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"He who desires to reform the government of a state, and wishes to have it accepted and capable of maintaining itself to the satisfaction of everybody, must at least retain the semblance of the old forms; so that it may seem to the people that there has been no change in the institutions, even though in fact they are entirely different from the old ones. For the great majority of mankind are satisfied with appearances, as though there were realities, and are often even more influenced by the things that seem than by those that are." -- Niccolo Machiavelli, "Discourses on Livy,"Chapter XXV



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Jan 24 09:00

Mitch McConnell Grew Furious At Trump After He 'Threatened To Sabotage Georgia GOP Senate Candidates If They Didn't Back His Election Conspiracy And Demanded Secret Meeting With Perdue At Mar-A-Lago'

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell faces tough decisions about how to handle the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, after tacitly backing Trump's election fraud claims before finally denouncing him after the U.S. Capitol riot.

Jan 24 08:57

PNC Bank closing 20 branches

Jan 24 08:57

Trump 'is drafting an enemies list of Republicans for his Patriot Party to challenge in primaries' - and 'already has $70M in campaign cash on hand' as he plots to squeeze GOP senators to avoid impeachment conviction

Donald Trump is reportedly moving forward with his plans to create a 'Patriot Party' to put pressure on Republicans who oppose him and attempt to head off conviction in his second Senate impeachment trial.

Jan 24 08:54

Harlow Shapley (Picture)

Jan 24 08:54

Mary Trump says she's prepared to change her name to cut all ties with her uncle Donald - and claims he doesn't understand 'affection or intimacy' amid rumours of Melania 'counting the minutes until divorce'

Mary Trump has revealed how she is considering changing her last name to cut all ties with her uncle after he did 'incalculable' damage to the US during his Presidency.

Jan 24 08:49

Justice Department considers NOT charging up to 800 MAGA rioters who caused havoc at the Capitol 'since most of them just trespassed and were not violent'

The FBI and prosecutors at the Justice Department are debating whether to decline to charge some of the MAGA rioters who stormed the United States Capitol on January 6 in an attempt to derail President Joe Biden's certification.

Jan 24 08:37

Undoing MAGA: From Paris Accords To Keystone Pipeline, GOP Is Mounting Little Resistance

A group of Republican senators is moving to prevent President Joe Biden’s executive actions to rejoin the Paris climate agreement and deny approval for the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.) alongside other senators from central and western states said on Wednesday that they plan to introduce legislation to authorize the Keystone XL Pipeline to resume construction. The senators will also set forward a resolution to press Biden to offer the Paris climate agreement to the Senate for advice and consent before rejoining the agreement.

Their announcements come after Biden stepped to revert former President Donald Trump’s resolutions to withdraw from the Obama-era United Nations treaty and grant authorization to allow for the construction of the oil pipeline system that traverses through the U.S.-Canada border.

Jan 24 08:37

Alphabet cancels Loon, project to beam internet to earth from balloons

Google parent-company Alphabet is saying goodbye to another one of its long-term experimental bets — this time, it's Loon, the gigantic balloons the company had hoped to beam internet to rural areas of the world.

"While we've found a number of willing partners along the way, we haven't found a way to get the costs low enough to build a long-term, sustainable business," said Loon CEO Alastair Westgarth said in a blog post Thursday. "Developing radical new technology is inherently risky, but that doesn't make breaking this news any easier. Today, I'm sad to share that Loon will be winding down."

Jan 24 08:36

After the USSR, the USA collapses

Everything has an end, so do empires, both the United States and the Soviet Union. Washington has outrageously favoured a small camarilla of ultra-billionaires. Now it has to face its old demons, prepare for secession and civil war.

Jan 24 08:36

What Happens If John Roberts Decides Not to Preside Over Trump’s Post-Presidency Impeachment Trial?

Several Republicans and Democrats familiar with the negotiations over Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial have said that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts does not want to preside.

A Politico report that broke the news reads as follows: “We’re hearing that Roberts, who for years has sought to keep the courts apolitical, was not happy he became a top target of the left during Trump’s first impeachment trial. ‘He wants no further part of this,’ one of our Hill sources says. A spokesperson for the chief justice declined to comment.”

