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Feb 27 12:34

Lockdowns are NOT ‘quietly improving cities,’ World Economic Forum concedes, deleting its much-ridiculed tweet

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has taken down its tweet that claimed lockdowns have been “quietly improving cities,” and admitted that is not the case. But the backdown didn’t spare the globalist titan from a new wave of mockery.

The WEF’s controversial message turned out to be quite short-lived, surviving less than a day on its feed under a barrage of outraged comments. The tweet was accompanied by a video, showing deserted streets and silent factories, that noted a record drop in carbon emissions. It also linked to an article claiming that silent cities contributed to better detection of minor earthquakes.

Feb 27 12:32

China Emits More Carbon In 2 Weeks Than Australia Does In One Year: Think Tank

“It is reckless and futile for the political class to impose... further severe cuts to emissions which costs jobs and livelihoods, while China - the world’s largest emitter - continues to rapidly increase its emissions without consequence,”

Feb 27 12:25

Moment 235ft superyacht worth £65m owned by Capri Sun billionaire crashes into dock in St Maarten after computer malfunction

The 235ft-long superyacht GO smashed into a dock in St Maarten Wednesday
Footage showed the moment it ploughed into a wooden pier at 10.15am

Feb 27 12:02

From a 360-degree panorama of the dusty landscape to a cheeky rover selfie: NASA's most stunning shots of Mars from Perseverance's first week on the Red Planet

More than 5,000 images have been sent back to Earth by the NASA Perseverance rover from the Red Planet
The images include thousands of the entry, descent and landing stage of the mission including the parachute

Feb 27 11:49

Archaeologists find unique ceremonial vehicle near Pompeii

Well-preserved iron, bronze and tin carriage discovery is ‘without precedent in Italy’

Feb 27 11:48

PRAGER: The Denial Of Evil: The Case Of Communism

One of the most highly regarded books of the 20th century was Ernest Becker’s “The Denial of Death.” Winner of the 1974 Pulitzer Prize, the book is regarded as a classic for its analysis of how human beings deny their mortality.

Feb 27 11:47

CDC Quietly Changed Basis Of Essential Public Health Services From ‘Research’ To ‘Equity’

In a move that appears to have gone unnoticed, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its framework for how hospitals and other entities should carry “out the mission of public health.”

Feb 27 11:44

NHS GP practice operator with 500,000 patients passes into hands of US health insurer

Merger with Centene Corp covers 500,000 patients fuelling calls for inquiry into ‘NHS privatisation by stealth’

Feb 27 11:43

North Dakota officials block wind power in effort to save coal

A windfarm near Velva, N.D. Two counties in the state have enacted drastic restrictions on new wind projects in an attempt to save coal mining jobs, despite protests from landowners who'd like to rent their land to wind energy companies.
Karen Bleier | AFP via Getty Images

Feb 27 11:29

Biden warns Iran to 'be careful' and says they 'can't act with impunity' after US airstrike that 'killed 22' Tehran-backed militia fighters in Syria

President Joe Biden said on Friday that his decision to authorize United States airstrikes in Syria is a warning to Iran to not support militia groups that threaten U.S. interests or personnel.

Feb 27 11:25

'John broke us, Larry Nassar was there to put us back together': Victim reveals how USA gymnastics coach and team doctor worked together to abuse young girls and says Geddert's suicide is his 'final act of defiance and narcissism'

One of John Geddert's alleged victims has revealed how the former USA gymnastics coach broke young girls down 'mentally and physically' and Larry Nassar 'was there to put us back together' during years of abuse.

Feb 27 11:19

Minneapolis to hire influencers to spread messaging during trial over George Floyd's death

The Minneapolis City Council has unanimously approved paying six social media influencers to spread city-approved messaging and updates throughout the upcoming murder trial of former officer Derek Chauvin, who has been charged in George Floyd's death. On Friday, the council approved $1,181,500 for communication with the community during the trial, CBS Minnesota reports.

Feb 27 10:53

Top documentary film exposes it all: What the lockdowns are really for!

