denier,” which is another label, used to describe her and her supporters by the opposing side. It implies that “we’re just selfish and ignorant,” but it’s not the case, she pointed out.

“We’re about being scientific sceptics and looking into more sensible ways to improve the environment to be more in line with our values when it comes to interacting with nature,” the 19-year-old said.

Mar 03 11:14

Children are having NIGHTMARES about climate change with one in five saying they are losing sleep over the environmental crisis, survey reveals

A new survey reveals one in five children are having bad dreams about the environmental changes, with 17 percent reporting their concerns are affecting their sleeping and eating habits.

The poll also shows 80 percent say the problem was important to them and nearly half do not trust adults to tackle the long-term problems.

The study, conducted by BBC Newsround in collaboration with Savanta-ComRes, surveyed 2,000 children in the UK from the ages of eight to 16 in a bid to see just how the younger generation feels about the changes to our planet.

Mar 02 18:04

Mormon crickets reported early this year in northern Nevada

Corona Virus and now this!

RENO, Nev. (AP) - Mormon crickets, the grasshopper-like insects that pose threats to crops and drivers. are hatching early this year in northern Nevada.

KRVN-TV reports that the Nevada Department of Agriculture has confirmed some of the earliest hatchings of Mormon crickets in years, with the first reported Feb. 22 in Winnemucca, which is 148 miles (238 kilometers) northeast of Reno.

Mar 01 06:10

Climate Change is Not Decimating Bees

Several media outlets -- namely National Public Radio -- are touting a tall tale that climate change is decimating bee populations throughout North America. The (false) alarm is based on a February 7 study published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The study, however, is deeply flawed and does not change the very low likelihood of climate change seriously impacting bee populations.

Feb 28 04:48

Snow arrives in London after sweeping across rest of the country

After sweeping across most of the UK snow has finally started falling in London for the first time this winter. The Met Office earlier warned that a midweek chill in temperatures could bring sleet or snow southwards and Twitter users recorded flurries across various parts of the capital this morning. Richard Powley tweeted: ‘A little bit of snow in SW London!’

Feb 26 08:46

'Anti-Greta' teen activist to speak at biggest US conservatives conference

A German teenager dubbed the “anti-Greta” – climate sceptics’ answer to the schoolgirl activist Greta Thunberg – is set to address the biggest annual gathering of US grassroots conservatives.

Feb 24 14:55

NATO’s Arctic War Exercise Unites Climate Change and WWIII

NATO will hold war games in Norway's Arctic Circle in March, where it will be supporting climate change-induced resource extraction and increasing the military tension with Russia.

Feb 24 12:27

WaPo showcases the “Anti-Greta” Thunberg

In an interesting turn of events, the Washington Post has done a front-page feature on Naomi Seibt, a German climate skeptic and YouTuber that WaPo describes as “… 19-year-old German who, like Greta, is blond, eloquent and European.”

Feb 24 10:33

Delingpole: Now Boris’s Green Gestapo Are Coming for Your Coal Fires

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s latest green assault on property rights and freedom is to ban coal fires.

From February next year, bags of traditional house coal will be banned from sale, with deliveries of loose coal phased out by 2023. There will also be restrictions on the kind of wood you are allowed to burn, newly cut (green) wood to be made illegal.

Together with a mooted ban on gas-fired boilers and gas-fired cookers — both extremely popular in the country — the new, green-obsessed administration appears to be signalling that an Englishman’s home is no longer his castle and that his hearth now belongs to the government.