As if it weren’t unprecedented enough for a president to have been impeached twice, Democratic lawmakers are hell-bent on holding an impeachment trial for a man who is no longer president. And it sounds like they’re going to get their wish: Senate leaders agreed Friday that the trial would begin Tuesday, February 9. It does not appear that Roberts’ decision is a factor either way.

Jan 24 08:35

An OrWELLSian Purge? Why H.G. Wells’ ‘The Shape of Things to Come’ Has Arrived Today

In “The Shape of Things to Come: The Ultimate Revolution” (published in 1933), H.G. Wells writes of the future predicting, rather optimistically, that there will be another world war in just a few years, followed by epidemic and famine. In this fictional future, war continues for thirty years into the 1960s, despite the people having forgotten why they started fighting. Humanity enters a new Dark Age. In a last bid for victory, the enemy deploys a biological weapon resulting in the “wandering sickness,” producing the first zombies, and by 1970 the global population has dropped to a little under one billion.

Jan 24 08:33

Biden Has Enabled Progressive 'Mob Justice' As Left Proving They Are The True 'Fascists'

Parler, a social media firm supported by conservatives, has asserted that CEO John Matze’s family and wife have been smeared after the House Oversight Committee addressed a letter to the FBI asking for an investigation.

“Over the past few weeks, Parler has been repeatedly mischaracterized and treated unjustly. But the recent personal attacks on our CEO John, his wife Alina, and their family are reprehensible,” the company wrote in a post on its website on Thursday.

Jan 24 08:32

Disney+ blocks under-sevens from watching 'racist' Peter Pan, Dumbo and The Aristocats for breaching 'content advisories'

Generations of children have been charmed by the magical tale of the boy who never grew up, but Peter Pan is now on a list of banned movies.

Bosses at Disney have blocked anyone under the age of seven from watching the 1953 animated classic on its streaming service over concerns that it portrays racial stereotypes, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Three other long-standing family favourites – The Aristocats, Swiss Family Robinson and Dumbo – have also been removed from children’s accounts for breaching ‘content advisories’ that were recently put in place.

Jan 24 08:32

PETER HITCHENS: So is this really an epidemic of despair?

What if this is in fact an epidemic of despair? I wrestle daily with the maze of figures advanced by all sides in the Covid-19 debate. They are hard to fathom.

How many actually die on any given day, as opposed to how many are recorded or announced? How many Covid patients in hospital have other major diseases but tested positive for Covid after arriving there?

How many caught Covid in hospital? How reliable are Covid tests anyway? I know personally of several people who have tested positive only to get a negative result when they were retested.

Jan 24 08:31

Chile ‘accidentally’ issues NATIONWIDE tsunami & evacuation warning only meant for Antarctic base after 7.0 quake

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake and several aftershocks have rattled Chile, triggering panic as authorities issued a nationwide tsunami alert while only seeking to evacuate the country’s largest research station in Antarctica.

The strongest of over half a dozen jolts struck South Shetland Islands 216 kilometers northeast of Chile’s O’Higgins scientific base at 8:36pm, while another 5.8 quake shook the Chile-Argentina border region close to the capital, Santiago around 30 minutes later.

While the warning was only meant for the coastal regions of Antarctica, people all across Chile received messages urging them to abandon coastal areas due to a tsunami threat, triggering much confusion.

Jan 24 08:31

‘Catastrophically wrong’: German court declares regional lockdown UNCONSTITUTIONAL in ‘politically explosive’ decision

A German district court has declared a strict lockdown imposed by the government of the central state of Thuringia last spring unconstitutional, as it acquitted a person accused of violating it.

A trivial case about a man violating strict German lockdown rules by celebrating a birthday with his friends has ended up in a decision the German media described as “politically explosive.” A district court in the city of Weimar did not just acquit the defendant but also stated that the authorities themselves breached Germany's basic law.

Thuringia's spring lockdown was a “catastrophically wrong political decision with dramatic consequences for almost all areas of people's lives,” the court said, justifying its decision. It particularly condemned a restriction limiting private gatherings to the members of one household and one person outside of it.

Jan 24 08:30

Rudy Giuliani ADMITS billing Trump $20,000-a-day to dispute election and moans he's been portrayed as 'some kind of money-grubbing ambulance chaser'

Rudy Giuliani has admitted that his associate emailed Trump campaign officials requesting he be paid $20,000 per day to dispute the results of the November election.