The film captures the nationally syndicated radio talk show host and journalist’s non-stop 3-week-long investigation into what has been going on under the guise of COVID-19 during the lockdown era.

The dynamically arranged 1 hour 43-minute feature-length film is brilliantly shot in all 50mm and was released in both high-definition and standard-definition to cover both the digital marketplace and the tangible DVD marketplace that offers that classic sense of nostalgia.

With no lulls, the amount of creative energy flowing out of the project is immense. Not to mention there are some pretty heavy hitters starring in the film — some of which are household names.

The film’s stellar lineup includes Shepard Ambellas, Jason Goodman, Dr. Jerome Corsi, Aaron Cole, Jordan Maxwell, Eric Briggs, Dr. Jaysen Q. Rand, Marshall Masters, Dr. Richard Urso M.D., and Shep’s co-host Bethany Adoni.

Feb 27 10:27

Changing Terminology (Cartoon)

Feb 27 10:19

Facts (Picture)

Feb 27 10:19

Trump warms up for his CPAC speech on the golf course after speakers trashed Biden, cancel culture, Big Tech, Cuomo, The New York Times and said he IS the future of the Republican party

Donald Trump played golf in Florida on Friday, as anticipation mounted ahead of his return to the political center stage - and he provided a strong indication of his likely course of action.

Feb 27 10:19

Your Digital Papers Please: Verification ‘passports’ to Prove your Clean start in Israel and EU

It seems the same people who can’t stop talking about how they were forced to wear stars and show their papers, are now the champions of modern-day totalitarianism. -- How a government that can’t stop yapping about oppression can now push policies on their people and the world that literally reflect the same policies that they have bitched about for 80+ years is beyond belief – but here we are, Jews now begging to carry modern day badges to identify themselves as clean!

Feb 27 10:17

And not know where I am (Picture)

Feb 27 10:16

'Orlando is awesome. It's not as nice as Cancun!' Flyin' Ted Cruz jokes about his escape from the Texas storms at CPAC - as conservatives gathering for Trump's comeback speech boo request to wear masks

Conservatives gathered in Orlando, Florida, on Friday for their annual conference, which will feature Donald Trump's comeback speech along with a host of hard-right favorites.

Feb 27 10:10

Utah teacher calls for the deaths of Republican senators at the next 'riot at the Capitol'

A humanities teacher is under investigation after allegedly calling for the deaths of Republican senators. The Iron County School District is investigating a teacher from the Parowan High School after the educator purportedly posted a threatening message on Twitter this month.

Feb 27 09:59

The U.S. Is Now An Immoral War Machine: Biden Orders New Strikes On Syria

President Joe Biden drew praise from warmongering murderous hawks and accusations of hypocrisy from critics after he authorized a reprisal airstrike on Syria. Biden claimed that by bombing “Iran-backed militia” infrastructure, he is deescalating tensions. -- When did bombing others ever result in a “de-escalation?” Here’s the “new normal” we should be worried about…

Feb 27 09:54

Top Money Hacks For Financial Freedom

Feb 27 09:51

Michigan Police Officer on Unpaid Leave After Being Accused of Sharing Racist George Floyd Meme

Feb 27 09:44

Gulf Stream is weakest it’s been in more than 1,000 years, study says

Feb 27 09:42

Hawley Proposes $15 Minimum Wage For Billion-Dollar Companies

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) announced legislation on Friday morning that would require companies that make over $1 billion in revenue per year to pay their employees a $15 minimum wage, less than 24 hours after Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said that he would develop his own plan to enact a $15 minimum wage at large companies.

Feb 27 09:22

Biden’s COVID relief bill is chock full of anti-white reverse racism

Polls show most Americans support the federal COVID-19 relief bill. But if they knew what’s in it, they might feel differently. The bill is an affront to the American ideal of equal treatment under law — and a slap in the face for people who want everyone helped fairly.

Thanks to freshman Senator Raphael Warnock (Pictured above), Section 1005 of the bill offers “socially disadvantaged” farm owners total debt forgiveness of up to hundreds of thousands of no-strings dollars per farmer.

But white men needn’t apply.