Jan 24 08:30

'People forget that I'm a human being:' Amanda Knox says she 'exists through the lens of Meredith Kercher's murder' and SLAMS critics who say she's 'profiting' off roommate's death

Amanda Knox has defended herself against critics who say she's 'profiting' from the death of her roommate Meredith Kercher.

Jan 24 08:29

Here is what will happen next

Jan 24 08:28

Biden makes Trudeau first world leader he calls as Canadian PM expresses 'disappointment' with his order to cancel Keystone XL pipeline - and Mexican President tells him to reverse 'draconian immigration policies'

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed his 'disappointment' with Joe Biden's decision to cancel the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline in the US President's first call to a foreign leader on Friday.

Jan 24 08:27

How the world has changed for America's oldest president: US population was 135 million, country was 89% white and minimum wage was 30 cents when Biden, 78, was born back in 1942

Joe Biden became the oldest president in US history when he was sworn into office on Wednesday.

Jan 24 08:24

Trump spends his first weekend as ex-president playing golf at his West Palm Beach club after date is set for his impeachment trial - as supporters cheer him outside Mar-a-Lago

Donald Trump spent his first weekend as the former president of the United States indulging in his favorite pastime, and at one point, waving at a crowd of supporters as they welcomed him back to his second home in Palm Beach, Florida.

Jan 24 08:24

A bitter end! Godiva says it will shut down all 128 of its brick-and-mortar locations across North America as sales of famous Belgian chocolate brand fall due to COVID-19 pandemic

The economic disaster brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has claimed another victim - Belgian chocolate maker Godiva.

Jan 24 08:21

VIDEO shows smoke rising over Houses of Parliament in London. Alarm heard, no confirmed emergency at present

Video footage has surfaced appearing to show smoke or steam rising from the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, as an alarm rings out in the background. Firefighters have not yet confirmed that the building is in danger.

The footage, posted to Twitter on Sunday, shows thick white smoke or steam seemingly rising from London’s Houses of Parliament. Some kind of alarm can be heard over the video.

Jan 24 08:20

Amazon Demands In-Person Union Vote After Arguing Mail-In Ballots 'Raise Risk Of Fraud'

In a Thursday filing with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the Seattle-based online retail giant formally requested that a group of Alabama warehouse trying to form a union be required to vote in person, rather than by mail, according to Bloomberg. The company also requested a postponement of the vote so the NLRB can reconsider its earlier ruling which gives workers the next two months to vote by mail.

A group of workers at Amazon’s Bessemer, Alabama, warehouse filed paperwork in November for an election to decide whether to be represented by the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, a rare step for workers at a company whose U.S. workforce isn’t unionized. The NLRB, which oversees union votes, earlier this month said the vote would be conducted by mail, citing standards set up during the pandemic to keep workers and staffers safe. -Bloomberg

Jan 24 08:18

'We need help!' Business owners issue desperate appeal for aid after pandemic and anti-Asian racism has decimated Chinatown in New York, San Francisco and Seattle

In New York, Seattle and San Francisco, where businesses and restaurants have suffered for months as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Chinatown is marking a year since it first started feeling the effects of the global outbreak.

Jan 24 08:17

In Text Messages, Biden Voters Already Regret Their Vote

Biden voters are realizing they have been conned.

Jan 24 08:16

FBI launches investigation after bomb is thrown at anti-LGBT church in California weeks after pastor received arson attack threat and locals called its teachings hate speech

The FBI has launched an investigation after a bomb was thrown at an anti-LGBT church in California just weeks after the pastor received an arson attack threat.

Jan 24 08:15

Now Israel begins to give Covid jabs to TEENAGERS after giving at least first dose of vaccine to 30% of its population

Israel began administering Covid-19 vaccines to teenagers Saturday as it pushed ahead with its inoculation drive, with 30 percent of the population now having received the first dose, health officials said.

Jan 24 08:15

You Will Wish You Watched This Before You Started Using Social Media | The Twisted Truth

Jan 24 08:14

Germany Probes 10 Deaths Linked to Pfizer mRNA Vaccine

Late last week, 21WIRE reported that Chinese health experts called for Norway and other countries to suspend the use of the experimental mRNA vaccine made by controversial Big Pharma manufacturers Pfizer and Moderna, following related deaths of at least 23 elderly recipients, according to Global Times.