The bill’s definition of “socially disadvantaged,” drawn from elsewhere in federal law, limits aid to racial groups who faced historic discrimination.

Newly elected Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.), who proposed the measure, says it will make up for years of discrimination. Sorry, senator, but this is discrimination.

Feb 27 09:19

Tom Cotton Accuses The New York Times Of Having Surrendered To 'A Woke Child Mob From Their Own Newsroom' For Dropping His Op-Ed And Says He Will 'Never Apologize For Defending America'

Tom Cotton has described The New York Times as having 'totally surrendered to a woke child mob from their own newsroom', using his speech to CPAC to furiously denounce the paper following a commotion over his op ed this summer.

Feb 27 09:18

Federal Suit Seeks Damages for Men Illegally Recorded at Florida Massage Parlors, Falsely Smeared as Sex Traffickers

A man arrested in a 2019 sting operation at Florida massage parlors is now suing over what he alleges was unconstitutional surveillance by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Florida detectives. The arrest was part of a large-scale prostitution bust that prosecutors falsely portrayed as a mission to rescue "human trafficking" victims working at Asian massage parlors. The workers have wound up being the only ones in legal trouble.

Feb 27 09:14

United failed of nations (Picture)

Feb 27 09:13

Don Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle tell CPAC 'the Republican party is the party of President Trump' and slam 'RINOs' including Liz Cheney - and mock her father Dick in front of cheering conservatives

Donald Trump Jr and Kimberly Guilfoyle previewed Donald Trump's return to the political stage when the duo addressed CPAC on Friday, declaring the president to be the future of the Republican Party.

Feb 27 09:12

In the Middle of a Pandemic, San Francisco NIMBYs Sue To Stop a New Hospital From Being Built

Feb 27 09:11

Republican Senators Josh Hawley, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee and Mike Braun send letter to Jeff Bezos demanding to know why Amazon pulled a book 'that challenged the transgender movement'

A group of Republican Senators have written to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos demanding answers as to why a book that 'challenges the transgender movement' has been pulled from the site.

Feb 27 09:09

Why am i not surprised (Picture)

Feb 27 09:09

Biden tells Saudi king he will hold country 'accountable' for human rights abuses after US government said Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman DID approve murder of Jamal Khashoggi

President Joe Biden declared that he would hold Saudi Arabia 'accountable' for Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman's green lighting of the 'outrageous' operation to murder journalist Jamal Khashoggi, adding that he had spoken with King Salman about the decision.

Feb 27 09:07

Massive fire burns in industrial area of Compton

Feb 27 09:02

DUST OFF THE BBQ Sunny weekend for Brits as mercury climbs to balmy 15C in South

BRITS can look forward to a sunny weekend ahead, with mercury expected to climb to a balmy 15C in the south of the country.

Temperatures are soaring just as the mood of the country is lifting, with Brits set to flock to parks and beaches today.

Feb 27 09:01

COUNTDOWN BEGINS Brits in their 40s to get Covid vaccine from April as Matt Hancock hails The Sun’s ‘amazing’ Jabs Army

HEALTHY Brits in their 40s will get vaccinations from April with Matt Hancock hailing the “amazing job” done by The Sun’s Jabs Army.

Feb 27 09:00

Pew pew (Picture)

Feb 27 08:59

John Durham resigns as US attorney but says he will keep investigating the origins of the Russia probe

John Durham announced on Friday that he would resign as U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut but will continue to work for the Justice Department as special counsel in the investigation into the origins of the the Russia probe.

Feb 27 08:58

I Took An Anti-Racist Training Workshop For Parents. Here’s What I Learned.

]The push for “anti-racism” is moving beyond the classroom. School districts are now insisting that parents spark conversations about race and gender at the dinner table, at the movie theatre, and when their child is browsing the internet.

Feb 27 08:56

Falling sperm counts are a threat to human survival, expert warns

Dr Shanna Swan said the impending fertility crisis is a global threat in her provocative new book, 'Count Down: How Our Modern World Is Threatening Sperm Counts, Altering Male and Female Reproductive Development, and Imperiling the Future of the Human Race'.