Have Western authorities rushed the vaccine issue to suit the ‘raging pandemic’ narrative?

Jan 24 08:12

Thousands of COVID Vaccine Injuries, 13 U.S. Deaths Reported in December Alone

When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna permission to distribute their experimental mRNA coronavirus vaccines to Americans on an “emergency use” basis in December, it opened the floodgates for other countries to quickly follow suit.

By Jan. 11, counting China and Russia, 43 countries had administered at least 26 million doses of vaccine — especially Pfizer’s — with far more ambitious plans for the coming year. The companies’ global delivery targets for 2021 include two billion Pfizer/BioNTech doses and at least 600 million Moderna shots.

Drawing on the tried-and-true marketing technique of drumming up the “illusion of scarcity” to “accelerate demand,” U.S. officials have been attempting to direct the public’s attention to the concocted drama of vaccine supply shortages and a slower-than-expected rollout.

Jan 24 08:10


Jan 24 08:03

Gurugram health worker dies days after receiving Covid jab, autopsy awaited

A woman healthcare worker died in Gurugram in Haryana on Friday, days after she had received a COVID-19 vaccine. An official, however, said there was nothing yet to suggest any link with the vaccination.

The 55-year-old woman died at her Gurugram home. The cause of the death is not yet known, and her body has been sent for an autopsy

"She had been administered COVID-19 vaccination on January 16. Her family reported her sudden death at her home today, but there is nothing yet to suggest and link with the vaccination," Chief Medical Officer of Gurugram Virender Yadav told PTI.

"However, we have sent her viscera for investigation and details will be known once the report comes," he added.

Jan 24 08:01

Ric Grenell accuses Schiff of 'regularly' leaking classified information

Jan 24 07:51

McCarthy places blame on Pelosi, Schumer for mistreatment of National Guard

Jan 24 07:50

Steve Forbes reacts to Cuomo threatening to sue Biden admin for $15B in federal aid

Jan 24 07:49

African leader: Trudeau treats us like ‘neo-colonial master’ with aid that’s destroying our people

The Canadian government under Justin Trudeau is no better than a “neo-colonial master” to the people of Africa when it uses its aid money to push ideologically-driven programs that are contrary to African values and culture, an African life-and-family leader said in a new documentary about Canada’s foreign affairs’ policy in Africa.

Author, filmmaker, and human rights activist Obianuju Ekeocha, who was born in Nigeria, told former Canadian Ambassador to China David Mulroney in the documentary that African people need aid, but not the kind of aid offered by Trudeau that goes against what it means to be an African.

Jan 24 07:48

Defending MAGA Policies: Texas AG To Sue Biden Admin Over Suspension Of Deportations

“Border states like Texas pay a particularly high price when the federal government fails to faithfully execute our country’s immigration laws,” Paxton wrote in a letter. Paxton announced: “I won’t tolerate unlawful acts from Joe Biden’s administration. Today, I am taking action.”

The announcement appeared after the Department of Homeland Security said the Biden administration would suspend deportations for unauthorized immigrants for 100 days.

Jan 24 07:48

Insurrection! Violent Antifa-Black Lives Matter Goons Storm Bellingham, WA City Hall – Mayor Forced to Be Evacuated

Violent Antifa-Black Lives Matter goons stormed the city hall in Bellingham, Washington on Saturday.

Jan 24 07:47

Did Rick Scott Commit Career Suicide? NRSC Chairman Refuses To Support 'Trump Candidates'

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), the new chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), indicated on Jan. 21 that he’ll back GOP incumbents even if former President Donald Trump or his family were to get involved in the 2022 Senate races.

“I’m supporting incumbents,” Scott stated during a press briefing on Capitol Hill when pressed on rumors that Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, might be considering running alongside fellow Florida Sen. Marco Rubio in 2022.

He said though that “nobody has talked to me” or confirmed the rumors, noting that he hasn’t spoken with Trump since he left office.

Jan 24 07:47

Number of new COVID cases falls 20% to pre-Thanksgiving levels - but in epicenter Los Angeles deaths soar by 50% in the first three weeks of 2021 as virus runs rampant

COVID-19 cases have fallen to pre-Thanksgiving levels and the number of hospitalizations continues to drop nationwide.

Jan 24 07:47


The further we get away from Election Day 2020, the easier it is to understand what really happened.

As much as most folks will not want to believe the following irrefutable analysis, the stark reality provided by a deep insider within the U.S. Intelligence Community is exactly what happened.

“Tel Aviv betrayed Trump with a new deal with Biden and so they threw him to the dogs. Sheldon Adelson and the Mafia have no trouble switching sides for the winner by hook or crook. Pence and McConnell also betrayed Trump. It was as though Trump walked as Julius Caesar into the Roman Senate to be stabbed to death. Any deal Trump makes with the system or Deep State will not be kept and they are secretly talking about ending him forever.”

Jan 24 07:45

Top Conservative Leader Tom Fitton Is Still Suspended by Twitter 7 Days After a 7 Day Suspension for Tweeting the Truth on HCQ

Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch was censored by Twitter for 7 days on January 9th.

Jan 24 07:44

Facebook Permanently Bans Young Conservative Entrepreneurs After They Create “Patriots Against Joe Biden” Facebook Page

This week, both co-founders of The Scoop, Steeve Strange and Cameron Shizznit, who regularly post their videos on The Gateway Pundit, had their personal profiles permanently banned from Facebook.

Jan 24 07:43

Buyer’s Remorse: Ute Indian Tribe Lashes Out at Biden Admin For Restricting Federal Energy Development, “Direct Attack on Our Economy and Sovereignty”

Remember when the tribal leaders were “optimistic” about Joe Biden and overwhelmingly voted for him?

Jan 24 07:42

HELP ENSURE A LEGITIMATE AUDIT: Contact These Arizona Officials to Demand a Deep Dive Audit of Arizona’s Maricopa County Election Results!

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors finally agreed to a forensic analysis of the county’s 2020 election results on Inauguration Day.

Jan 24 07:38

181 Dead in the U.S. During 2 Week Period From Experimental COVID Injections – How Long Will We Continue to Allow Mass Murder by Lethal Injection?

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a U.S. Government funded database that tracks injuries and deaths caused by vaccines.

A 2011 report by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc. for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) stated that fewer than one percent of all vaccine adverse events are reported to the government:

Although 25% of ambulatory patients experience an adverse drug event, less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. Low reporting rates preclude or slow the identification of “problem” drugs and vaccines that endanger public health. New surveillance methods for drug and vaccine adverse effects are needed. (Source.)

Jan 24 07:36


Jan 24 07:07

'I've been wanting to come on your show for months': Dr. Fauci tells Rachel Maddow that he was 'blocked' by Trump officials from appearing on her MSNBC show because 'they didn't like the way you handle things'

Dr. Anthony Fauci says that he was muzzled by the Trump administration which 'blocked' him from appearing on the left-leaning MSNBC cable news channel and its marquee primetime star Rachel Maddow.

Jan 24 07:05

Fierce Cuomo Critic Janice Dean Might Challenge Him In 2022

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, a close friend, was delighted with the idea of Dean running,

Jan 24 07:04

Unions that endorsed Biden are now criticizing him for canceling Keystone pipeline that will 'kill thousands of good-paying union jobs!'

unions that endorsed Joe Biden for president are experiencing some buyer's remorse only days after his inauguration. In one of his first actions in the White House,

Jan 24 07:03

Amazon claims in-person vote only way to ensure 'valid, fair' union election

Amazon is reportedly attempting to prohibit employees at an Alabama warehouse from participating in an upcoming unionization vote with mail-in ballots.Because of the coronavirus pandemic, a significant

Jan 24 07:02

Biden reeled in more 'dark money' than any other candidate in history, majorly outpaced Trump donations: report

President Joe Biden received a record-breaking amount of "dark money" from anonymous contributors that helped propel him into the White House.

Jan 24 06:59

GOP Rep. Paul Gosar Calls for Investigation After Democrats Order 5,000 National Guard Members from US Capitol to Sleep in Cold DC Parking Garage in Dead of Winter

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) sent a letter to the Committee on House Administration Chairwoman Zoe Lofgren and Ranking Member Rodney Davis on Saturday formally requesting an investigation into the abusive treatment of thousands of National Guard men and women at the US capital this past week.