Feb 27 08:52

House passes Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill 219-212 in late-night vote after two Democrats broke ranks and sends it to the Senate

House lawmakers passed President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package early Saturday morning without a single Republican vote in support.

Feb 27 08:52

Malicious Mozilla Firefox Extension Allows Gmail Takeover

Feb 27 08:50

A Few Facts : Boys Are Girls? (America’s Great Struggle Session)

This collective enforcement of insanity is by design. It is part of the Great Struggle Session that the left is inflicting upon the American people. The objective of this effort is to weaken our hold on reality. If they can make us concede that boys are girls and men are women then they can make us believe and agree to anything no matter how delusional or untrue it may be.  And this is what the left is after – they want to subvert our sense of what is true and false, of what is right and wrong.

Feb 27 08:40

CBS declares vaccine passports as must-haves for 2021 summer travelers

Mainstream media outlet CBS News declared that “vaccination passports” will be a necessity for those planning to travel in the new normal. The news outlet’s pronouncement came amid predictions that domestic and international travel will resume in the summer of 2021. The travel industry and its related sectors experienced a standstill at the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, but is set to resume as COVID-19 vaccination programs appear to establish herd immunity.

Feb 27 08:33

Some Democrats are beginning to admit that lockdowns have turned the US into a totalitarian police state

Former Bill Clinton advisor, Naomi Wolf, is one of many Democrats who are now opening their eyes to the current state of affairs in the United States. In an interview on Fox News, Wolf said the US has become a “totalitarian state” due to draconian lockdown orders that continue on, almost a year after they were first ordered. Wolf, who helped Bill Clinton during his second reelection bid, no longer recognizes the America she once knew. She said the US is “moving into a coup situation,” and quickly becoming “a police state.”

Feb 27 08:28

Cryptocurrency system using body activity data

Human body activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system. A server may provide a task to a device of a user which is communicatively coupled to the server. A sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the device of the user may sense body activity of the user. Body activity data may be generated based on the sensed body activity of the user. The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system, and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Read this CAREFULLY!

Feb 27 08:28

Scientists: Vaccination Before EVERY Holiday May Be Needed

Scientists at Oxford University have suggested that people may need to have a coronavirus vaccination not once, not twice, but EVERY time they want to travel out of their home country.

The scientists published a report in the Royal Society Journal last week that acknowledged there is little data on how efficient or long lasting the current vaccines are, and so it is likely that countries will require a recent vaccination.

Having endless vaccinations when there is no indication of how effective they are, or what long term side effects there may be sounds absolutely mental, but that is what is being suggested.

Feb 27 08:27

SEC Suspends Trading In 15 Companies Due To "Questionable Trading And Social Media Activity"

Two weeks ago we said that the regulatory crackdown against WallStreetBets had begun when the SEC suspended trading in pennystock Spectra Science (SCIE). Well, today we got the clearest confirmation yet that the SEC will do everything in its power to make sure that are no more Melvin Capitals and will seek to put a resolute end to the reddit bull raids when it announced that it "suspended trading in the securities of 15 companies because of questionable trading and social media activity."

Feb 27 08:25

Capitalism at its finest (Picture)

Feb 27 08:25

'It's not time to relax': Biden warns new variants could cause another COVID surge and urges Americans not to get complacent - even though cases are at their lowest level since November and the vaccine drive is 'ahead of schedule'

Joe Biden warned on Friday that the United States could be faced with another surge in COVID-19 cases, as the virus continues to mutate and spread.

Feb 27 08:21

Eviction Moratorium Ruled Unconstitutional, Largest Tsunami Of Evictions In U.S. History Incoming…

Ever since last summer, a federal moratorium on evictions has prevented landlords from evicting millions of tenants that are behind on their rent payments.  This moratorium has caused extreme financial distress for many landlords, but it has also kept us from witnessing millions upon millions of Americans being thrown out into the cold streets.  Of course this moratorium on evictions was never actually legal, and it was just a matter of time before it was challenged in front of a federal judge that still had respect for the U.S. Constitution.  On Thursday, a federal judge in the Eastern District of Texas named John Campbell Barker ruled that the federal moratorium is completely unconstitutional…

Feb 27 08:21

Harsh reality of simps (Picture)

Feb 27 08:18

Band practice looks a little different these days: Students cram themselves into 'COVID safe bubbles' to rehearse at a Washington school and Marjorie Taylor Greene leads critics of the pop-ups claiming it's 'child abuse'

Pictures of a high school band in Washington state rehearsing in 'bubble' tents due to the coronavirus pandemic has sparked debate on social media.