Jan 24 06:58

White House Calls a Lid on First Saturday of Administration – Biden Goes Into Hiding for the Rest of the Day

78-year-old Joe Biden must be exhausted after destroying tens of thousands of jobs in his first few days in office because he called a lid and went into hiding Saturday.

Jan 24 06:57

Britain delivers a record 480,000 Covid-19 vaccines in a day - putting it on track to hit 15m first doses target by February 15 if supplies hold up and rate is maintained

Housing Secretary said millions more can get 'high level of protection' from first dose 'as quickly as possible'
In a private letter to Professor Chris Whitty, British Medical Association recommended to cut 12-week delay

Jan 24 06:56

SAVING HIMSELF TIME AND MONEY: AZ Governor Ducey Says He Won’t Run for US Senate in 2022 After Losing Red State to Democrats

Governor Doug Ducey told the far-left New York Times this weekend that he does not intend to run for the US Senate race in 2022.

Jan 24 06:55

Proof the Pfizer Covid vaccine works in the real world? Israeli healthcare group says coronavirus infections have PLUNGED by at least 60% among vaccinated over-60s

Israeli healthcare firm KSM Maccabi Research and Innovation Center on Friday reported on vaccination data
It said there had been a 'significant decrease' coronavirus infections among vaccinated over-65s

Jan 24 06:54

Alberta Premier On Biden Spurning Canada By Canceling Pipeline: He ‘Didn’t Give’ Us ‘Respect’

Jason Kenney, the leader of the Canadian province of Alberta, slammed Democratic President Joe Biden for canceling the Keystone XL pipeline immediately after getting into office


January 23, 2021

Jan 23 22:34

PETER HITCHENS: So is this really an epidemic of despair?

What if this is in fact an epidemic of despair? I wrestle daily with the maze of figures advanced by all sides in the Covid-19 debate. They are hard to fathom.

How many actually die on any given day, as opposed to how many are recorded or announced? How many Covid patients in hospital have other major diseases but tested positive for Covid after arriving there?

How many caught Covid in hospital? How reliable are Covid tests anyway? I know personally of several people who have tested positive only to get a negative result when they were retested.

Other potentially fatal diseases are just not being tested for in the same way. And there are serious questions to be asked about the registration of cause of death, going back many months.

There is also a strange drop in influenza this year. Amazingly, lockdown enthusiasts are crediting this to the closure of our society. But if strangling almost all normal life is so effective against flu, why is it not working against Covid?

Jan 23 20:26

Mohamed El-Erian: Is Inflation Coming?

Jan 23 17:16

‘Catastrophically wrong’: German court declares regional lockdown UNCONSTITUTIONAL in ‘politically explosive’ decision

A German district court has declared a strict lockdown imposed by the government of the central state of Thuringia last spring unconstitutional, as it acquitted a person accused of violating it.

A trivial case about a man violating strict German lockdown rules by celebrating a birthday with his friends has ended up in a decision the German media described as “politically explosive.” A district court in the city of Weimar did not just acquit the defendant but also stated that the authorities themselves breached Germany's basic law.

Thuringia's spring lockdown was a “catastrophically wrong political decision with dramatic consequences for almost all areas of people's lives,” the court said, justifying its decision. It particularly condemned a restriction limiting private gatherings to the members of one household and one person outside of it.

Jan 23 17:14

Hundreds of climate scientists demand immediate end to Bill Gates’ genocidal “solar dimming” project

One of humanity’s primary sources of life, the sun, is under attack by genocidal maniac Bill Gates, who wants to artificially “dim” it with aerosols in order to stop “global warming.” A growing cohort of scientists, however, is saying no way.

The Calgary-based Friends of Science Society has issued a press release calling on Harvard University to stop working with Gates to “chemtrail” the sky in an attempt to block out the sun. Doing this presents serious atmospheric risks, not to mention unintended consequences that could result in an extinction-level event (ELE).

Jan 23 17:12

British legislator calls for widespread vitamin D rollout following 82% reduction in COVID-19 deaths in Spain

British Member of Parliament David Davis is urging the British government to strengthen its vitamin D supplementation program for people at-risk of COVID-19 following an impressive precedent set by Andalusia in Spain.

Speaking before the House of Commons on Thursday, Davis said that Britain should follow the lead of Andalusia, which distributed calcifediol, a vitamin D supplement, to care home residents last November. Since then, the Spanish region’s COVID-19 deaths dropped by 82 percent.

Because of this, Davis is imploring the British government to increase its dosage recommendations and implement a widespread vitamin D rollout.

Jan 23 17:11

Baseball legend Hank Aaron dies two weeks after receiving coronavirus vaccinate during publicity stunt

On Jan. 5, Major League Baseball (BLM) legend and Hall of Famer Henry Louis “Hank” Aaron publicly took a Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine during a stunt aimed at persuading more African-Americans to get injected. A little more than two weeks later, Aaron died right on cue.

The reason this writer says “on cue” is because there is now a clear and undeniable pattern of elderly people – Aaron was 86 years old when he died – passing away roughly two weeks after getting injected with Chinese poison.

Jan 23 17:06

Pentagon Intelligence Purchased Troves Of Warrantless Phone Location Data On Americans

Digital rights advocates reacted with alarm to a report published Friday detailing how Defense Intelligence Agency analysts in recent years bought databases of US smartphone location data without first obtaining warrants.

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is part of the Department of Defense and is tasked with informing military and civilian policymakers about the activities and intentions of foreign governments and nonstate actors.

The new revelation, first reported by the New York Times, initially came in the form of DIA responses to questions from Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) regarding the agency's warrantless purchase of commercial location data generated by phones both inside and outside of the United States.

Jan 23 12:05

Senior MP: British Public Will "Rise Up And Bring Down" Lockdown If Exit Plan Isn't Outlined

British MPs within his own party are demanding that Prime Minister Boris Johnson outline some sort of exit strategy for the nationwide lockdown in the country, with one senior minister warning that if he doesn’t people will begin to “rise up and bring it down”.

Speaking to Talk Radio, Sir Desmond Swayne, the MP for New Forest West, warned that the “goalposts keep moving” on the lockdown timeframe, and “We have to focus on hospital admissions and keep that focus rigorous…[or] at some stage people have got to rise up and bring it down.”

Swayne’s comments echo those of West Midlands Police commissioner David Jamieson, who warned back in October at the start of the second lockdown that “We’re sitting on a time bomb here.”

Jan 23 11:50

Real-life dystopia? Microsoft’s patent to reanimate dead as ‘chatbots’ has Black Mirror fans worried

Microsoft has been granted a patent to “revive” the dead as chatbots, recreating their personality from social postings, writings, and videos to keep their grieving loved ones company. Assuming it doesn’t totally freak them out.

Jan 23 11:48

Nearly Half of All Health Care Workers At Chicago’s Loretto Hospital Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine

Earlier this month Dr. Nikhila Juvvadi, the chief clinical officer at Chicago’s Loretto Hospital, said that a survey was administered there to healthcare workers in December regarding who would get the COVID-19 vaccine and who wouldn’t. The survey found that 40 percent of the hospital staff said they would not get vaccinated and 60 percent said they would.

Jan 23 11:47

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Blasts Bill Gates, The WHO And The Technocrat Oligarchs

Kennedy knows about censorship from personal experience. His organization, Children’s Health Defense, has been routinely censored by every Big Tech platform in the world.

Kennedy calls for a bi-partisan resistance in America that focuses on the real enemies of freedom and liberty, and well it should. I have stated for years that the dog fights between left and right only obscure what the Technocrats are doing to us behind the curtain.

Americans must get their eyes off the left-right chaos in Washington, DC and start demanding answers to the hard questions we all want answers to.

The fact that the First Amendment and Free Speech are hanging by a thread is no accident. This is how all revolutions start – censorship of all contrary thought, actions and words.

Kennedy does not mention Technocracy by name, but he is hitting on all the key points.

Jan 23 11:40

Lockdown extremism: an obsession for the insane and the fascists by Jon Rappoport

As my readers know, I’ve spent the last year refuting every so-called COVID fact promoted by public health officials—including the false notion that SARS-CoV-2 has been proven to exist.

In this article, I’m simply showing that devotees of the Cult of COVID are contradicting their own assumptions. For purposes of argument only, we’ll assume the virus exists, spreads rapidly, and causes illness.

If so, lockdowns don’t work.

This is shown by reports from almost every nation in the world. The longer the lockdowns, the greater the number of COVID cases.