Feb 27 08:18

This teacher can't be fired....Wtf

Feb 27 08:15

Conservative actors speak out on 'cancel culture' in Hollywood

Feb 27 08:14

Turning Gun Owners Into Felons

The Democrats passed SB 554, the “go to the library go to prison” bill, out of committee on a party line vote.

The bill was amended with the “dash 10” amendment

That amendment removes parking garages from the places where a CHL holder can be arrested for having a lawfully carried firearm. It changes the language in the bill, so while in the original bill you could be charged with a felony just by being near an airport, now you would have to go into the terminal to face felony charges.

Senator Floyd Prozanski claimed that this change addressed the “misinformation” that was being spread about the original bill and the risk of being arrested near the airport. In fact, once again, Prozanski was using his typical misdirection because that is exactly what the bill did.

Feb 27 08:13

Sen. Tim Scott Blows Whistle on Democratic Party: ‘They Are 100% Socialist Now’

Senator Tim Scott has warned that the modern Democratic Party has transformed into a 100% socialist party.

On Thursday, Sen. Scott told Fox News that the Democratic Party has so fully embraced opens border and defunding of police forces that it “is a socialist party now.”

Feb 27 08:13

World Economic Forum shouted down on Twitter for suggesting Covid-19 lockdowns ‘improved cities all over the world’

The World Economic Forum, globalist champion of the Great Reset, has ruffled feathers online with an “out-of-touch” tweet how Covid-19 lockdowns are “quietly improving cities” across the globe.

A video accompanying the Friday tweet by the WEF shows images of deserted streets, grounded airliners and idle factories, then notes record declines in air pollution and a drop in carbon emissions. It later shows busy, smog-choked highways and notes that “the drop won't slow climate change unless we lock in emissions cuts.”

Feb 27 08:12

China Mocks Biden Syria Bombing: ‘America Is Back’

China’s state-run Global Times newspaper mocked President Joe Biden on Friday, quoting his declaration, “America is back,” in a headline about his decision to bomb Syria on Thursday evening.

Biden made the remark in a speech about foreign policy in early February, in which he vowed to limit American military engagement.

“And they know when you speak, you speak for me,” Biden told diplomats at the State Department. “And so — so is the message I want the world to hear today: America is back. America is back. Diplomacy is back at the center of our foreign policy.”

On Thursday, 36 days into his presidency, Biden took unilateral action in Syria, ordering what the Pentagon dubbed a “defensive precision strike” on members of the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), a legal wing of the Iraqi armed forces.

Feb 27 08:12

UK Knife Crime Hits Record High Under Tories, as Over 50K Offences Logged in One Year

Knife crime in Britain has doubled in the previous six years, rising above 50,000 incidents in a one-year period in England and Wales for the first time in the recorded history.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that in the year leading up to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s imposition of the first coronavirus lockdown, crimes involving a knife or a sharp weapon rose by six per cent, up from 47,388 to 50,019. This latest figure is more than double the 23,945 offences recorded in 2014, the point at which the general historical trend of crime falling went into reverse.

The report found that 44 per cent of the knife crimes (22,012) were violent assaults, and 44 per cent (21,961) were robberies, which rose from 18,518 to 20,196 in the year leading up to March of 2020

Feb 27 08:06

The real-life Day After Tomorrow! What would happen in the US if the Gulf Stream stopped?

A system of currents in the Atlantic Ocean that acts like a massive conveyor belt redistributing warm water throughout our planet's oceans is the weakest it has been in more than 1,000 years - and human-induced climate change is to blame.

Feb 27 08:05

Mother-of-two teacher, 47, is fired from private Jewish academy 'for sending nude photos to several former students, 18, on Snapchat' after staff got an anonymous tip from a school in Israel

A school teacher from Florida has lost her job after allegedly sending nude pictures of herself to former students.

Feb 27 08:00

CNN’s Jim Acosta confronted at CPAC

Feb 27 07:59

Tucker: Experts scrambling to avoid humiliation for their pandemic response

Feb 27 07:55

Watch: Rand Paul Hammers Biden’s Transgender Nominee on Child Surgery, Sterilization

Sen. Rand Paul hammered President Joe Biden’s transgender nominee for a top position at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Paul, a Kentucky doctor, pressed nominee Rachel Levine about the danger to children of “transgender” therapies. The dangers include bone-damaging drugs, sterilization, voice changes, and cosmetic surgery of the genitals. Paul compared the surgeries to primitive female genital mutilation, dubbed FGM.

Levine is an advocate for transgender medical procedures, and dodged the questions with a canned response:

Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions
“How can we justify having someone in charge of health and human services who doesn’t understand basic biology?” responded Erin Brewer, a cofounder of Partners for Ethical Care. She told Breitbart News:

Feb 27 07:54

Trump Announces Endorsement: Max Miller for Congress to Defeat Anthony Gonzalez

Former President Trump endorsed Max Miller for Congress in a bid to defeat Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (R-OH).

Trump’s statement reads:

Max Miller is a wonderful person who did a great job at the White House and will be a fantastic Congressman. He is a marine Veteran, a son of Ohio, and a true PATRIOT. Current Rep. Anthony Gonzalez should not be representing the people of the 16th district because he does not represent their interest or their heart. Max Miller has my Complete and Total Endorsement!

– President Donald Trump

Trump’s endorsement comes as he begins screening 2022 midterm candidates who are eager to forward MAGA policies while ensuring every open Republican seat has a MAGA-approved contender vying for it.

Feb 27 07:53

Josh Hawley: ‘Our Rights Come from God, Not Google’

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) railed against the “radical liberals” and the “largest corporations” of the world, proclaiming, “Our rights come from God and not Google.”

“That’s been the fight of human history,” Hawley said.

Hawley also touched on his objection to the certification of electoral votes and was given a standing ovation, adding that “corporations are telling people what to do; that’s the oligarchy and liberal elites” of Washington D.C. who are trying to “enforce their will” on America.

Feb 27 07:53

3rd time’s the charm? Pfizer/BioNTech to study if THREE doses of Covid-19 vaccine can boost immunity against variants

Pfizer and BioNTech will launch a new trial of the Covid-19 vaccine they jointly developed to see if a third dose can act as an effective booster against emerging variants of the virus, they said in a statement on Thursday.

The study will use participants from a current US trial, who will be given a booster shot of the current vaccine between six to 12 months after receiving their initial two-dose regimen.

According to the statement, 144 Phase 1 participants across two age groups will receive a third dose – people aged 18-55 and 65-85.

The companies also said that, as originally planned, all of the trial participants will be monitored for up to two years.

Feb 27 07:52

Queen Elizabeth Urges Britons to ‘Think About Other People’ Before Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine

Queen Elizabeth recently spoke on a video conference with health professionals organizing the UK’s COVID-19 vaccination program in a bid to promote the state’s ongoing efforts to curb the spread of the deadly disease. The UK currently ranks fifth in the world for having the highest COVID-19 case count and death toll, according to Worldometer.

Queen Elizabeth joined a group of health officials on a live-streamed conference on Thursday, and encouraged Britons to think about their fellow neighbor before outright refusing to vaccinate against the respiratory disease.

Feb 27 07:51

Wanted: Ad seeks well-paid PR strategist for New York governor amid nursing home deaths and harassment scandals

Andrew Cuomo's office has reportedly posted an ad seeking a communications director to handle “messaging” for the state’s many scandals, from nursing home death coverups to sexual harassment allegations to endless corruption.
“The State of New York's Executive Chamber has an immediate opening for a top level executive to lead messaging for the Office of the Governor. The position reports to the Communications Director,” the listing, reposted on Wednesday, revealed.